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  1. Recently Frank Graham donated clothing, blankets, and other items to refugees in Iraq displaced from their homes by militant Muslims. This obvious demonstration of love and charity from an American Christian to mostly Muslim Arabs should disclose the lies being told by the clerics and eventually hasten the day for religious peace.

    1. Muslims hate to admit to Western and Christian charity to them and will burry the news about it. Infidels must remain bad and Muslims are never grateful to their perceived enemies. Sad but true

  2. Dear nonie ,
    Thank your for opening my eyes and thank you for your handwork.
    You deserve more fame and recognition and hopefully with your help we can battle ignorance in Muslim countries .
    I am a 21 year old Moroccan/Dutch Muslim ,from a mother who is a socialite and business woman and a Muslim extremist close minded father who works for the moroccan military and police intelligence system.
    I born into an open minded muslim family were respect and love and tolerance are the main thing.
    But even though , by looking at other muslims in my surroundings and the criticism I received for being bisexual and open minded and accepting and for not being afraid to speak my mind and express myself , and by the difficulties I faced growing up who traumatised every bit of my childhood, I never felt like islam or muslims were right or doing the right thing.
    I lived in morocco for 10 years , the rest i lived in Spain , Holland and London where I'm currently studying Communications: Marketing, Public Relations and Fashion Journalism at Richmond, the American International University in London.
    I see where you come from and I understand you and I admire you and you are an inspiration for me.
    I just got to know you through a YouTube video that a friend sent me and excuse my ignorance and lack of attention for not researching you before.
    I want to admit that I'm a very smart observing psychological person who does not get easily brainwashed by propaganda , speeches, the mass media or conspiracy theory , but when I opened the video I thought it was just another lame anti islam attack from someone manufactured by the American propaganda to fight Islam, but after I lit few cigarets and watched the whole 3 videoS with tears in my eyes , I had a reality check and an opening of eyes like I was touched by an angel of truth! because you speak facts and you quote the Qur'an with proof of what its written in it.
    This is actually the only thing worth sharing with everyone but unfortunately Facebook won't let me share it for some reason. You are super right , I mean I'm not gonna become atheist , I still believe in God and islam at some extent , but not the killing violence, I hate gays closed minded intolerant islam that is the poison of humanity, I'm still going to believe in the peaceful open minded part of islam where you only believe in God and do good and don't commit inhuman crimes or illegalities and do what you want with ur life as long as u don't hurt people and live and let live and love and respect everyone.
    Do you think I'm making a good decision Mrs Darwish?
    Please let me know.
    P.S: I would love it if you read this message I'm sending out loud in one of your conferences by mentioning my name to hopefully reach people in Morocco since I'm known here and reach everyone in the world who is brainwashed by extremist violent islam.
    I also just purchased your book Now They Call Me Infidel: Why I Renounced Jihad for America, Israel, and the War on Terror and I'm fascinated by it.
    Thank you for your understanding and time and comprehension and please keep up the good work.
    Best Regards,
    Mehdi Jim Hachlaf

    1. Dear Mehdi,
      You are mature beyond your age and thank you for your kind and wonderful comment.
      You stated: 'm still going to believe in the peaceful open minded part of islam where you only believe in God and do good and don't commit inhuman crimes or illegalities and do what you want with ur life as long as u don't hurt people and live and let live and love and respect everyone." But this statement applies more to Christianity more than Islam. Islam does not mind their own business and divides people into Muslim and Kafir. I suggest you check out the Bible. It is the truth. God Bless you

  3. Ms.N.Darwish: I watched your interview a few weeks ago on C-Span 2. Your ideas are solid and persuasive. The work you do encourages me to feel there is hope in the future. Thank you.

  4. Mrs. Darwish, I personally think that what you are trying to achieve is a free world, where both Christians and Muslims may live together.

    However, as long as radical Muslims do not stop supporting terrorism, and very conservative Muslims, like most Palestinians did on 9/11 by being the most extravagant delighted for the destruction of the WTC, neither peace nor tolerance between Christians and Muslims will be reached.

    1. Dear Emma,
      Thank you for your input and I agree. The problem, however, is Islam itself, what is written in the Quran, Hadith and Sunnah. 64 percent of the Quran is encouraging violence and hatred towards whole groups of people. The problem is not the people as much as it is Islam itself. The book is dangerous for who ever believes and acts on what it commands.

  5. Nonie,

    I've just finished your book "Now they call me infidel." A powerful and moving book, with much information that is largely ignored in USA. You're right....there is a war going on, whether we want to admit it or not, and I'm feeling motivated to take some action.

    What do you suggest that one middle-aged guy can do to make an impact?

    Right now, people are "up in arms" that a Pizza place in Indiana doesn't want to cater a gay wedding. This is so minor.
    Imaging what a Muslim would do if a Christian went into a Muslim T-Shirt shop and asked them to print a picture of Mohammed hanging upside down, on a Cross, with the words, Mohammed is Dead, and Rots in Hell.

    Do you think the US press would give a damn?

    I welcome your thoughts...and a war is being waged against all non-Islamic people.

    Be well,

    1. Hi Anonymous, I am glad that my book was informative. I suggest you try to inform about the truth the American public because the US media will not do it.Thankyou