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Archive of Emails from Arabs and Muslims

Emails from Arabs and Muslims around the world

From Morocco

Posted 17 November 2007

dear madam,
i would like to thank u and may god protect you because what you are doing and what you are loocking for is not easy to reach but because you do believe in it am sure that one day inchaalah ['God willing' -Ed.] god will help us to live in peace life long ..
ps : am from morocco and thank you because you read my mail..
kind regards

Arab Israeli Youth network

Posted 15 July 2007

Dear Nonie

What you do is a Great Work...Muslims and Arabs must Understand that they must Accept the Other's View.
I am Alaa From Yemen, Youth Worker i have Similar Project to link between Arab Countries and Israel which is a Regional Youth Network and I am looking now days for support and stand.
So, I wonder if you could help me to achieve the Goals !!?

Looking to hear from you


From an Egyptian American.

Posted April 29, 2007

Dear Mrs Drawish
I saw you on CNN last summer and I just finished reading your book that I picked up yesrteday. It was enlighting, moving, and emotional. Like you, I am an Egyptian/American who understands your growing up experience having gone to parochial schools, and laughed at as a sissy, foreigner just for speaking different langauges. Sure enough, I had to leave Egypt and made the US home. At Cairo airport, I was asked if I changed my religion together with my American name. In visits to Egypt, I am asked if I married a Muslim girl or if I pray. When I saw you on TV, I was disappointed at your views with Israel atrocities in Lebanon. But now that I read your book, I believe you have a great courage and you have dome what no one has done before. I am glad to support in any way I can


Bravo 3aleki

Posted April 29, 2007

Messa el kheir ya Nonie..Ana esmi Benjamin Katane wana Yahoodi men Masr..ana saken fi baris bass aboya gaye men masr we omy men gazair...ana faragt kol el barameg menek wana kount mabsoute geddan achouff sett zayek keda...Enti set el salam, set el hob, set el ensaneya...wallahi ana bashagaaki meya fel meya...we enchallah orayeb el salam ben el moslemin we ben el yahood...ehna zay baad we mesh fahem leih fi harb ma benena...enchallah el solh, el salam wel mahaba benena...Bravo bravo bravo bravo...ana baheb kol haga fiki yaani enti motafatehi awi awi awi

Maa ALF SALAMA we rabena yehmiki enti we kol el nass elly yedafaa aan el salam...


Letter from Iraq

Posted April 29, 2007

I watched you on tv 3 weeks ago, and I always think the way you do since I was a teenager. I think of the right of the Yahood (Jews) to live in peace and have their country.But I could not say it because I lived my whole life in the largest prison in the world ( IRAQ). Iraq is my country (in which i lived and loved) & there are so many people there think the way I do. Nonie I wrote a lot of what you`ve expressed in TV but because of the fear in Iraq and the possibility of somebody can read what I wrote in Baghdad during seddam regiem ,I burned all the papers. Now I have my freedom for the first time in my life,but I do not know how to start supporting our people to rethink of what they read in schools,and to let people think in a peacefull mind and to see the world from a new aspect. If you think that we can help and support each other to fight the roots of terrorism ,please email me and I`ll try to do my best. By the way I can write in a good Arabic.



Giving a Small Smile

Posted April 28, 2007

Hi Nonie
I'm marwan from Israel. When I get this message I think about you. But I know that you live far than to be with us. Here we ( arab and Jewish people) try to find the way to make something for new life. I send you an English and Arabic version. Maybe it can give small smile, it could be the minimum that I want to give you

Love you so much


Education is the Answer

Posted April 26 2007

Thanks for the reply. I totally agree with you that radical Islam poses a threat not only to non-Muslims, but to Muslims as well, for more than often, innocent Muslims, women as well as children, suffer the consequences of the actions of the cowardly and immoral Islamic terrorists. These terrorists have no feelings, no morals, no sense of reasoning, and deserve to be dealt with in the most severest of terms. Suicide bombings and mindless mayhem and violence are not signs of civilization, but that of barbarity and a primitive culture, and that’s exactly what radical Islam is. It’s a cancer that if allowed to metastasize, is definitely going to plunge the whole world into ruin. We need to, therefore, make people aware of the threats of Islamic extremism, make them realize the dangers it poses, and hopefully, in the same manner, unite the world in a global fight against this disease. You’ve taken a big and bold step in that direction through your site as well as through your book, and if the myriads of mails you have received are anything to go by, you’ve been very successful in that endeavor.

Radical Islam, however, is not just about guns and bombs and killing innocent people, but about the mentalities, mindset, and outlook of Muslims as well. There are many Muslims who, even though they might not actually participate in these cowardly acts themselves, either support them or share a mentality much on the same lines. I do not live in an Islamic nation, but I’ve lived in Muslim-dominated localities much of my life, so I’m aware of the reasoning and thinking standards of these people. It’s like they don’t want to peacefully coexist with people of other faiths or even break out of the age-long shackles that have held them back all these centuries from progressing in life. It’s the 21st century, yet they, for reasons best know to them, prefer to live in the ice age. It is, therefore, imperative that Muslims change their attitude and ways of thinking, and bring about new reforms in the religion. Some of the reforms should include changing the attitude towards people of other faiths, stop thinking of them as inferior beings, respecting them and their faith, showing compassion and kindness towards them, and in return, expecting the same. Women should stop being viewed as inferior beings as well, or maids of the house or cooks of the kitchen. They should have the right to education, the right to work, the right to dress as they want, the right to marry who they want, and the right to make their own decisions in life, rather than having their fathers or brothers or husbands force their decisions upon them. There should also be an abolishment of practises like polygamy. These are just a few reforms to cite.

