Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Are CNN and MSNBC Now Our Government?



A lot of people are commenting that there is nothing to watch on CNN. Instead of news, CNN is daily airing hours of Anthony Bourdain travelling to experiment with food and hours of crime shows, such as “Forensic Files,” which is probably the most interesting thing to watch these days on CNN.
The current administration scandals and other important topics are ignored by CNN, unless they are in the context of criticism of Republicans. CNN seems to be trying to force a reality on the American public that does not exist. The majority of the American people are concerned about the economy, the scandals and the radical change the administration is forcing on the American people. Like it or not, all of the media, right and left, should be reporting on Obama’s push for such radical changes. If the leftist media supports the change, then fine, but they should go ahead and talk about why they support it, instead of pretending that nothing is happening in America.
We now have a situation where instead of reporting on government, CNN thinks and acts as though they are the government. Instead of naming their shows with titles that reflect what the media’s job should be — to be a watch-dog — they have chosen to impersonate government. We thus have a show on CNN entitled, “The Situation Room” in which Wolf Blitzer reports as though CNN and the White House situation rooms are the same.The role of the media is supposed to be to keep citizens informed and educated about what is going on inside their government, in society and in the world. America under Obama has been undergoing a major change that is very alarming to many American citizens, but the mainstream media seems not to notice.
Another CNN show is “State of the Union.” Again here CNN is playing the role of president of the United States, reporting on the state of the union. Another unsuccessful daytime show that was canceled soon after it started was Kyra Phillips’ “Raising America.” Here we see yet another maternalistic title attempting to control and teach America how to raise its kids.
The mainstream media have extended the separation of “Church and State” to their own reporting. In so doing, they have confused themselves with the government yet again. America has left untapped the great talent of many outstanding male and female pastors and religious leaders who would be wonderful guest and hosts of many non-religious shows. Just look at the success of Mike Huckabee on FOX. It is a shame to see disclaimers by some TV channels stating that “they are not responsible for the content” of religious shows such as the 700 Club, but the disclaimer is never made on other shows.
The leftist media is starting to feel the negative effects of its insincerity and bias. Instead of self-discipline and sticking to their duty to the public, they have allowed themselves to be seduced into competing with the goals and role of the government. Instead of objectively examining the causes of their shrinking viewership, they continue to impose their agenda to educate the public about what their of hope and change should be. Instead of reflecting what is going on in society so that the public can make informed decisions, they continue with their obsession of steering the public into their leftist agenda.
MSNBC has recently been trying to get the public excited about yet anotherhope and change initiative in a commercial called “Growing Hope.” This is what the commercial says:
“When the truth is empowered to action, then truth is spoken to power; when light shines on equality and justice the seed of hope is sewn; it drives you to tackle the hard stuff; to stop gun violence; to protect voter rights; to fight so everyone has access to health care; and make sure that no one falls through the cracks; as hope grows so does the power of people. Change begins with you.”
The above commercial is an insult to the intelligence of the American people. It promotes a high level of conformity to values that are not necessarily universally held by all Americans. In pursuit of MSNBC’s search for the perfect life, everyone will shame and blame the other for allowing someone else to fall through the cracks. The end result will be confusion, disappointment and pitting people against one another, instead of promoting values of self-reliance, taking responsibility and pulling oneself up by one’s boot straps and doing what is best for oneself, one’s family and one’s community.
It is not the job of the media to promote the perfect society where health care is a right; or as MSNBC puts it “the healthcare you deserve.” Healthcare will never be a right because human beings cannot have rights that obligate another human being to do something for them. Healthcare is a commodity that requires doctors to provide a service and doctors will only do their job when they are paid.I have come from an area of the world that is in desperate need for hope and change, the Middle East, and this lesson is not for America. Of course, America like any nation, needs constant fine-tuning to get better and better, but those behind the MSNBC commercial have no clue what the American people need, can or cannot do. The American people need jobs and less government obstacles. They don’t need to be shamed into not measuring up to MSNBC’s unrealistic expectations. They do not need to be changed into conforming robots with hopes of false rights and duties.
The US current dysfunctional media need a major overhaul. They need to treat people like adults so they can act like adults, leave governing to the government, and leave us, citizens, to decide what is best for us, our families and our nation.
I lived half of my life in the Middle East under a “government-controlled media” and I will not accept to live the second half under a “media-controlled government.”

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Monday, July 7, 2014

The WHOLE Truth!

