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More on the Zionist Sheikh from Jordan!

Jordanian Sheikh: Israel Belongs to the Jews!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014 |  Yossi Aloni

Sheikh Ahmed Aladoan of Amman, a member of Jordan’s well-known Adwan tribe, posted to Facebook this week that there is no such place as “Palestine,” and provided references from the Koran to back up his assertion.
One of the Koranic verses provided states that Allah gave the Holy Land to the sons of Israel until the Day of Judgment (Surah Al-Ma’ida, verse 21), and the other (Surah Al-Shara’a, verse 59) says that the land was bequeathed to the Jews.
The sheikh turned to those who “distort the words of the Koran,” whom he labeled as liars, and questioned where they had even come up with the name “Palestine.” He insisted their claims to the Land of Israel were forfeit because “Allah is the protector of the Children of Israel.”
And if that wasn’t enough, the sheikh went on to turn the tables on the anti-Israel propaganda machine by accusing the Palestinians of killing children, the elderly and women, of using human shields, and of having not an ounce of mercy for even their own children.
The sheikh’s words caused a storm in the Arab media, and were picked up by the Israeli Embassy in Amman.
The Arabic daily Al-Quds Al-Arabi further explained the sheikh’s position, noting that he supports the notion that Jordan is Palestine, and insists that Arabs living both in Jordan and the Palestinian Authority-controlled territories would almost all love to be Israeli citizens.
The Adwan tribe issued a statement distancing itself from Sheikh Aladoan’s remarks. But the sheikh was not intimidated, and insisted he would continue to make his voice heard on these matters.
Last year, Sheikh Aladoan visited Israel and spent time with the chief rabbi of Tsfat (Safed), Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu. The sheikh informed Rabbi Eliyahu and his students that in the Koran, “there is no name ‘Palestine’ for this land, and therefore, the Arabs should not be fighting the Jews over control of this land.”
Watch the following video of their encounter. Most of the video is in Hebrew, but around the 2:00 mark, Sheikh Aladoan’s assistant translates his words in English.  

PHOTO is for illustration purposes only. The sheikh in the photo above is actually Sheikh Jabari of Hebron, another powerful tribal leader who also agrees that this land belongs to the Jews.

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Heroic Holocaust Role Model

There are very few people who are prepared to put their lives at risk in order to stand up for what's right. While we condemn those who blatantly oppress or persecute others, judging someone who fades quietly into the background rather than taking a stand at the risk of his or her own life creates a fine line.

Philosophers and historians have been wrestling with this issue for many years as they review the behavior of citizens in Nazi-occupied European countries during World War II. How can one condemn an individual who did not take action to save Jews because, in doing so, they would have been risking their own life and the lives of their family? On the other hand, many people did act courageously in the face of tremendous danger.

School and university courses examine these issues when they teach about questions of responsibility, morality and ethics. What makes a person go beyond their "comfort zone" and risk their life to uphold human values? Is taking such risk something that we should expect? What kind of person goes that extra step to save the life of another person at the risk of his own life?

Yad Vashem, Israel's Holocaust Memorial, has honored over 20,000 people who saved Jews during the Holocaust. Researchers have attempted to find a commonality in the behavior of these righteous gentiles. Each rescuer's story, however, is different.  Some rescuers acted out of political, ideological or religious convictions while others became involved due to circumstances. For some rescuers, helping persecuted Jews was an instinctive, human gesture. Most righteous gentiles never planned to become rescuers but simply acted on the spur of the moment.

The Yad Vashem research notes that, above all else, most rescuers were ordinary people. Some of the most compelling stories of rescue during the Holocaust involved the actions of unextraordinary people who were caught up in extraordinary circumstances. 

