Sunday, February 8, 2009

No Arab land is occupied by Israel

No Arab land is occupied by Israel

Dear Nonie,

I have just finished reading your book "Now They Call Me Infidel" which I happened to have borrowed from a friend. You have blessed me a lot through this book, As a Born - Again Christian I have been looking at the Israel/Palestinian conflict through the Bible but it is also great to know that someone from the Arab decent can give us an insight about the conflict like you have. I am African and I have seen quite a lot of the Arab culture you have written about being practised amongst the Muslim population of my country and I remember up until the Present President came into power, the Muslims in my country were quite illiterate despite having a school built by the American, they seemed not to have sent their children to school rather to madarasas and girls stayed home until about 14 years and then married off. But they have now come up and my country is somewhat democratic so they are now fully participating in life and marrying whom they love. So am going to buy a couple of books to send to friends back in Africa, so they can be as blessed as I have been. I also just wanted to share with you this new clips from one of our local newspapers they echo all that you have written about:

No Arab land is occupied by Israel

I believe with you that

  1. the Arab countries can taken in all the Palestinians and they would have no problems assimilating
  2. Those who choose to state in Israel should want to live in peace and renounce violence
  3. Teaching hatred of non Muslims should be stopped

Psalm 122:5 - 7
God Bless you.
With Love from


  1. I am a journalism major at UCLA writing a story for our school newspaper about arab citizens that support Israel. Your blog is very interesting and bring a new angle to the middle east conflict. Would it be ok to email you a few questions about your views on the whole situation.

  2. Dearest Noni, your honesty and bravery so inspires and warms my heart - love you so much - you are a precious precious soul!
    G-d bless all people everywhere, especially you wonderful people with honest, open, good hearts who truly yearn for real peace for all mankind. Please make sure all the good people connected to you know of the 7 Noahide Laws, the 7 laws given to Noah after the flood which are the Biblical and Universal foundation for peace for all mankind This is the key unifying factor and system that all people can easily embrace to create true world unity. Having searched through many world religions and philosophies, having also lived as a Sufi and doing Ramadan among many other lifestyles, I was led by G-d back to my own roots and became Chabad Chassidic under the loving leadership of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, tireless in his work on behalf of all mankind for true world peace. Dear Noni, you should be so blessed for your self sacrifice for the cause of truth and peace, you are in my prayers for protection and blessings.
    With love and admiration,
    Mrs. Chana Schwartz

  3. Dear Nonie et al,
    It is inspiring and heartwarming to hear Muslim Arabs speaking of their support for Israel. We know you are out there, but most are reluctant to take a public stand, perhaps because of fear.
    I am an Israeli Jewess and am very involved with our local Arabian horse industry, which is made up of Muslim, Christian and Druze Arab Israelis, Palestinian Arabs from the West Bank, and Israeli Jews who love, own, and breed Arabian horses. Through our common passion we have established a local Arabian horse community which is just that: a true community, where we all cooperate for the benefit of all. We accept each other as equal human beings who share a common passion, and it is this experience together that has proven to us that we are all simply human beings, and can live and work together despite political, religious, and ethnic differences. I like to call it "peace from the bottom up." This is our truth as we live it.
    Thank you for sharing your truth with the world. Please keep expressing your honest opinions and encourage others to speak out.
    The world needs to hear that many of us do live and work together in perfect peace and harmony.
    With best wishes,
    Tzviah Idan
    Idan Atiq Arabian Stud

  4. It is indeed very encouraging to hear about Arabs supporting the right of Jews to self-determination and the right of the State of Israel to exist as a Jewish state that also accomodates those Arabs who want to live within it in harmony and with full rights.

    Unfortunately,such efforts like this site do not receive much publicity.I believe that all we who support Israel should coordinate our efforts to "free" the world from the propaganda of hatred against the Jews and against Israel that has indoctrinated the mainstream media in the Arab world and in many Western countries.I don't know how this can be achieved but I know it's the only thing that will bring peace.

    Albert Levis

  5. You people are a bunch of fringe nut jobs. I dont know why im wasting my time even reading this drivel......

  6. I stumbled on this site hoping that it wasn't as one-sided as the name suggested.

    All people, regardless of race, ethnicity or religious beliefs must come together, not in the names of Israel or Palestine singularly, but for BOTH and for PEACE. Disappointed, I realize this is not the place for such a stance.

    This is all very lovely and well, but I would really like to know what you people say to the IDF, the Israeli government who continues with their illegal settlements, or the destruction of civilian homes? I agree that suicide bombing is not the way to handle the situation.

    However, when a population is brutalized, terrorized, petrified and murdered, they are pushed to a point of desperation that NO ONE, and I mean no one on this page, including myself, can define. They are left in a state of insanity and act out of desperation.

    I support a two-state solution to this conflict, wholeheartedly. But where is the condemnation of the brutality of Israeli forces? The lack of respect for international law? Or the disregard for humanity and dignity?

  7. فقط نحب بعضنا أعزاء الأخرى. - الإسرائيليون ترسل الحب لجميع شعوب إسماعيل
    Arabs in Israel in their hearts know they have a good life - because they live in the home of their older brothers, they are sons of Isma-el - we of Isra-el.
    We the hebrew people have waited two thousnd years to comeback to our home-land, and what the world doesn't know is that some of the arabs living in the Hebrew country are infact descendants of the ancient hebrew people that have remaind in the land after the exile of rome.See us for how we really are - your older brothers that have returned - Druze/Hebrews/Badawins/Maroons/Allawee/Arabs/Kurds/Persians/Turks - We are all so close you have no Idea - what a waste. نحن نحبك جميع الناس.רק אהבה.

  8. Olive, it's so nice to hear your kind words, really!
    I truly believe that you deserve the best, and just as a side note, I must say that ironically those Palestinians living in Israels are the only Arab people who get to experience and live in a real democratic country.
    Sadly, many of them chose to ignore all the suffering of the Jews from the Holocaust and decided to rebel and join terrorist groups, instead of accepting a peaceful two state solution.
    Best of luck to you all!