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Sneers and Jeers from those (of many nationalities) who don't stand with Israel.

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Peace be with the peacemakers.

Peace be with the peacemakers of Jews, Christians and Muslims.
Today I am going to courageously persist on exposing the wickedness of these swindlers.
As we all critically recognize the broad phenomenon of this political apostasy which explicitly imposes the global Zionism project, we will continue today to fully expose one of its most threatening elements.
   Nonie Darwish, Walid Shoebat, Ali Sina, Robert Spencer, Sam Shamoun and the list goes on.
These people are not devout Christians what so ever.
Those are the ones who will  destroy Christianity with their own hate incitement rhetoric and radicalism.
    I have two basic messages to both moderate Muslim and Christian recipients.
1; My message to Muslims.
Please do not react incorrectly towards innocent and moderate Christians who have done nothing to you.
Christians and Muslims have lived peacefully together side by side throughout the centuries.
Early Muslims have sought refuge in Abyssinia, to escape the brutally  perpetrated persecution of the Pagans in Mecca.
Prophet Muhammad sent them to Negus who happened to be a just Christian ruler.
They stayed safely in his land, and he shared his remarkable hospitality with them.
We should not miss such significant parts of our mutual history.
2; My message to  Christians.
    I quite comprehend that the mainstream peer of Christianity has nothing to do with this grave insanity.
   I studied Christianity for couple of years, and I am competently aware of its fundementals of tolerance.
We both moderate Muslims and Christians have to do something to desist this established warfare industrialize  complex in Washignton and Tel Aviv.
  Business men dislike war unless they are involved in the business of  war.
Then they love war, they into war.
Similarly, we all decline extremism but some people are getting the greatest financial interest within the business of verbal aggression and hate incitement.
I tell you with no doubt in my mind; this world is living in a precarious situation, and if we did not get up and smell the coffee, the blood mongers are going to ultimately kick off the third worldwide war.
  Nonie Darwish  has called her father a terrorist Moslem.
This noble Egyptian martyr, (Colonel Mustafa Hafaz) who was acrimoniously assassinated by the Israeli savage terrorists in July 11th 1956, when he was appointed by President Gamal Abdel nasser to lead the Egyptian army in their defiance against the transgression of Israeli brutal  encroachment  and their suppressive invasion to the Palestinian territory.
       This noble warrior has acrimoniously been assassinated.
Yet he is a terrorist for this mad and wicked woman.
I am directing my sentiment to her.
I do not hide as just some cowards.
She is the founder and the director of an organization called (Arabs for Israel).
I am just wondering, what this has to do with preaching Christianity.
It is plain and obvious for everyone.
It is extraordinarily dangerous, and we have to verbally defy this mental hostility of Zionism which has nothing to do with either Judaism or Christianity.
This is the practical compliance of verbal Jihad by the way.
Verbal Jihad is to fight back against aggressive rhetoric with substantial defiance. 
Thus, I am fighting against the demonize Islam bandwagon.
I am there to strive against these haters.
I am there to fight them in every field of interest.
I am near and far, I am where they are.
Peace be with the peacemakers.


a'uthu billah 

You are a filthy murtad and may Allah swt send you to the lowest of jahanam as soon as possible. You should change this 

"Arabs and Muslims who Support the State of Israel and the Cause of Peace in the Middle East"

and replace Muslims to murtadeen 


Yes ! I think the main reason that we hate the jews is because they are the descendants of apes pigs and enemies of Allah.And they act as monsters in the dark. 


Be careful with the contents you publish , Israel can support you ...but cannot protect you if the Mighty hands decide to come down on you to end this attempt to badly alter the image of Islam.  It is sad to see people like you indeed who are trying too hard. 
Now you're warned. Next time might not be as nice :)

Wail A.Rahim




Hi Nonie
Saw you on the programme tonight, talking about the issue of Islam. 
Can I just say that you appear to be a person completely f***** in the head.  Your anti-Muslim rantings - even to an atheist like myself - were offensive in the extreme.  It is f***wits like you that create the turmoil within  certain individuals that eventuates in them undertaking such violent and deadly actions.
You are fool and you will deny that accusation - as a fool!
Roy Barnes