Chiune Semo Sugihari

Chiune Semo Sugihari was a Japanese Vice-Consul in Vilna in 1940. Refugees beseeched him to grant Japanese visas which would allow them to travel to Japan and to safety. The refugees gathered outside the Japanese Consul's offices as Sugihara cabled Tokyo for instructions. Sugihara cabled Toyko three times and each time the Japanese Foreign Ministry instructed Sugihara to refuse these requests. After the third refusal, Sugihara decided to act on his own. He began to issue visas -- some accounts estimate that he issued over 6,000 visas, including family visas that saved entire families. He worked 18-20 hours a day to hand-write the visas and when Tokyo recalled him, he continued to issue visas, even as he was on his way to the train to leave the city. Sugihara went against the strong Japanese ethic of submitting to authority. He put his career and his future at risk but once he made his decision, he never wavered. When Sugihara died, a large delegation of Israeli officials came to his funeral -- that was the first indication that his neighbors ever had of Sugihara's heroic actions during WWII.

Varian Fry

Varian Fry was an American journalist who visited Berlin in 1935 as a foreign correspondent. After seeing the Nazi barbarities he  started to raising funds for European anti-Nazi movements. Following the invasion of France in 1940, Fry moved to Marseille and started an elaborate rescue operation. This was in direct opposition to French and even some American authorities. Despite many obstacles Varian managed   to secure visas  for around three thousand anti-Nazi and Jewish refugees, allowing them to escape to  Portugal  and eventually the United States. In  1996 Fry became the first American to be listed as ?Righteous among the Nations" by Yad Vashem.

Irena Sendler

Irena Sendler was a young Polish social worker. In 1939, after the Nazis occupied Poland,  she joined the Zagota resistance and obtained a pass that allowed her to travel freely in and out of the Warsaw ghetto. Irena devised multiple ways to transport children out of the ghetto to freedom -- through underground sewers, under carts of garbage and inside toolboxes and luggage. Once the children were brought to the "free" side of Warsaw Sendler and her comrades identified safe hiding places for them.  It is estimated that Irena Sendler saved over 2500 Jewish children in this way. Irena Sendler's story was turned into an educational project that now includes a movie, a website and a book.  

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I'm Confused...Who of Israeli or Palestinian leaders were born in Palestine?

BENJAMIN NETANYAHU, - Born 21 October 1949 in Tel Aviv 
EHUD BARAK, - Born 12 February 1942 in Mishmar HaSharon, British Mandate of Palestine
ARIEL SHARON, - Born 26 February 1928 in Kfar Malal, British Mandate of Palestine 
EHUD OLMERT, - Born 30 September 1945 in Binyamina-Giv'at Ada, British Mandate of Palestine.
ITZHAK RABIN, - Born 1 March 1922 in Jerusalem British Mandate of Palestine.
ITZHAK NAVON,Israeli President in 1977-1982. Born 9 April 1921 in Jerusalem, British Mandate of Palestine.
EZER WEIZMAN, - Israeli President in 1993-2000. Born 15 June 1924 in Tel Aviv, British Mandate of Palestine.


Born 24 August 1929 in Cairo, Egypt 
SAEB EREKAT, - Born April 28, 1955, in Jordan. He has the Jordanian citizenship. 

FAISAL ABDEL QADER AL-HUSSEINI, - Born in1948 in Bagdad, Iraq. 

SARI NUSSEIBEH, - Born in 1949 in Damascus, Syria. 
MAHMOUD AL-ZAHAR, - Born in 1945, in Cairo, Egypt. 

So, Israeli leaders, who were born in Palestine, are “Settlers or Invaders”?

While Palestinian Arab leaders who were born in Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Tunisia are “Native Palestinians”???!!!


Work it out.....!!!

MLK on Israel

Calev Myers, 2013 Palestinian Human Rights Week, Helsinki University


Apartheid in Israel?

