Monday, May 12, 2014

The War on Former Muslim Women

By Nonie Darwish

It is a tragedy and a shame that it had to take the mass kidnapping and sexual enslavement of 300 Nigerian girls by Muslim jihadists for the world to finally express its outrage over Sharia’s evil deeds. Similar stories of Christian girls being kidnapped, forcibly married and converted to Islam by their Muslim captors, have been a reality for decades. But unfortunately, and tragically, they have been ignored by our mainstream media. Only a few “Islamophobic” journalists have cared enough to report on such atrocities in Egypt, Syria and elsewhere — until reality exploded to such a great magnitude that it awakened the world’s conscience.
Former Muslim women like Wafa Sultan, Ayan Hirsi Ali and myself have been writing and speaking about the oppression of women in Islamic society for a long time now. I have written a book dedicated to connecting the dots between Islamic law and such kidnappings, rapes and other forms of oppression of women. But instead of helping our voices be heard, the leftist media and academia have ignored us, called us names and done everything in their power to silence us. They have treated the American people like children who are told they should not be outraged about far away cultural practices — because all cultures are equal.
After 9/11 Americans asked: “Where are the voices of Arab Americans who condemn Islamic terrorism?” This question led a few brave former Muslim women to stand up and speak. But when we did (at our own peril), the leftist media and academia called us “Islamophobes” and “racists.” What is Islamophobic and racist about warning America about the tyranny of the barbaric religious legal system that we lived under and came to America to escape from its vicious clutches?Advocates of cultural relativism who are brutal in judging conservative and Christian Americans, and call them slanderous names, have no problem in tolerating Islamic tyranny over women and other minorities.
Muslims have convinced the leftist elites that criticism of Islamic doctrine is a hateful phobia equal to hating all Muslim people. Students who wanted to learn the truth about Sharia and its implications on women, jihad, the Arab Israeli conflict and terrorism, have been intimidated and forced to withdraw their invitation to former Muslim women speakers.
Not only have Muslim Brotherhood front groups and the Left succeeded in silencing speech critical of Islam, but reports about Islamic atrocities around the world have been suppressed — until now, when one horrifying story of an Islamic crime against humanity could not be contained.
And so now, with the Nigerian kidnapping story, Islam’s dirty little secret has been exposed: Sharia legalizes the taking of female hostages as sexual slaves in the jihad battle against non-Muslims. And since the jihad battle against non-Muslims is taught as a permanent institution, the kidnapping, rape and enslavement can happen at any time. In fact, the Islamic Nigerian mass kidnappers, who are experts on Sharia, are bragging on camera about their actions because they are told by their books and Islamic education that what they did is holy and legal under Allah.
American students who invite experts on Middle Eastern culture and critics of Sharia, like myself, must endure horrific pressure to cancel our invitations. No matter what horror happens under Islam, we end up being dismissed by the Left as “Islamophobes.”
As a result of the suppression of the truth about Islamic oppression of women, the American public is left ignorant about what is going on in the Islamic world. Thus it takes huge acts of violence, such as the Nigeria mass girl kidnapping or 9/11 to wake Americans up. But for how long can the West afford to ignore Islamic tyranny? I hope not until Islamic jihadists do a similar kidnapping of 300 American girls.
Our culture’s suppression of speech is severely detrimental to the future of this country, which is on its way to embracing Sharia as just another set of laws that must be respected, since, as we are taught, all cultures and religions are equal.
The same leftists who ignore Islamic Sharia tyranny are also the ones who support anti-Semitism also spreading on college campuses.  The offensive annual Israel Apartheid Week must end, otherwise pro-Israel students must be free to invite speakers to counter the anti-Israel propaganda.It is high time for American leftist feminists to acknowledge the truth about Islamic oppression of women. Kidnapping of girls, sexual slavery, female genital mutilation, wife beating, legal discrimination against women in the courtroom and other forms of oppression of women, must never be tolerated under the excuse of cultural relativism.
Just in the last month, I was cancelled twice after being invited to speak on college campuses due to intimidation by leftists and Islamic groups. Muslim radical groups brag about our cancellation like a badge of honor, the same way the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt brags about silencing the opposition. Suppression of speakers who expose the atrocities of Islamic law has become a shameful chronic condition on American campuses. It is true that Sharia forbids the criticism of Islam, but we should never forget that the US Constitution does not.
The situation in America today is upside down, where we see the American Left tolerating Islamic intolerance and protecting Islam’s dirty little secrets from coming to light. We are not doing Muslims and Islam a favor with this cover-up and appeasement. Blatant atrocities against women by Muslims around the world must be exposed and rejected.
It is time for the West to condemn Islamic Sharia law by name.