I hope that more and more people, Muslims included, educate themselves on the threats of radical Islam and join together in the battle against this disease that has plagued the world. It’s what is necessary to make the world a better place to live in. I, therefore, strongly support all those involved in the war on terror, as I do support my Jewish friends and their struggle for their rightful holy land that is Israel.

I once again commend you on the great job you’re doing. I hope there are more bold and courageous Muslims like you, and that more Muslims can come forward, braving the odds, and portray their feelings and show the world that Islam and Muslims are not bad as the world perceives them to be, and it is such Muslims that make me feel proud of being one myself.

Finally, I would like to offer my condolences and sympathy to the families of all the people killed in various terrorists attacks all over the world, especially to those of the innocent, young school children that have fallen victim in Russia to the mindless violence that is radical Islam. I pray that God give them peace in their heart and an end to their suffering, and bless the innocent souls that have so brutally and viciously been taken.


Sarfraz Ahmed

A change is needed.

Posted April 23 2007

Hi, Nonie!
I want to, first of all, commend you on the good job you’re doing with setting up this site, as well as for bringing out such a well-written book dealing with the threat of Islamic extremism. I am a Muslim myself, and proud to be one, yet much like you, I realize the dangers terrorist and radical Islam poses to countries around the world. It’s not just the West that’s been witness to these appalling acts of violence, though, but Eastern countries like India and the Philippines have had to bear the brunt of radical Islam as well.

People need to realize the very threat radical Islam poses, and educate themselves on its dangers, and, if possible, act to do something about it. I believe, at the same time, a change is needed in the mindset and mentalities of Muslims as well, as well as new reforms brought into Islam, for it is only then can Muslims live peacefully with their neighbors, progress and prosper in society, as well as earn the respect of everybody. Acts of violence against non-Muslims should be strongly discouraged from a very young age. They should stop being viewed as inferior beings. Muslims should love and respect them, and in return, they will undoubtedly receive the same love and respect. There should freedom and equal opportunities for women. They should be given the right to education and the right to make their own choices in life. There should be an abolishment of practises like polygamy. These are just a few of the reforms that should be made.

Now, coming to the topic of Israel, I have to say I don’t understand why there has to be so much fighting over it, and why there cannot be a peaceful end to the crisis. Israel has seen a lot of war and bloodshed over the years, and still, there has been no resolution to the problem. People are just losing their lives, both Arab as well as Jewish, and any innocent human life lost in violence is not just tragic, it’s appalling. I fail to understand why the Muslims do not realize this and desire to hold on to a land that is holy to the Jewish community and every bit belongs to them. I strongly support my Jewish friends in their claim over the land, and desire nothing more than to see a proper state of Israel, a land that the Jews can call their own.

Once again, I laud you, Nonie, for the site as well as for the book you have written.


Sarfraz Ahmed

Let us make peace

Posted January 20 2007

to whom it concern
I am interested in peace between our nations,I am a Jordanian citizen who is searching and asking our government an international leaders leaders to support an antiterrorist project I have been working on for some months.At this moment it is crucial to start a more strategic method of preventing a broader unsecurity that has been noticed after the hotel bombings. We must remove a bad idea about israel that israel is enemy. Let us make peace my friends.


hello ..i hope live in israel

Posted January 1 2007

hello ... i am libyan guy .. i not free in libya .. i know more nice news about israel .. i wish leave libya to israel .. but its so hard .. i need help me how i can go to freedom country ( israel ) .. i have 32 years .. mechanic engineer ..
i waiting ur reply .. thank you very much ..
my greeting to israel people

Greetings from Galilee

Posted January 1 2007

Dear Sir/Madam,
Eid Al-Adha Mubarak, Hag Hanukkah Sameh, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
May God bring Freedom to Palestinians, Security to Israelis, Equality to Arab Citizens and Peace to Middle East.
Wish you all happiness and good health. God bless you for supporting humanity.

Best Wishes,

Peace again and again

Posted January 1 2007

I believe we the younger genaration can achieve better than our fathers for our children in the Arab Israeli conflict. We gut have to knoe eachother better and learn more about eachother. So....can you help me in finding a site or a way of comunication with these future peace makers. I would be very happy if we can plan for a meeting each year some where and talk and discuss about issues that matter to us for example. What am thinking of having a forum or an organisation or something like that, something that has members and only talks about love and not hate, no religion issues, no discrimination no no, am sure you understand what I mean. Something for the younger generation. I always think that we will all die one day.....why do we live in such a bad world if at the end we are going to die. Its just a matter of time ! Look to Iraq, Palestine,Israel itself. I dont think that I will be happy if I feel threatened whenever i go to a mall or catch a bus, nor I will be happy if an Isreali soldier calls me in Ghaza and tells me that I have 5 minutes to leave before my house gets a messile. You know what the problem is (I believe at least), we Arabs and them Israelians dont know, dont believe and dont trust each other. We are humans and so they are, why did Europeans live in harmoney after all the wars and the dead bodies they had, because they knew that this does not help and because they know eachother know. I can talk and talk and talk but without having someone to share these thoughts and this someone shres them with someone then all my thoughts are useless I believe! Any way, take good care and hope we can achieve this one day.

I donno if am just waiting your time with this email....I just can not find a way to communicate with Israelians, Arabs or non-Arabs.....Could you help??

Thanks allot.