Please forward this to everyone you know and help to explode the Palestinian Myths and Lies about Israel

Apartheid in Israel? 
an eye-opener

Posters for "Apartheid Week"

Apartheid in Israel - an eye-opener                      

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Islamic Olympics Are Better Than Infidel Olympics

By The Peoples Cube,

Islamic_Olympics_al_Jazeera recently published an article today by a known Jihadophobe, Nonie Darwish, titled The Islamic Grinch Who Stole the Olympics, in which the author outrageously claims that the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia have somehow been overshadowed by the threat of Islamic terrorism, with al-Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri calling for a “global jihad” against the Sochi games, and various allegedly jihadist YouTube videos promising that the “demon Olympics” will have an “atmosphere of fear and terror” and telling the athletes that “Satan is with you.”
She then comes to a far-fetched conclusion that “competitive sports are not an important Islamic value, especially if compared to the mental and physical training of Islamic youth for jihad,” claiming that “Islamic culture often discourages competitive sports, singing, dancing and self-expression, and this is the fundamental reason why there are few prominent Muslim athletes.”
That is, of course, absolutely untrue. As you can see from the YouTube videos below, the Muslim world has a vibrant athletic culture and breathtaking Olympic events that indeed overshadow anything that the infidel Olympics have to offer:
Taliban Olympics I:

Taliban Olympics II:

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Jihad Migrating to Red States — With Obama’s Blessing


By Nonie Darwish
President Obama has unilaterally changed the immigration law to allow asylum-seekers and refugees who provided “limited material support” to terrorists, to immigrate to the US. This is happening at a time when force is being used in Egypt — and elsewhere in the Middle East — against the Muslim Brotherhood, the Salafis, terrorists and their sympathizers. This is a time when Islamists have few places to go to in the wide-open desert atmosphere of the Middle East, except perhaps to join the mess in Syria and Iraq, or otherwise reform and become ordinary citizens.
Obama could not have picked a worse time to ease immigration requirements for those linked to terror, and who have nowhere else to go and have suddenly found themselves, after the counter-revolution in Egypt, as targets for imprisonment, contempt, or even shooting.
Islamists are now undoubtedly celebrating Obama’s decision to ease the pressure on immigration of terror-linked individuals. Indeed, where else can they go to practice their fanaticism and find newly found respectability and hospitality? To America.
By weakening immigration laws that protect Americans from Islamic terror, Obama is now sending the wrong message both to his own citizens and to the Muslim world. He is basically saying that he does not mind taking in fleeing terrorists and their sympathizers. And he does not seem to care at all about appearances or if he this casts more suspicion on his reputation, despite the constant rumors we all know about, that he is a secret Muslim and that his brother Malik has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.
What is also strange is the US State Department is not welcoming fleeing Christians in the Middle East as they should. Most of the visa applications submitted by the desperate and oppressed Egyptian Christians are denied. It was reported that only about 800 to 900 applications were approved by the US for Christian Egyptian immigrants out of 20,000 applications.
This also comes amidst accusations and rumors in Egypt that President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are aiding terrorists and conspiring with the Muslim Brotherhood. One would think that the US would be happy that the Egyptian government and others are clamping down on radical Muslim groups who are ruining the lives of the ordinary citizens in the Middle East. But instead, the Obama administration  changes immigration laws for their “eyes only” to welcome escaping Muslim troublemakers whose activities are now unwelcome in Egypt.
