Saturday, February 7, 2009


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  1. I would like to thank Nonie for her wonderful work towards peace for both Jewish people and Arab people. I am a student doing a speech for class and my introdution is That we have been able to have a relative peace in America and that I want that same peace for the Jewish people, and the Palestinains if they will work toward peace as well. I dont want to anger anyone, but because Israel was willing to give up the land to the Palestinian people and the suicide bombing continued , I believe that it is the Palestinian people who do not want peace. I am understanding Sheria law now that I have been studying, and the ultimate goal of Islam. Like I said I do not want to anger anyone but am telling what I feel to be the truth. A little girl who lived through the holocaust at 4 years old gave me courage and hope. I have been studying Judaism and around the time of Jesus a Rabbi was asked by a pagan man " If you can tell me the whole of the Torah while I stand on one foot , I will convert." the Rabbi replied " do not do what is hateful to oneself, do not do to your nieghbor, the rest is commentary." God is real and in the new testament Jesus said that the nations will be judged by how they treated Israel. I love the Jewish people and I want to love the Palestinian people to but when I read some of the things they do to people who just want to live in peace, it makes it hard for me. But Jesus said to love your enemies , pray for those who persecute you and that love covers a multitude of sins. Thank you Nonie. God bless you.

  2. As a Jew, I want to thank Nonie, My Sister in Messiah Yeshua, for her unfailing Support for my people, my homeland and the Word of G-d almighty! She truley heeds the Voice of the L-rd Yeshua and stands up for truth, Thank you Sister.
    Love in Messiah Yeshua
    Michael Schonberger

  3. hi Nonie , i want to thank you for doing a such a wonderful work towards i can say humanity...
    myself m. khan, i m a Muslim from India. till last year i didn't even know that Judaism is religion because in India i never met across any Jew.
    i came to know about Judaism when i got a research project on Jewish cuisine and then i read about Judaism and then i found that we are almost similar.
    while reading one article on internet i came to know about Arab & Jews issue. one ques always raise in my mind that Islam and Hindu are totally different religion even we can live together with peace in India why not Arabs (Islam) & Jews even they are almost similar. even my parents when they taught me about Islam they never use word Jew or Judaism & they say that biggest religion in the world is 'HUMANITY'. once again i would like to thank Nonie for her wonderful work towards peace for both Jewish people and Arab people.

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