i am a victim( in your words) of Islam. dear i have found that your knowledge toward history and islam is incomplete or you donot wish to loose your status in eyes of Jews. dear Islam is the religion of peace please also see the accords sign by my beloved prophet wuth jews and violation of Jew of the accord. please also watch the list of those people who granted this world with law i am sure u will find the name of my beloved prophet. as for as jihad is concerned it is the right of all those people whose land have been captured by other peoples. the brothers in Palestine are fighting for their freedom and for their land they are now even ready to live with jews peacefully but what is going on with Palestinians. they are terrorist if they throw pebbles toward an Israeli army in response to his bullet. but israeli who shoot them are peacefull peoples. dear i think you dont have sense of humanity plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz do not   be so cruel with those people who are suffering for their freedom. enjoy life as non muslim. but plzzzzzzzzzz be humble to your own people and land. as for as my religion is concerned i think i am happy with this i proud of it. you should believe me becoz i am not a very tight muslim and also not a very rich. i assure you a true muslim can cut his head by the hand of enemy but can not become a non muslims piss sucker. dear nonie my prayers are with you and pray that May Allah(s.w.t) guide you toward the reality.  in last! you can make a lie, true by regularly repeating it but the history and ground realities have made it print on pages.thank may Allah guide you

your brother ziyad


You are urine. Toi ekta cottar baccha.


I have read your article, As an American revert to Islam, I must say I am shocked and appalled at your lack of the ability to differentiate between Arab culture and Islam. Clearly you were never given an accurate education on religious ideology. 
I am 28 years old. I studied Islam from the time I was 15 and half until current day. I also studied Judaism and Christianity.
I would like to over the course of several intrigues if you're mentally up for the challenge I would love the task of correcting you on a few if not many things.  
“Under Mosaic Law, they were obliged to refrain from all work - and, therefore, also from fishing - on Sabbath-days, with the result that the fish were more plentiful and would come closer to the shore on those days: and the inhabitants of the town took this as an excuse to break the Sabbath-law.”

Despite being warned against transgressing against the Sabbath law, they fished on the Sabbath anyway, and thus God decreed that they become “apes despicable.” Now, many Muslims understand this in a literal sense, that God literally changed them into apes. That’s possible. There are other commentators, however, that have a different explanation, as Muhammad Asad explained:

“As for the substance of God’s decree, “Be as apes despicable”, the famous tabii [student of the Prophet’s (pbuh) Companions] Mujahid explains it thus: ‘(Only) their hearts were transformed, that is, they were not (really) transformed into apes: this is but a metaphor (mathal) coined by God with regard to them, similar to the metaphor of ‘the ass carrying books’ (62:5)”...A similar explanation is given by Raghib. It should be borne in mind that the expression “like an ape” is often used in classical Arabic to describe a person who is unable to restrain his gross appetites or passions.”

So, it is possible that these Sabbath-breakers were not even turned into apes, and it was just an expression by God. Whatever the case may be, the point remains: the Qur’an does not call Jews “pigs and monkeys.” It was talking about a specific ancient town in which Jews lived, and among them were people who broke the Sabbath law. And it was these specific people, after being repeatedly warned by God, who “became as apes despised.” Let me say it again: there is no verse in the Qur’an that says Jews are “pigs and monkeys.” Period.

Therefore with this myth that you're spreading that Muhammud (saws) justified the innocent slaughter of Jew's proclaiming them to be apes and pigs, you are either deliberately lying against our noble prophet, or in sheer ignorance, misinformed. Either way, You're wrong. 

My next point : Arab's have lived in isolation and jihaad blood thirst in which you speak on the part of the Arab's couldn't be more inaccurate. I could sit for years and give you evidence's as to why this is completely a myth, How ever, I would like to start with the obvious. 
Only 18% (roughly) of the world's Muslim population's are actually Arabs. Clearly, Arab's ventured outside of Arabia intermarried, integrated with societies. 
Another fantastic example, Qais Abdur Rashid (575 - 661) was the first Afghani to travel to Mecca and revert to Islam. NO SWORD. He took his religion back to Afghanistan and amazingly enough this is the story of how Afghanistan became a Muslim country. He was the legendary founder of the Pashtoon Nation.   Another prime example as to how Islam spread peacefully. The Mongolian empire invades Iraq. Destroys Baghdad, pillages the city, Slaughters with no conscience etc.. Amazingly enough, Q'uran's, Haddiths, Literature is brought back to the empire. After years of translations, The Mongol emperor accepts Islam. It is the Mongol's that ruled India for 700 years. That peace was not disrupted until The British tore the country to bits and pieces. Colonialism's ugly head. The country was split into Pakistan (rendition), India, and Bangladesh. 
You mentioned something about Islamic Spain. First off, I employ you to watch a documentary made by NON Muslims on British television.
When the Moors (Muslim's ruled Europe) I think you would be surprised to know that the Moor's wasn't much of an invasion. They were actually welcomed as liberators. I will have you know, Europe was in the dark ages after the fall of Rome in 420 AD. Europe declined drastically into the dark ages for approximately, 500-600 years. Up until 1,000 AD. 
Historians will show you that the Moor's gave birth to the Renaissance. The fall of Andalusia happened because It was the MOST admired city in all of Europe. Local's converted to Islam willingly, History shows this. Queen Isabella sought her sights on Andalos and squared in. If you bothered to educate yourself with history, You would know that any one who refused to denounce Islam or Judaism was killed or exiled. 
I would be happy to give you more examples, but for now I fear I am getting off subject.
My main point to these examples are, If Muslim's are as horrible as you would like to depict us as, or as blood thirsty as you claim, history would show you other wise. It's in fact the opposite. 
If what you say is correct, Why is there a single Jewish or Arab Christian walking around today? Muslim's had numerous opportunities through out history to do to the non Muslim's what the Non Muslim's have done to Muslim's, Ethnically cleanse, Exile, rape, and murder those with opposing religious ideology.  It could had been done if Muslim's are blood thirsty as you portray us to be. 

