Thursday, October 23, 2014

Dr. Mark Christian

Dr. Mark Christian was born and raised in an upscale Cairo suburb known as “Heliopolis.” His father was a Lieutenant General in the Egyptian military and the personal family physician of then-President of Egypt, Anwar Sadat. From a very young age Mark was the constant companion of his father, growing up to become his closest confidante as well.
Following in his footsteps, Mark too became a physician – an Obstetrician and Gynecologist – but his emulation of his father didn’t end there. Dr. Christian’s father was a very well-known religious leader and Imam, and Mark longed to travel that path. Mark was teaching in the Masjid by the age of thirteen.
Dr. Christian was a very devout Muslim. He learned Islamic theology and tradition at an unusually young age, devoting himself to memorizing and learning the Quran, ultimately serving at mosques in the role of an Imam.
However, after years of extensive theological and historical study, Dr. Christian began to question some of the fundamental tenets of Islam. He began to search for the underlying truth of the Islamic religion, the foundation upon which his life, and the lives of millions of others had been built, and all too often, also lost.
This search, this inner struggle to find solid ground beneath his spiritual feet was vehemently opposed by… well, everyone around him.
His original quest was to solidify the foundation of his faith, to discover the immutable truths that would inexorably lead him to forever follow Allah and his Prophet. Instead, where spiritual bedrock should’ve been, Dr. Christian found only sand.
He searched through history to find others like himself – those who had questioned their Islamic faith, and discovered the answers that laid their questions to rest.
He found no one. Anyone who had sought confirmation, anyone who questioned the “why” of Islam found the razors edge of a sword as their answer.
Mark had discovered the truth behind the Islamic myth, and walked away from Islam.
Later, after nearly 10 years of “spiritual wandering,” he would come to discover Jesus Christ and commit his life to Him. Still in Egypt, he struggled to worship secretly for a long time, always fearing the knock on the door, wondering when he would be found out and beheaded as an apostate.
Mark had diverted destiny and ditched Islam for good, undergoing a conversion which would ignite a murderous hatred from his own father and family. He lives under that threat even today.
Mark came to America in 2005, and soon discovered the shocking extent of Islamic infiltration in his adopted country. To Mark, a man steeped in both religious and political Islam, a man who grew up amidst the planning and scheming of the Muslim Brotherhood, the recognition of their agenda at work in the United States was almost immediate. Mark had grown up watching his father and uncle as they, with their Brotherhood associates, had planned it all some three decades earlier.
Recognizing the urgency of this grim threat and informed by his unique upbringing, he responded with the formation of the Global Faith Institute as a way to protect his cherished American freedoms from the sickness he thought he had left behind in Egypt.
Dr. Christian’s great-uncle is one of the founders of the original Muslim Brotherhood, and Mark’s father, (who became a member in his teens) remains a highly-respected advisor for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt to this day.
In 1965 the Egyptian government imprisoned a great many members of the Muslim Brotherhood, one of whom was Mark’s uncle, who shared his cell with Sayyid Qutb, the infamous ideological “godfather” of the Muslim Brotherhood movement.
Over the years, Mark’s father and uncle moved up in the organization, and through this high-level access Mark was afforded unparalleled exposure to the ideology and objectives of radical Islam, the agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood, and the stringent creed of Sharia law.
Though Dr. Christian was never a member himself, his daily interactions with the Muslim Brotherhood through his father and uncle gave him a direct view of their machinations and motivations.
Most instructively, his exposure was centered around their “re-grouping” period, beginning in the 1970’s. It was during this time that the Brotherhood made and launched their plans for their infiltration of the West.
Before Dr. Christian’s conversion to Christianity, he served as a military physician for several years at El-Maadi Military Medical Center in Cairo, a prestigious hospital providing exceptional medical care to VIP’s and other high-ranking military and government officials.
El-Maadi is to Egypt what Bethesda Naval Hospital, or Walter Reed Medical Center is to America. Former patients include former Egyptian leaders Anwar Sadat and Hosni Mubarak.
It was during his tenure at El-Maadi that Dr. Christian met and came to know Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, the current President of Egypt.

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