Obama is doing this not only amidst claims that he is supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, but he also appears to the Muslim world as responding positively to the radical Sunni Cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who recently called on the US government to wage jihad for Allah, to help support the “freedom fighters,” meaning terrorists, in Syria, and adding that “Allah willing, your [US] aid will increase.” This is the first time in history that a radical Muslim leader publicly asks America to join in the jihad for the sake of Allah.
This is also the same administration that revoked the asylum visa already granted to a German Christian family by a Memphis immigration judge. Obama’s Department of Justice is forcing the deportation of a peaceful Christian German family that seeks refuge in the US to home-school their children. It is the same administration that is allowing the illegal immigrant relatives of Obama to live in US public housing and that  granted Obama’s Kenyan brother a 501c3 non-profit status within 30 days of his application, while patriotic Tea Party citizens have not received theirs yet after a three and four year wait.
Reverse discrimination is being practiced in the open by the Obama administration against Christians, whites and other patriotic citizens like Dinesh D’Souza and the Tea Party.
To the savvy analyst of Muslim culture, Obama’s immigration policy is clearly supporting the Islamic jihad agenda and helping to transplant jihadists’ activities in a new unsuspecting land. It is aiding the spread of the “Religion of Peace” propaganda in our public schools and making the questioning of Muslims taboo even for our homeland security. This administration is creating a new generation of Americans that is being indoctrinated at a similar level of indoctrination that is occurring to Arab kids in the Islamic Middle East. All the while, the Islamists to claim their supposed victim-hood as an excuse for their belligerence and dominance. And they  use and abuse US fears of being called racist or Islamophobic every time an American objects to Islam as oppressive. This way they can build mosques everywhere, including on the ruins of 9/11, while churches are being destroyed in the Middle East.
One can’t help but marvel at how easy America has capitulated after only one major terror attack.
The reckless and dire situation regarding Islamic immigration and penetration — and putting certain foreign interests ahead of American citizens — has really gotten out of hand. Most sane-minded Americans are frozen, defeated and helpless. America, with Obama’s blessings, is slipping away and surrendering to the Islamic invasion. And if anyone objects, they are called the “R” word: Racist.
In whose best interest is Obama working for? Not even the liberals should celebrate this. While pacifying the radical left with the failed Obamacare and other environment and energy projects, the president keeps them busy defending him against the big bad Republicans. What need does the US meet when it welcomes in those who had some connections with terror groups? Who is America pandering to or targeting to give asylum to? Why gamble with the safety, security and peace of American citizens to that extent?
If this situation continues, the American people will wake up one day with Muslim-only zones across the US, women and gays harassed and persecuted in every US city that will be prone Chechnya-style terrorism and calls for a separatist movement. This is the history of Islam repeating itself wherever it goes.
It is time for a Tahrir ‘freedom’ square movement in America against the progressives who put Obama in office.
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The Glazov Gang