In Islam, Reeba, (interest) is harram (forbidden) to charge or to pay. The Q'uran makes no distinction whether or not the money is going to a Muslim or a Non Muslim. Whether or not the money borrowed is from a Muslim or a Non Muslim. This is a clear example of treating Christians, Jewish, Atheist etc... in an equal humane way. 
Islam says men are allowed to marry people of the book. The Q'uran specifically says to pay wive's their dowries. It doesn't say to not give a Jewish or Christian wife a dowry because she's not equal. 
A Muslim is not allowed to torture or starve a prisoner of war regardless of what religion they prescribe to. Muslim's according to Sharia law actually have the MOST HUMANE code of war than ANY other holy text.
Torah says, Deuteronomy 20:16 However, in the cities of the nations the LORD your God is giving you as an inheritance, do not leave alive anything that breathes.
Judges 21:11 "This is what you are to do," they said. "Kill every male and every woman who is not a virgin."
If an ox gores someone, "then the ox shall surely be stoned." 21:28
I employ you to simply google passages from the Hebrew Torah on the treatment of Non Muslim's, Gentiles, Goyum, Prisoners of war, Children who disrespect their parents, justification for the slaughter of infants. Even salting the earth after you defeat the enemy so nothing will grow. Are you able to show me such hatred and brutality in the Q'uran? If so, I am ready to debate with you. 

Jihaad against one's self is the most important Jihaad a person has to contend with. The Actual word Jihaad merely means 'Struggle'. Not blood war. Sure there can be a context where it can be applied to a holy war but one must EXAMINE what constitutes a holy war. 