A Palestienian

Genuine Feeling

Posted November 29 2006

Hi Nonie,

I don't know exactly why I am writing to you, but I feel I have to contribute something to your cause. I am Arab, a Muslim Arab, and I live inside Israel. I am one of those called "Arabs 48" (The minority of Arabs who stayed in Israel after 1948). I have Israeli citizenship because I was born in Israel... but I never felt Israeli.... apparently because I am not, and I do not want to be Israeli...
On the surface, the only thing that connects me to the concept of Israel is the Israeli passport I hold wherever I go. However, living among Israelis and communicating with Jews everyday, has established great bonds that are rooted inside me and can never be broken whatever Israel does. I have Jewish friend who I would never change for anything in the world.
Sometimes, I just watch the news and see what Israel does in Gaza or the West Bank, killing innocent people and I feel sorry for that, and many times I even feel empathetic and I can figure out why an elderly woman, whose both sons and husband have been kulled by the Israelis and her house bombed, would blow herself up at an Israeli checkpoint.... but then I realize that the Israelis don't really want to kill Palastinians... they don't want to kill anybody at all... But these Israelis are our little scared brothers who are doing "everything" and would not deter to use "any" method to survive and keep this little state safe. So I excuse everything they do and every method they use.
Israel to me is like a flower in the middle of the desert (the Middle East). This flower must florish and be nurtured forever.

best wishes
Ibrahim Sajrawi
Turan, Israel

I support your mission

Posted November 29 2006

Dear Nonie

I was recently directed to your web site. I find it very refreshing that you promote a moderate understanding reflecting Arabic attitudes of reason towards Israel. I have always believed (and still do) that the ultimate resolution of the Arab/Israeli conflict rests only with mutual recognition and respect of each party's freedom, security, self-determination, and human rights. I support your mission and wish that you make enough strides to affect a brighter future in this troubled part of the world.

Dr. Omar M. Amin

Why not peace with Israel?

Posted November 29 2006

Since our father is only one man, Abraham, we the arabs and you the jews have the same father. We have had, since than, a great relationship until the big forces in the world have interveened to spoil it.
After the holocaust the Jews thaught were to go, and they came to their cousins, the Arabs. But the problem is that the Arabs did not welcome their cousins like they should, with flowers, but with war !!
I think this is the reason our area could not become like Japan or Switherland and has become the contrary, living hell every day !!
There is only blood shed between us!
The terrorists are the others that do not want peace to come forth in our region, political interests are those that do not let Irak, Lebanon and Israel be peacefull and calm...
Well, let us try to make peace now, if not for us, then for our chidren and our grandchildren here to come!! The Jewish people are our cousins and we should make peace with our cousins.

A testament of support for Israel

Posted November 25 2006

I am a half Berber/Arab and quarter Jewish (grandmother from mother side Jewish) of Moroccan descent who grew up in Algeria during the 1950 and 1960's because of massive immigration to Algeria after WWI. Most of my friends I grew up with in Algeria were Jewish. We spoke Algerian Arabic dialect and French language, we played together, we shared food, marriages ceremonies, even mourn deaths of close relatives together. Their families knew our families. We live in the same neighborhood. After the independence they all left and I cried, I was barely in my teens. I did not understand why they left. I understood it later. They were running for their lives, because the secular rulers thought they were collaboraters with the French, of course they were not. They were after them because they were assimilated to the French culture. The Muslims did not see any difference. But they were also educated Arab families that lived with the French and were also assimilated. Here is where the crux of the problem is situated. Why target only the Jewish community? Why do you go after them, humiliating them, and killing them, Why? As a kid I knew all these things, I was taught the "life" history of my Jewish friends. The new secular rulers and their new comers from the mountains who took over the properties of the Jews, had never lived, shared cummunally with the Jews. They remained anti-jewish.
After the departures of the Jews, life was fine for a few years but then things started to go wrong, economically, socially and politically. It was time for my family to immigrate to France, we were too assimilated to live under the gun of "half-baked" socialism run by uneducated idiots, and erratic islamic fervor that curbs individual rights and freedom. The latter (muslim extremists) have caught up with the former (secular rulers). We joined our fellow Jewish compatriots in exile. At least the jews have Israel to go to and feel safe, because Israel as a state as no other major importance than being a state where any Jewish person going there will never be told "you are not welcome here". That's what is unique about the state of Israel. Israeli Arabs enjoy more freedom of movement and speech than any one Arab citizens in their own country.
I think what Muslims need to do is to read history, particularly jewish history, because it has occured right in their background as a place and as history. Muslims are ignorant of Jewish history, if someone is to call that modern "Jahilia", I would agree totally. Why can't they read the history of their patriach Abraham which they have usurped as a Muslim from the onset? Why is this level of ignorance and maltreatment of everything Jewish so ingrained in the psyche? Why is the level of apathy so high about history of their Jewish consins? What I noticed is the deep ingnorance of history of humanity itself.
The Jewish kids I played with were like me, looked like me and were not too religious either, my family was secular too. Religion played a minor cultural role. Being secular at heart (jewish and Arab) brought us together in a common destiny and understanding.
I was also surrounded (to a small degree) with anti-semitic diatribes from the culture,(but never within my family). My family and friends have given me the alternative knowledge that counter this twisted ideology, myths and stereotypes about the Jewish poeple. The knowledge was based on the facts of history. It is this history, this knowledge that Dr. Sultan has discovered in America recently.
The religious bigotry found in Muslim countries is beyond belief. The religious teaching of hatred of the others is widespread even among the so called secular arab states for their deep seated anti-jewish propaganda found in their childrens' educational books and material. The muslim extremists have caught up with the secular arab brothers in their anti-jewish propaganda.
My point is this: islamic or secular it does not matter, the end result is the same illogical hatred of the others due to the twisted and malignant education and brain washing propaganda. Proper education based on critical thinking could play a role, but how many generations should the Arab nations loose before the veil of ignorance is taken away? Because we are seeing that there are many people (islamic and secular) determine to fight on, nothing matter to them.
Their mass media shows the worse of the worse in propaganda and lies. From Iranian politicians, Saudia Arabian clerics and university professors all are saying the holocaust did not happen, using the old Eastern European anti-semetic literature and cartoons. They might as well say the Jewish poeple are fictional and never have existed until the creation of the state of Israel.
It is very distrubing what one hears from their TV stations. It is the same diatribes against the Jewish religion, Christianity and Westertern values. There is even a clip of a children program (a cartoon) depicting the Jews as monkeys and swine (as depicted in the Koran). That was so sick that I could not beleive it. How many children have watched that program? They are many like that targeting the adult public. But how can any religion prides itself for allowing anyone to depict any group of people that way. What type of religious belief is this? It should not be part of any religion. Why it was allow to stay in the Koran, that's beyond me.
Muslim will defend their faiths even if you show them the unbelievably amoral thing, like the "monkeys and pigs" depiction of the Jewish people in the Koran suggesting that the whole story is intended for all bad people who do not heed Allah's words, although it was the jews who were depicted in the Koran. I think it is sorry excuse.
We know exactly from historal documents written by well known Arab historians from the 7th to 13th century that the Prophete Mohamed had many problems with the Jews of Arabia, because they did not accept his prophetic message. But why should they? On what ground should they accept his message just like that? What could be more functional and befitting to critize a group by depicting them as subhumans.
What struck me the most about this whole business is the somewhat peaceful and Zen like stride the Jewish people in Israel and elsewhere deal with these stereotypes and nasty propaganda targeted against them. It is sort of sublime. It is just like Jesus saying: if someone stricks you on one cheek, turn away and give them the other cheek. It is this that struck me to be sublime about being Jewish. It is the coolness, the deep moral sense of what they feel they are as individuals. This is what set Israel apart from all nations. A nation of refugees from Arab countries, where they left libraries, homes, cemeteries, and a culture, and of course refugees from the European extermination policies. Any human suffering perpetrated at a large scale can never be quantifiable, and the Jewish people have suffered so much throughout humanity. But I am sure that no one group have suffered in history than the Jewish people. I make this statement with conviction and without hesitation because of the facts of history. There is no comparison, let's be frank and say the truth.
Instead of learning from their cousins sufferings in Europe, Arab muslims are trying to inflict the same sufferings again of people that are so close to them linguistically, ethnically and culturally. What is why I support Israel, not because I am neither Arab or Jewish but I support it on its moral standing and the heritage of overcoming all odds to survive and adapt to changing time.