Vijeta Uniyal discusses the organization he founded, "Indian Friends of Israel."

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The Islamic Grinch Who Stole the Olympics

By Nonie Darwish
Coverage of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, has so far been over-shadowed by the threat of terror from Islamic jihadists. Cursing videos posted on the Internet by jihadists promise that the “demon Olympics” will have an “atmosphere of fear and terror” and tell the athletes that “Satan is with you.” Even Egyptian-born al-Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri gave his blessings by calling for a “global jihad” against the Sochi games.
While the world waits for the Olympic games once every four years to celebrate humanity’s best qualities of excellence, cooperation and respectful competition, Muslim jihadists watch the games with bitterness, envy and criticism. Competitive sports are not an important Islamic value, especially if compared to the mental and physical training of Islamic youth for jihad. It is important to note that Islamic culture often discourages competitive sports, singing, dancing and self-expression, and this is the fundamental reason why there are few prominent Muslim athletes.
Few medals are won by Muslim nations who often participate symbolically in the games. With the exception of soccer, Muslim youth have few athletic outlets, and most of their soccer training is done in narrow streets with constant car and pedestrian interruption.
As for Muslim female athletes, just take a look at the female Saudi team trying to compete while wearing their Islamic garb. While Islamic nations claim to be close brothers, female Muslim teams hardly ever compete amongst themselves within Islamic countries. Why then do Muslim countries even bother to participate with a female team in the Olympics if female sports are discouraged and are contrary to Islamic cultural norms? Like many Islamic activities at the international arena, Islamic female Olympic teams are intended not for sports and winning as much as they are intended to prove to the world that Muslim women are free and liberated. The whole thing — participation of Islamic female athletes in the Olympics — is a sham rejected as un-Islamic inside Muslim culture.
The Olympics evoke Islamic shortcomings and envy of the outside world and feed into their victim mentality — thus, Islamic silence over terror threats to the Olympics. Jihadists could not care less about what the Olympics represent to the rest of the world: an opportunity to compete and acknowledge the hard work of nations and individuals who sacrificed time, money and strenuous training to excel and to hopefully win fair and square.
While the world is hungry for hope, unity, harmony and a peaceful future, Muslim jihadists plot to ruin it for everyone else. That is not a coincidence, because Olympic values of cooperation, brotherhood and respect between nations regardless of religion, color, national origin and gender strikes at the heart of the Islamic supremacist ideology.
Fake grievances, causes and claims of oppression by the Chechnya rebels and their black widows are excuses to camouflage their jihadist aspirations and their inability to express themselves except through what they were trained to do as a sport: terror. Fair competition is not what the Islamic supremacists understand or are trained to do. What they want is world domination and special treatment because they are told it is their right as Muslims.
Even Islamic media coverage of the Olympics is often colored with envy and criticism, especially over female bikinis in volleyball and bathing suits in swimming. Frustration over not measuring up to infidel teams has driven some Muslim leaders, like for Saddam Hussein and his sons, to threaten soccer athletes who lose with torture and murder.
Fun athletic competition regardless of gender and other Islamic taboos are hard to reconcile with Islamic values. That is why it is not a coincidence that Islamic jihad is often directed against sports events in the West, such as the Boston Marathon, where three were killed and hundreds injured and maimed by Chechen immigrants to the U.S.
Now the world is left with a legitimate question:
“Where is the massive and sincere condemnation of the Islamic terror threats against the Olympics, by ‘moderate’ Muslim?”
The West is told over and over again that moderate Muslims are the majority, but such a majority has never been able to control or stop jihadists, who, we are told, have misunderstand the true peaceful nature of Islam.
What will it take for Muslims to take responsibility for Islamic jihad and end their constant cover-up for Islamic shortcomings? Will they ever end the defensiveness, be honest and truthful about the negative effect of Islam as it is practiced today, on world peace, happiness and prosperity? Will they continue to choose to remain mentally isolated, un-assimilated, offended and accusing the rest of the world of not understanding Islam?
Will jihadists ever turn around and embrace their humanity like the Grinch did with Christmas and finally join the celebrations? Or will they remain a burden on humanity as the Islamic Grinch that stole the Olympics?

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Jordanian Sheikh Rips Palestinians, Praises Jews

Jordanian Sheikh Rips Palestinians, Praises Jews
By: Shoebat Foundation
There must be some truth to the saying that you see everything if you live long enough. In this case, a Jordanian Sheikh named Ahmad Adwan doesn’t just read the Palestinians the riot act but insists they are betraying the Qur’an by attempting to take control of Israel.
According to Al Quds, via Elder of Ziyon), Adwan posted the following – in Arabic – to his facebook page:
“I say to those who distort their Lord’s book, the Koran: From where did you bring the name Palestine, you liars, you accursed, when Allah has already named it “The Holy Land” and bequeathed it to the Children of Israel until the Day of Judgment. There is no such thing as ‘Palestine’ in the Koran. Your demand for the Land of Israel is a falsehood and it constitutes an attack on the Koran, on the Jews and their land. Therefore you won’t succeed, and Allah will fail you and humiliate you, because Allah is the one who will protect them (i.e. the Jews).”
The sheikh added: “The Palestinians are the killers of children, the elderly and women. They attack the Jews and then they use those (children, the elderly and women) as human shields and hide behind them, without mercy for their children as if they weren’t their own children, in order to tell the public opinion that the Jews intended to kill them. This is exactly what I saw with my own two eyes in the 70’s, when they attacked the Jordanian army, which sheltered and protected them. Instead of thanking it (the Jordanian army), they brought their children forward to (face) the Jordanian army, in order to make the world believe that the army kills their children. This is their habit and custom, their viciousness, their having hearts of stones towards their children, and their lying to public opinion, in order to get its support.”

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