Palestinian Arabs are always showing the world just part of the picture, but...what about the other part? 
Look at the picture published in the international press (top) and see the real picture (bottom). Feel free to share with anyone who believes the international press!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Nonie Darwish on C-Span

Islam and the West

Nonie Darwish spoke to the Conservative Forum of Silicon Valley about Islam and, what she calls, its current war on the West. Ms. Darwsh is an Egyptian-American human rights activist and critic of Islam.

Video is HERE.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Islamic Values vs. Judeo-Christian Values


My dear friend Ali Sina mentioned in his most recent article that a Muslim professor, Hossein Askari, believes that Western nations lead the World in “Islamic values” and that most Muslim nations practice the least Islamic values. I have heard such nonsense before from some Muslims, some of whom were my relatives. I will never forget the strange look on my Christian American husband’s face when an elderly Muslim man visiting from Egypt told him: “You are such a fine young man, you have the character of a true Muslim.”
It is not unusual for Muslims to describe non-Muslims whom they perceive as good as having “Islamic values.” Many Christians in Egypt have to suffer hearing comments by Muslims such as: “You are so good, you must convert to Islam, you have the character of a true Muslim.”
Muslims are trained to adjust reality to Islamic propaganda; thus everything good must come from Islam and everything bad comes from the Kafir non-believer. So it is Islamic logic to believe that if Christians are good then they must be Muslim, but they just don’t know it yet.How can educated Muslims professors make ridiculous claims like that Ireland “leads the world in Islamic values as Muslim states lag”? Islamic logic, in that case, says, if Irish people have noses, eyes, arms and legs like Muslims then they must be Muslim. This twisted logic wants to hide the truth: that many Muslims no longer want to live under Islamic values, but since that is considered apostasy in Islam, the only way out is to claim life in the land of the Great Satan is really equal to living the true Islamic life.
The Muslim dilemma about the West gets more complicated when over 70% of Muslim youth are desperately trying to leave the Muslim world to immigrate to Western nations. Many Muslims are stunned, disappointing and filled with envy when they compare infidel and Islamic nations and discover that infidels have achieved what Muslims could only dream of. Such an awakening by Muslims flies against the Islamic propaganda that has indoctrinated generations into believing that Islam is the solution.
So if Islam is the solution, how come Muslims are happier in the West? Simple: Muslims discovered what the West failed to understand about their own values; According to Muslims, it is Islamic values — so “Allahu Akbar” anyway.
Islam has trained the Islamic mind to solve any contradictions with the goal of making sure that Islam looks good at any cost. In other words, reality has to adjust to Islamic teachings. Muslims must never admit that Western success is attributed to the Judeo-Christian value system. That is why Muslim professors on American college campuses claim that Western cultural success is due to Islamic and not Biblical values, and that the US Constitution is Sharia compliant.
This is nothing new for Islam, Mohammed himself claimed that Christianity and Judaism, which preceded Islam by thousands of years, are in fact Islam, but have just been corrupted. Mohammed started by linking himself to the Abrahamic line in order to get legitimacy and after that he discredited the Jews and Christians as apes, pigs and enemies of Allah. Mohammed taught his followers that Abraham, Jesus, Moses etc., all are in fact Muslims and have Islamic values.
Because of Islamic Sharia’s severe and humiliating punishments, Muslims had to mold their thinking to never venture outside the Islamic mental box. Muslims who are brave enough to think critically for themselves will easily find Islamic values, summed up in Sharia, to be the antithesis of Biblical values.
Mr. Askari, like many devout Muslims, refuses to judge Islam by its fruits that are exploding all around the world. Instead of graciously giving credit where it is due — to the fruits of the Bible — he chose to slap Western culture in the face by shamelessly teaching that Western nations’ success is due to Islamic values. Amazing, that sounds exactly like Mohammed.
Askari probably feels that the poor Western citizens just don’t know what Islam already knows, but are unaware that the West is practicing Islamic values more than Muslims themselves.This line of thought fits perfectly with the jihadists who are hell bent on violently converting the West to Islam. But the smart stealth jihadist Muslims choose to leave violent jihad to others, and would rather tell the American people that everything good is Islamic and that the corrupted values of the Bible could not have resulted in the fruits of Western success.
Most Muslims are unaware that it is Muslim culture that heavily borrowed from the Bible. Muslims often say “don’t go to bed angry” but are unaware that this is a Biblical value and not a Quranic value. They say “Salamu Alaykum” and respond by saying “Alaykum El Salam” but are unaware that they have borrowed this from Jews’ “Shalom Aleikhem” and the response “Aleikhem Shalom.” They say that Islam is a religion of peace when in fact Islam advocates war and relentlessly urges its followers to die in war while killing the enemies of their Allah.
The so called “moderate Muslims” who advocate that the US Constitution is Sharia compliant, are dangerous because they are stealth jihadists who have no loyalty to the US Constitution and what America is all about. Their loyalty is to the Islamic agenda of the establishment of the Khalifate. The religion of Mohammed has produced millions of people who think like Askari who are constantly struggling with a severe case of ethnocentrism.
Western nations so far have based their way of life on Judeo-Christian values of the Bible; a book outlawed by Islam under penalty of death. It is time for American college campuses to get rid of Muslim teachers who under the guise of research are advocating Islam 101.