With all my admiration

Posted November 26 2006

I just found out about your views, your endeavor, your journey by accident while surfing the Internet... I can't express enough with words my admiration for your position, your integrity, your honesty, your mission...
I was born in Tunis, reared in secular family, never fasted during the Ramadan nor learned how to pray or went to a mosque since my both parents were secular...As a kid I went to churches and to temples since my best childhood friends of my neighborhood were Jews, Italians or Maltese Catholics...By the way my heritage and my features are berbers...
I was so bitter when the majority of Tunisian Jews left after the Six Days war of 1967 for France despite President Habib Bourguiba plea to reconsider and to stay in their homeland... My Tunis was never the same: it became orphan and it had lost its soul for ever...
How the most beautiful, eloquent, rich language, in my opinion, is not reflected in the deeds, the journey, the destiny, the future legacy of its own people and societies?
Shame on me, shame on you, shame on us who speak, who feel the Arabic language not to do our part to call for the "socio spiritual" awakening and the "cleansing" of Arab societies from the cancer of hate, resentment,despair, paralysis....
I feel that we must speak out about the tragedy of a beautiful "tribe" that lost its essence, its soul, its contribution to the humanity since 1500 AD... The new cancer invading some Arab societies is the legacy of the oppression, the resentment, the despair of people imprisoned in their own land and manipulated by their own "imposed" elite or leaders to serve their own "raison d'etat": maintain the power and reap the wealth...
It is sad and tragic that Arab and Moslem societies can't have a real constructive "renaissance" to get out of the darkness they inhabit believing it is "Maktoob"...
I feel honored and humbled my thoughts have echoed in your long, challenging, but not impossible quest to salvage a culture and its people from self destruction...Again continue the good work and looking forward to reading your book and staying in touch... Would you please let me know how I can contribute more actively to help in fulfilling your noble vision and dreams...

Respectfully yours,

Arab Brothers: The War with Israel is OVER

Youssef M. Ibrahim, a former New York Times Middle East Correspondent and Wall Street Journal Energy Editor for 25 years, is a freelance writer based in New York City and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

For the full article, see:

Support Letter from Morocco

Posted September 24 2006

It's a long time I wanted to write you. Today I decide it and want, firstly, to express my regret about what happened last time in lebanon. I am deeply concerned because many innocent people were victims of the conflict. Then what is said from the Iran leader is not acceptable. So that because I write you this letter to support israel people against any form of threat. I am moroccan. We have suffred enough from radical muslim dictatorial treatment and I support you to put an end to these hostilities. I hope that my letter wil be sent to the Israel leader to express him my point of view and my support.



