Monday, February 9, 2009

Dispelling The Myths

Dear Nonnie,

Thank you for your reply. How can one help one billion of Muslims understand that Koran is not a sacrosanct, infallible book? How can one explain to them how much Mohammad was inspired by Judaism during the time he spent in Judea before the birth of Islam. The new ideas took to his land of birth were great and transformed radically the pagans and the region. We tend to glorify the Muslim ideologies (not original at all) instead we should take an objective and critical look at Islam, Mohammad and Koran.
What impact did the new religion have (and continue to have) on the monotheists of the region? Was Islam as tolerant and just as the Muslim like to believe? I hate to think of the indignations and the fear the people of the near east endured after the spread Islam.
Yours sincerely