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Friday, May 2, 2014

Benghazi, Lies and Videotape

Benghazi, Lies and Videotapes
By Nonie Darwish,
Shocking White House emails released to the public Tuesday by government watchdog group Judicial Watch shed new light on the Obama administration’s brazen dishonesty with the public about the deadly Sept. 11, 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya. Statements from top Obama adviser Ben Rhodes confirm what critics have long alleged: that the Obama administration’s to priority in the wake of the attack was not to seek justice for the fallen or confront the threat to our nation, but to lie to the public about the nature of the attack in order to improve President Obama’s image in an election year.
It is the tragedy of our times that that the US government advocated the video excuse as a justification for the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi — or even the attack on the US embassy in Cairo on 9/11/12. It should be common knowledge to Western governments by now that Islamic leadership habitually justifies Islamic terrorism as a reaction to some kind of injustice or offense perpetrated against Muslims. This happens all the time in the commission of terrorist attacks or after they have been perpetrated. But instead of exposing the Islamic lie as usual, America facilitated the terrorists’ excuses. This is not a bad deal for jihadists who are only too happy to see nations victimized by terror defend jihad on behalf of Muslims.
As a matter of fact, Muslims over many centuries have trained Coptic Christians and other Middle East oppressed minorities to blame themselves for Islamic jihad and to ignore the obvious Islamic jihad violence.
Since jihad against other nations is a violation of international law, Muslims have discovered that they have no choice but to lie about their motivation and religious obligation to engage in jihad. It is not the author of this article who is saying this about Muslim culture, but the Islamic law books themselves; they clearly state that Muslims are obliged to lie if it is for the benefit of Islam.
Lying to justify jihad comes to people of the Middle East naturally and without hesitation. Even I was guilty of protecting Islamic jihad at any cost when I used to be a young journalist in the Middle East years ago. Lying to protect Islam has thus developed into a virtue that comes naturally to Muslims after centuries of forced practice of the Sharia obligation — and most Muslims no longer realize the connection to Sharia nor realize that what they are saying is lying.
Muslims shamelessly justified 9/11 with incredible fabricated stories about oppression of Muslims, America’s foreign policy, the occupation, etc. But when such excuses were discredited, the Muslim leadership never gave up and, until today, continues the blame game. The versions range from how Arabs could not have accomplished such a sophisticated terror attack by airplanes (their favorite excuse) to how 9/11 was a Jewish conspiracy or that the American government itself is behind it, etc.
No one in the Bush administration was so reckless as to buy any of the Arab excuses. Even NYC mayor at the time, Rudy Guiliani, would not accept a $10 million donation for disaster relief from Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal after the prince suggested U.S. policies in the Middle East contributed to the September 11 attacks. America cannot afford to collaborate with Arab excuses over terrorism under any circumstances. If America accepts Islamic excuses for terror it is not just an invitation to more terror, but it is descending to the level of banana republics, which fool their own people into believing lies.
Western nations have always understood this pathological Islamic game and never bought it — until Sept 11, 2012, when the Obama administration coordinated an excuse for the violent attacks on the US Embassy in Cairo to avoid the embarrassment that al-Qaeda was alive and well even in Egypt, which was headed by the Muslim Brotherhood at the time. It was the first time in US history that one could see the US government not only buying the jihadist excuse, but also facilitating it.
The US State Department, even before the attacks in Binghazi, issued a statement to support the Egyptian government’s claims that the violent demonstrations were about a video when the rioters themselves never carried any signs indicating the problem was the video. What the rioters carried were al-Qaeda black flags, which they placed on top of the US Embassy building on the day they believe that Islamic jihad triumphed over the great Satan. The State Department statement said:
“The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims – as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions.”
The above statement by the embassy was meant to tell the Egyptian government, “We believe your lie” and to provide acceptable talking points to Egypt as to the cause and nature of the riots. This is the first time in Islamic history where a nation that is a victim of Islamic terror has ended up participating in providing an excuse for terror. The Obama administration facilitated Islamic deceit to cover up jihadist terrorism. That is how the Muslim world viewed America’s apology over the video.
Until the release of the Judicial Watch emails, White House Jay Carney wanted to convince America and the world that Benghazi was a reaction to “broader protests in the region” due to the video, when in fact it was a coordinated excuse between the Egyptian government and the US government. This coordination helped both governments save face. The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood administration did not have to apologize to the US and at the same time, the Obama administration did not have to engage in a military confrontation with al-Qaeda a few weeks before the elections. Thus the video was the only excuse that helped both sides, the perpetrator and the victim, to bury the inconvenient hatchet.
According to a friend of mine in Egypt, who wishes to remain anonymous, the rioters against the US embassey in Cairo on Sept 11, 2012 had no clue about any video initially, but were motivated by doing something against the US on the 9/11 anniversary. The apology from the US Embassy gave the terrorists and also the Egyptian police protecting the embassy the feeling that the rioters were justified.
Obama has a natural instinct about the Arab psyche and entertains it more than what is acceptable by American standards. It is sad to see that the Obama administration instinctively feels a need to make excuses for terrorism the same way Muslims have been trained to do for centuries.
Obama is training the American mind to ignore their instincts, what they see, hear and believe about Islam.

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