Posted September 24 2006

There are many similar point of views between us. If Arabs would made peace with Israel along time ago, the Middle East now would a high developed zone based on a great formula: the money of Arabs and the brain of Israelians. Besides, we are cousins (Arabs and Israelians).
A lot of hard work have to be done to get rid of terorists. These terrorist are empowered by dictatorship Arab states.
We keep in touch.

Best regards,
Riad Awwad


Posted August 26 2006

I'm a 26 year old woman born to Palestinian immigrants. I've been thinking a lot about way in which I could impact the status quo in the Middle East, and I've concluded that the only feasible thing I could do is to make my voice heard. I want to start a peace movement in the model of what you already have, albeit more active and louder. That is key, I want to be active and I want to be heard. It's an absolute atrocity that the voices like Ahmedinejad and Bin Laden's are the main voices dominating the mainstream media, and we MUST change that. Theirs are not the only opinions in the Arab world, and we must let the world know that.
So I would like some advice, if either of you would be willing to give me a couple minutes of your time. What do you think of my idea? I know a couple of Arabs that would join my movement, but what can we do?

Hey Nonie

Posted July 13 2006

I got intersted in your issues that you've discussed and I 100% support you, but miss.nonie i want to tell you about a great deal in my home country YEMEN which is that a student who dont desreve get a schoolar ships to USA holding their hatred and Racism and terrorism with'em, meanwhile student like me who do support ISRAELI case we are avoided from all of the public community , so i wish from to help as much as you can , and god bless you and bless ISRAEL.


From Syria

Posted July 1 2006

dear nonie: I'd like to thank you very much for this great initiative ,I believe that our way to acheive peace in the middle east is by reaching out to the other side and start building bridges to get to know and communicate with Israelis because without communication and understanding the opposite point of view there will be no peace .
I wish you all the best and I'll try to spread the word about this site as much as I can thanks again and good luck.

best regards
(Syrian student at university of Damascus)

From Iraq: my heart with you

Posted July 1 2006

I am citizen from IRAQ my heart with ISRAEL and I will supporte jewish people from IRAQ and I wish to read my attached message:
تحية طيبة
تلقيت ببالغ السعادة والسرور رسالتكم الجميلة وقد يكون ما سأقوله ليس من صميم عملكم أو له أهميه أو ارتباط بعملكم ولكني لم اجد او اعرف جهه استطيع التحدث اليها بخصوص
ما ساقوله لذلك وبعد اطلاعكم على رسالتي ارجو التفضل بارشادي الى الجهه المعنيه
سيدي العزيز
منذ ان رات عيني النور في هذه الدنيا وانا اسمع واشاهد الاذاعات العربيه والاسلاميه وهي تحرض وتدعو وترسخ كل معاني الحقد والكراهيه لدولتكم وتدعو الى قتالكم بل وتمجد من يفعل ذلك ليست الاذاعات فقط ولكن كما تعلمون كل ما يحيط بنا في مجتمعاتنا الاسلاميه والعربيه تدعو الى ذلك ولكن ما حدث معي انني طوال حياتي لم استطع الايمان او التصديق بذلك ومن الامور الكثيره والتي لااستطيع ذكرها الان والتي دعتني الى الشك بما يدعون ( ان كل كتب التاريخ الاسلاميه وغيرها وحتى القران تشير بل تعترف صراحه بجذور اليهود الجغرافيه والدينيه وغير ذلك) من هذا المنطلق ومن خلال قرائتي للقران وبعض الكتب التاريخيه ومن خلال عقلي وظميري والاحاسيس والمشاعر التي نشأت معي منذ الطفوله توصلت الى حقيقه مفادها ان المسلمين والعرب يعيشون وهما كبيرا هو انه لا حق لاسرائيل في ان تكون لها دولتها التي هي تاريخيا وشرعا وقانونا لها الحق في ذلك وهم (اقصد المسلمون والعرب) يدفعون
ثمن هذا الوهم

سيدي العزيز
ان كل ما قلته هو قطره في بحر مما يختلج به صدري وكل ما اتمناه ان ترشدوني الى جهه رسميه استطيع من خلالها التواصل للمعرفه والاطلاع اكثر فيما يخص قظيتكم المقدسه والتقرب اكثر من الشعب الاسرائيلي والتعرف عليكم اكثر لانني وكما تعلمون ان الدكتاتور صدام وغيره قد حرمونا من التطلع والتعرف عليكم لان ذلك يعد جريمه حسب قوانينهم اللعينه
اعتذر للاطالة في رسالتي واتمنى لكم النصر والتوفيق والحياة الحره الكريمه ولاعدائكم الموت والهزيمه
ملاحظه: استطيع التحدث والكتابه باللغه الانكليزيه ولكن اردت التعبير بحريه فكتبت الرساله باللغه العربيه لذلك ارجو المعذره

صديق من العراق

From a Syrian in Romania

Posted May 19 2006


On May 15th, 1948, the world was the eyewitness of a new created island of democracy, humanity and freedom. It is the Israel's birthday, a day of peace and love. Long live the Israel! Long live the peace with their neighbirhoods, the Arabs. Let's all live in peace, love and respect!