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The Islamic Tactic of Terror and Lure



There is more bad news for moderate Muslims who deny any connection between Islam and terror and who insist on convincing the West that no one should interpret Quranic commandments to kill, behead, torture, terrorize, humiliate, belittle and never befriend the non-believer, as violent.
As I was watching an Arabic Aljazeerah TV show, which did not have a date, called “Sharia and Hayaa,” meaning Islamic law and life, the topic was “Dawaa Baina Al Tarhib Wal Targhib,” Arabic for “Preaching between Terror and Lure.” The word “dawaa” means preaching or spreading Islam. “Tarhib” is derived from the word “irhab” or terror, and “tarhib” means to instill terror. Incidentally, the Quran encourages Muslims to “instill terror through the hearts of unbelievers.” The word “targhib” means luring or making something attractive. I am sure Islamic apologists will dispute the interpretation since they never admit that the word “kill” in the Quran means “kill” anyway.
A Quranic verse (The Rock 49-50) was mentioned at the beginning of the show stating that Allah said: “tell my worshippers that I am the beneficent the merciful and my torture [Athab] is a painful one”; two opposite extreme descriptions of Allah, or more accurately Mohammed himself, that became the foundation of the contradictory doctrine of Islam.“Tarhib Wal TarghibI” is an Islamic doctrine that the West and many Muslims are unfamiliar with but that demonstrates yet another clear connection between Islam and terror. This doctrine promotes the use of two extreme tools to bring people and nations to submit to Islam. Such polar opposite and extreme techniques penetrate Islamic society from top to bottom; they are encouraged in child rearing, in the relationship between men and women, leaders and citizens, mosque preachers and the congregation, Arab media and the public, and even between Islamic nations and the West — the nations they wish to conquer or lure to Islam.
It must be noted that Arabic Aljazeerah discusses Islam in a totally different light from English Aljazeerah, which is designed to lure Westerners to the idea that Islam is peaceful while defending terror as freedom fighting.
This doctrine is a summation of what the Quran is all about, terror and lure, and promotes such extremely but powerful and raw cultural attributes of Muslim society; shame and pride. Such a doctrine has also evolved from Mohammed’s character when he failed to peacefully evangelize through persuasion and “lure” and therefore had to flip tactics, going straight to pure terror. Thus his famous saying “I have been victorious through terror.”
The show’s questions were more interesting than the answers. The host, Othman Othman, was trying to bring the guest, Islamic Dawah “preaching” expert Dr. Salman Alawda, to state that Islam equally balances the two extreme tools of terror and peaceful teaching. These were some of his questions: Many say terror and bullying are necessary. How do we achieve balance regarding the names of Allah between punishment and forgiveness? Why is it that the agony side often prevails over the mercy side? Are hardship and pain required for their own sake when it comes to Islamic legislation? Why does the discussion of the torment of the grave, death and the afterlife turn into a terrifying discussion? Why are Salafis more inclined to use fear/terror factor regarding global advocacy? Some ask, shouldn’t we [Muslims] be judged as imperfect humans anyway?
The host, while exalting Islam, the Quran and Mohammed, was desperately trying to get a glimmer of hope with his questions to bring out any trace of joy and hope for Muslims who want to enjoy life right here on Earth, but are not getting such a message from Islamic teachings. Unfortunately the guest provided very little hope when he skillfully spinned that Islam does have a balance. But what failed the guest was the fact that values of joy, life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, and making the world a better place, do not exist in the Quran. The guest could not give the host the good news, when he asserted that seeking pleasure and happiness on earth is equal to death. The guest’s discussion of the good life for Muslims was narrowed down to the after life in the Islamic jannah, heaven. Thus the Islamic promise of virgins and carnal pleasure became the infamous lure Islam uses on the jihadis, pushing them into waging Allah’s war of terror on his enemies: the unbelievers.
The lesson America needs to learn and get united under is that we, the West, right now are under assault by the good old Islamic doctrine of Terror and Lure; two sides of the polar opposite and deceptive face of Islam.

If the West continues to believe that Islam is a religion of peace, then unfortunately for the West they will suffer irrevocable consequences.
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