Regarding your accusation that Israel is being bullied or picked on is mind boggling. Was it the Muslim's that committed the holocaust against the Jewish people? Actually Arabic countries and I'm sure you're clueless on this such as Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia fought WITH the French in www2. Colonized Arab country's gave Jew's a homeland after the German's, Italian's and Japanese decided to systematically have them killed. 
What Ahmed Dinajed said wasn't that the holocaust never happened, He said It wasn't the Palestinian people who committed it, therefore why is it the Palestinian people  are paying for it? How is it in your mind does this equate to an illegitimate question? This is a fact. I would like you to explain to me and the rest of your readers how you're able to justify a people who went from victims to being aggressors. How is it possible that bombing the British, building weapons factories beneath laundry mats for a coup, and obtaining some one else's land to be legitimate? What I find more ironic here is I am not even an Arab and I am able to see how wrong this is on so many levels. 
Can there be peace with out justice? 
Now you mentioned in your article, Muslim's taking over the holy land and building on top of the Temple. Are you not aware that the temple was already destroyed long before Arabs much less Muslim's ever reached the Holy land? Why did you conveniently leave this out? 
Jerusalem is holy to Muslim's and was our first qibla (prayor direction)obviously this was changed as more ayat's came from Allah.
There was a time in history where Jew's and Muslim's fought side by side against Christian crusaders, pouring boiling oil on the Christian's that came to conquer the city. Salah Hadeen was a kurd for the record. NOT an Arab. I suggest you learn how kurd's adopted Islam as their religion. :) If you bother to look at Judaism you will know that according to Torah Jewish people do not have a right to a homeland until the coming of the promised Messiah. Since Jew's have never until date accepted a Messiah according to their own teachings the state of Israel is illegitimate.  Ultra orthodox Jew's explain in several different languages. There are other Jewish group's like Satmar a Yemenite Jewish society mostly living in the United states who are opposed to the state of Israel. I honestly believe that you, many of your readers, many Muslim's even fail to correctly identify the difference between a JEW and a Zionist. They are completely different ideologies. I employ you to learn the differences before spreading inaccurate propaganda. 
                  Israel does have with in it's borders peace loving people. Would I dare call them Jewish? That's something to ponder. Last time I knew a Jew is not some one who goes against a book (The Torah) that they claim to be the absolute word of God. The same way a person who goes against Al Quran is nothing more than a pseudo Muslim. If you want to learn what real Judaism is I suggest you start learning. Not taking word of mouth from people and feeding victims (i.e. Palestinians) propaganda that has been shoved down their throat since the confiscation Palestinian owned property. The Philistines was a land before Musa alayhesallam. Palestinians are the decedents of the Philistines. If according to the Torah, the Jewish people lost their right to the land of Israel for worshiping the golden calf in Musa's absence I employ you to please by all means, explain to me how they're entitled to the land of Palestine? Remember to keep in mind this is according to the Jewish book, The Holy Torah, Jews were cursed according to their own scripts to NOT have a country until the promised messiah and yet date, they have never accepted one. Therefore by their OWN Torah seeking a state of Israel is going AGAINST god. Yet these same people are contradicting themselves by creating one. 
         The Quran says if people invade your land fight them until you drive them out. Do me a favor and explain to me why the Palestinian's are wrong for continuing to fight for their land? I would like you to explain to me how to achieve peace with a group of people who not only go against their own Torah but also feel that Non Jew's are Goyum, Gentiles, Call Jesus alayhesallam a Bastard. Use white phosphorus against an unarmed population? Commit war crimes beyond belief. Sure you can argue and say it's for their protection. It's a necessarily evil for their own survival believe me, I've heard all the excuses. How ever in the end the only conclusion I can draw there is no way to forge peace with a wold in sheep's clothing. Israeli's are NOT Jews. This is something I will NEVER accept. Jew's don't believe in the existence of a state. 
             Lastly, No religion other than Islam will ever be accepted of you. Islam teaches us that from Adam to Muhammud all prophet's were Muslim. This includes Musa and Isa alayhesallam to both. We believe that the first Jew's were the truth until the evil men with in the religion decided to change the Torah. Notice there isn't an original complete Torah to date. Same thing goes for the Injeel. We Believe that Muhammud was the seal of the prophets who was the ONLY prophet to stem from the blood line of Ismiel alayhesallam. Remember God's promise to Abraham, alayhesallam, that he will make a great nation from both his sons. Duet 18:18 
In the end I am hoping that you can receive a proper education on all three monotheistic religions, the roots of the religions and the correct teachings of each religions. I do not expect you to learn in 1 conversation what has taken me well over 13 years to learn. Learning is something Insh'Allah I will continue to do for the rest of my life. Just do yourself and the world a favor, Don't spread lies against the prophet Muhammud.(saws) Don't say that Muslim's are close minded and blood thirsty when the very people you're attempting to promote go against their own book. The very people you're attempting to promote according to their religious doctrine make Sharia law look like a country club. that would make you an arrogant hypocrite. I would had respected your site much more if you had said I dislike ALL religions. Not just focused your attacks on Islam. Beside's when you say you love your culture and your people but telling Palestinian people both Christian and Muslim to accept their land being stolen and over 60 years of human abuse and psychological torture, starvation and other war atrocities suffered at the hands of the Israeli's, you're flat out paying lip service.  



Anyway you are going to die oneday, Be ready for the painful torment in hereafter o Kafir. 


f*** you israel


Nonie is not Islamic name.Nonie is insulting Islam by all lies.go yourself and watch or witness yourself what Nonie says.All lies,
and she is an enemy of Islam .
Islam will grow whether she says what she wants or not.


Peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah
be unto you.

It is good that we should want to
worship God and bring peace to the
world -which is a Divine requirement-
but you need to take a look at these,
among others, that are on the net:


your a peice of inhumanitarian s***

signed an american and a christian.



  1. Israel is better than hatred of Muslims.

  2. many...many . .westerners understand the truth and clarity Nonie shares...sharia will Never have place here

  3. americans do not want muslims here.....muslims need to go back to where they came from.

  4. wow Islam - has a lot of creepy people...the things they are taught is absolutely inhuman - how can a moderate muslim want to be a part of something so ugly

  5. Nonie darwish is a sincere person who speaks the truth