Riad Awwad
Syrian Citizen, now living in Romania
Ambassador of Good Will from Middle East Info Israel

Israel land for jews and land for hummanity

Posted May 13 2006


My name is Arif ****.I am from Pakistan but living in Switzerland.As I opened my eyes I came to know from the people around me Israel as an enemy to the Arab and muslim world .But as I went abroad in europe I came to Know that Israel is not an enemy.Israel is a responsible land.To survive around Arabs and Iran, Israel has to react to protect the borders .As I am a hotel school graduate,I met many Israelis.One girl told me that she has a lot of Arabs friends .I just want to tell to mullahs please stop negative propagaganda against Israel.If Pakistan has a good relations with America,Turkey,and Arab world,why cant we recognize Israel.Pakistan and Israel can work together for the good.Pakistan can take benefits from Israel and viceversa.Let the politicians of both countries open their eyes and work for the good will of people.Me myself I want to come to Israel and work. LET THIS MY LETTER BE THE BRIDGE BETWEEN TWO GREAT NATIONS.lONG LIVE ISRAEL AND pAKISTAN.shalom

with best wishes,
ARIF ****

Hello from an Arab living in America

Posted May 13 2006

I just want to say hello to you and congratulate you at your courage for standing up for what is right and ethical. Supporting the state of Israel, in my point of view, is an honorable thing to do. Israel is the only democratic country in the region, and furthermore,is a fulfillment of our God promises to His People, Israel. All the best for you and your family. I hope that we can become friends one day.

(anonymous in American city)

From an Arab Canadian Student

Posted May 13 2006

Dear Nonie,

I am proud to know that people like you do exist and people like you do have the drive and the energy to voice their opinion about what is right and what is just. These things come only from the heart of experience and struggle and only those who have a feel for justice are the ones who understand the meaning of it. It will be my pleasure to hear you today at York University and for the first time, and I hope that I will be one of those who will join your steps and your voice to promote freedom.

Best regards,

From an Arab-Iranian Muslim

Posted May 13 2006

My Jewish cousin, our religion is one, our grandfather (Abraham) is one. I always feel that way whenever I come close to someone who is Jewish. I must admit growing up I have come across people in my community with hate against Jews...which made me more curious to know more about the religion and it's people. And I am glad I did, because the more I educated myself the more I discovered how similar we are. I beg you that you don't look at these maniacs (terrorists) to generalize all Muslims as them. Today I read about the Egyptian bombings in Dahab and I am sick to my stomach. This is not islam, at least not the Islam that I was taught. I want you to know there are Muslims out there (like me) who embrace the jewish cause because we recognize it as "family". Israel belongs to the Middle East, and the Middle East would not be complete without it. But recognize that for Muslims, Jerusalem is also a special place. Don't give up your dream for Israel. There is plenty of space in the Middle East for all of us !

Cousin, welcome home!


From a Syrian-American

Posted April 15 2006

Dear Nonie,
I just want you to know I support what you're doing. I'm a 15-year living in North Carolina of Syrian parents. I've listened to too much Anti-israel and Anti-jewish rhetoric on the part of Arabs over the years, both muslim and christian. While it's true that the Israeli state has done bad things to arabs living there, too much of the hate has turned into blind hate, instead of working for a peaceful change. I pray every night that the future will someday let the light of peace and love shine on the troubled region of the Middle East. God Bless you and your cause.

Sincerely, Omar

From Egypt

Posted April 15 2006

dear mr or mrs.
dear israel
i am ahmed from egypt i am 21 years old. i love israel alot
i live now in dahab in red sea. and i wish if Egypt and Israel can be friends. My dream is live and work and study and have wife in israel pls try to help me to get me there or u know any organization can help me pls tell me have nice time and happy days wait for ur answer. Have a nice day

thanks alot

From a Palestinian

Posted March 31 2006

I was born as Palestinian, but I came to realize the lies and the grand deceit of our Muslim culture.I believe that the Lord God gave the land to the people of Israel, the apple of His Eye.

From Lebanon

Posted March 1 2006

hello Ms.N.Darwish

i'm a Lebanese guy livng in italy
i'm really proud to find some people like you , i like what you write and how you think about the islamic world and the musslim today. and i think our big problem that is the little people like you .
please excuse me about my english, and accept my congratulation .
i wish you always the best .


From Malaysia

Posted March 1 2006

Dear Nonie

Its really nice to find a site where the rhetoric is conciliatory and forgiving. At the moment there's too much hatred in the Middle East even before the 9/11. Right now in Hollywood there's a new film called "Munich." Again I am not sure how much bad rhetoric will arise from the movie screenings.
I am living in Malaysia and we can also feel the hatred perpetrated by the offensive cartoons. For me a cartoon is cartoon and its supposed to be a lampoon (despite its offensiveness). I also see a lot of Palestinian children who are raging against the Israelis and I thought a number of them (throwing rocks) could have been politicians achieving the Palestinian causes rather than throwing rocks. With Hamas now in power we can just pray for the lay people especially the children to get justice in their lives, if they do not have proper education rather than the rhetoric of hate and destruction.
Its really nice to know that individuals like you have graced the feeling of "Peace that God is in you," and have rejected and renounced violence even at a very tender age. But there are not many children or even lay Middle Easterners who are sympathetic to logic of peace and stability. I do understand their predicament especially the Palestinians being uprooted from their homes and families disengaged and disintegrated and a lot of them condemned to being refugees and homelessness. Nevertheless, I think its time they need to look at things in a realistic way and bury the hatchet. If they sit down and start to go towards the direction of peace the Palestinians and the Arabs will most likely end up as beneficiaries to success even more so than Israel. If you look at history, the Arabs invented writing materials, science, medicine and philosophy. Civilisations began in the Middle East and not Rome, especially in Persia and Egypt.
As such I pray for the next few months how the Palestinians are going to shape their policies.


god bless israel

Posted March 1 2006

As I Always Say Israel Is For Jews Becuase It's Their Land As The Book Of Gensis Said In The Old Testment.
I Soppurt Israel In Every Way Possible, And I Hope That Israel Is Doing The Same Thing To Me In Return.
I Look Forward To Hear From You.

Best, Saleh

From Tunisia

Posted March 1 2006

I love this coutry i was there more than 5 times, more i go more i like and love it, ithem if i go for business but i find the time to see israelis friends and go out in that lovely country. I'm Tunisian originally but i leave in italy from 18 years ,and i spoke to all my friends and family about israel,my brother hope to meet me there because im going by the end of the month,but he is afraid that hin visa will be declined. Please someone can tell me how can he do to have the visa??
loooooooooooooooooooooooovely israel

Best, Saleh

From Yemen

Posted March 1 2006

I am Muslem-Arabic Person Lives In YEMEN Of Course You Will Be Amazed How I Support Israel In Such Terrorist Country? The Answer Is I Always Been Told In School "Israel Is Our Enemy", But I Refused To See Things From One Prespective And Searched For The Truth So I Learned So Far That I Should Not Let Any One Obligate Me On His Point Of View.

Here In YEMEN The Only Way To Make Good Relations With Israel Is By Making Invetments In YEMEN That Help Young People So With The Time The Relations Will Become More Than Good I Hope So.

Best, Saleh

From Jordan

Posted March 1 2006

shalom ;

I'am Fares and my age is 27 years. Probably I don't care for religions, but the important point is we must support, love and good dealing with Israel people and government.
I like Israel country .
We must be union to fight terrorism .


From Saudi Arabia

Posted January 1 2006

If I had enough wealth I’d send it to you despite of those radical backward people in our (Arab) countries. Israel is the center of their discussions and their gatherings are never fun without cursing and insulting it. They say Israel is our first enemy and never stop to think for a moment without their blind prejudice. If they do they would discover that terrorists are all Muslims only, Bin Laden, Zawaheri, Zarkawi etc. What has Israel done to you fools? Considering Israel as an enemy is the wrong assumption because we all know we have a more dangerous enemy hiding within our nations. Their imagination is far from reality. Their claims sometimes make me laugh. We once received a guest who was a fat sheikh with a beard. When he saw the picture of a beautiful woman on the bottle of a shampoo he said: Without hesitation or thinking that this is Zionist propaganda trying to attract young Muslim men to pursue pleasures. Believe me; they believe these accusations which they invented in the past for unknown reasons. When I visited Turkey last year I got to know some Israelis and enjoyed their company. Thank you. Please leave us alone to coexist in peace.

I love Israel

I love USA



Posted January 1 2006

Dear Nonie

My name is Mahmoud from Egypt. I found your website by accident when I was on I have read your biography. I felt that I read somthing about my self. I am very proud of you and I hope to be friends.

Thanks a lot

Yours, Mahmoud

Support from Saudi Arabia

Posted January 1 2006

Dear Nonie

I am a student inside the Kingdom. i called myself friend of Peace, friend of all people who love to stay in love with others.

Good Luck


My compliments to you

Posted January 1 2006

Ms. Darwish,

I would like to extend my sincere compliments to you for your frank and courageous words against a cancer that is slowly eating away at our core foundations of liberty and democracy. I am an Iranian journalist who knows only too well the wrath of the evils in our world and applaud you for your preeminent website.

Keep up the good work.



Moroccan For Israel

Posted January 1 2006

Greetings to all the peace makers.

Thank you Nonie for this web site, where Arabs supporters of Israel can speak and express their opinion. I'm a Moroccan, who loves the Jewish people and support Israel and it's right to exist in the holy land and set Jerusalem as it's capital. Furthermore, I would like to take this opportunity to denounce anti-semitism and all those who call for the destruction of Israel as a nation and the Jews as people.

Let us all pray for the peace of Jerusalem and God's blessing and protection of Israel.


Arab for Israel

Posted January 1 2006

I'm happy to find your web site and like it very much. It's really great things to see a large numbers of Arabs coming out to serve the Cause of peace for all and thanks to the Internet that got us all together for the sake of peace in the Middle East. Seems to me that you're very intelligent, courageous and strong young lady Which I like and admire a lot in a woman, Let alone an Arab woman! I'm very proud if you. It would be very nice and fair if it was called Arabs for peace in the Holy land or in the Middle East and we must condemn all kind of violence because I never supported any kind of violence against the people of Israel or the Palestinians it's morally wrong.

...I like to thank U and keep up the good work.


Mohamed Arab American

I am an Egyptian Australian

Posted January 1 2006

Shalom to all, i am an Australian born Egyptian, it makes me so proud to be Egyptian and see all my brothers and sisters in the middle eat for israel! when i xame across this site it made me so happy, i am 17 years old and loved to be informed about the middle east. with my father being a german and against jews was very sad but not anymore, set free and loving it! all i can csay i am so happy that their are many Egyptians worldwide that feel the same as me, i feel like crying im so happy.


Together for Peace

Posted January 1 2006

I am a syrian journalist that lives abroad. Because I like peace, especialy in our region, I always think that between people there should be a good relationship, regardless of the type of gouvernation. One thing is in my mind for a long time now. If we could put toghether the financial power of the arabs and the inteligence of the israeli people, we could move the world. Whith all the money that the arabs put to waste on the war to Israel we could do many other things, like building a democracy, investing in health or wellfare. We should work toghether to bring about the most wanted peace, if not for ourselves, than for the young generation that stands behind us.

With compliments,

2005 Archive

From Bosnian Muslim

Posted December 6 2005

Zionism is Jewish ethnic consciousness. Nobody can deprive any ethnicity to have its national dream. Zionism does not upset because there is no goal to exterminate anybody. Peace can come if we recognize Israel and Jews as legitimateinhabitants of the territory. All arguments who was first who was second has to stop. Violence must stop. To speak, talk, communicate does not cost much and all can gain on long run. Jews and Muslims have more in common than differences. I was twice in the synagogue for Saturdays. I have recognize many things. Each movement they make remind on us. I am certain any Jew feel similar when he goes to the mosque. We can survive together but never separately. Israel is only one fully democracy in the Middle East. You are free to speak but not to kill. Speak up, please!

Hallo Nonie

Posted November 24 2005

Hello from Sweden.

Hello the I am a 24 year old muslim guy living in Sweden whos is completly in love with the Jewish people and Israel. Like any other muslim I grew up to distrust and the jewish people , not from my parants really but from my muslim friends who are really brainwashed. Its was the hate that lead my curiosity to find out more about jews. More I started to read and find out about jewish history and religion I became more intrugied. And when I started my secondery school and made a Jewish friend who was in my french class. He invited mee to his home and I was warmly treated by his parants. One day in school we hade a visit bye a holocaust survivor name Emerich Roth. Just the way Maha discribed her feeling when she heard Jack teeling about his experinced. I felt the same way. since then I was reading everything I could get a hold on to about the Holocaust. Last year I went to krakow/Poland on weekend vacation and went Auschwitz. OH MY GOD. How can anyone deny the holocaust. It bleed my heart to hear actually some people denying it to this day. Other ad this is the arab Jews who were chesed out their homes from Morocco to Iraq. What a Loss to our muslim nation. What bother my all the time when you hear arab and muslim leaders blaming all their misery on the jews insted off facing reality off their own mistakes. To all muslim who are reading this mail i recommend a book called ( THI NILE ) written bye (LAURIE DIVINE) its actually a Love story about a Jewish boy and a muslim girl. It takes place in egypt in late forties earlu fifties. Its about their life and how hee is forced to leave egypt and leave evrything behind becuse off the persecution of nasser goverment. May god truly Bless The Children if Israel. The most unfortunet and missunderstood people of the world.


Your bigest fan EVER.

Bilal Said

I like Israel

Posted November 24 2005

I like israel and all the industrial countries and israel is the miracle of the history because the first one became a country is in 1948 and the others has a long time in the history but are nothing in world

Mohammed from Algeria

Asking Information

Posted October 12 2005

I am Iraqi civilian arabic and muslem, in spite that i came from a family with along political history I never was very concerned with poltics even after the changes in iraq, I used to have the same idea of all arabs that jews are the enemy until a few weeks ago when I watched Steven spielberg'ss movie Shindler's List. I was horrifed by what I have seen, and decieded to find the truth because any people suffer that torture do not have the evil that our arab history books say, I hope I did not talk much but I wish if you can help me to where I can find ways to comunicate with israeli sites and people to help me understant the truth and help other people I know to that too, thank you.

Yours, xxxxxx

Discussion over Israel's recognition has begun across Pakistan

Posted October 12 2005

You should see this:

You guys are not alone in Muslim world! If Palestinians are in peace talks with Israel, I don't see any harm for Pakistan recognizing Israel. This is not an era of conflict.

New Friend From Yemen

Posted October 12 2005

Hello I am guy from Yemen my name is ----- My age is 27 years. I am really support Israel and also I spend their months in prison because government called me I am boss of net spies work Israel and US and I got allot off torturing from police men now I am free and I am getting more faith. Israel must be friend and live in peace with it.
Actually no one in my country can believe of that maybe he is afraid or he hates Israel. If you interested send to me answer and tell me how I could help to support Israel. I am brave and I believe in my thoughts. We must live in peace with each other enough war enough hated. We must find solution.
Bye for now
Your friend ----

Yes Indeed ... Ameen

Posted October 12 2005

As a muslim/sufi I support and respect what you said. I also have some good jewish friends including a wonderfull Rabbi and his wife whom i shall tell about your site if that is ok with you. Gd/Allah/Jehova/Elohim bless you my dear friends
wa salam alaikum
peace be with you
and alhamdulilah
ed khaffaf/SRS

Another Supporter of Israel from Egypt

Posted September 18 2005

I know about ArabsForIsrael and I do like that site a lot. Ever since i was a little child, i had a problem with how people view Israel. I always had Israeli friends when i went to Sinai, and i believe Israel is a country that we should be proud to have in our region and as our neighbor. I always noticed the way Palestinians always refused any peaceful move on Israel's part because the Koran tells them that the Jews are misleaders. They want to commit terrorism and then allow Israel to make peaceful moves and then they'll think it's because of their so-called 'resistance'.
I'm usually not politically correct when it comes to Islam. Muslims always think that the whole world is against them, they're all full of that conspiracy theory. Isn't it alarming how the whole world has problems with Islam? Isn't it alarming how each and every terrorist attack anywhere in the world nowadays is done by Muslims?
I support Israel with all my heart as it faces such terrible mindsets and such ugly terrorists.

The Egypt Blog

I support your views

Posted August 7 2005

I read with great interest what you wrote in ArabsforIsrael and other links.I find myself completely in agreement with what you wrote. I am Jordanian and I study in the US and I salute your comment about being loyal to the American Flag. Well done Ms Darwish and i hope there will be many other muslim women like you.

An Arab American for Israel

Posted July 9 2005

I am so glad I stumbled upon this sight.. I am an Arab American and it grieves me to see such hate even with in my own family. I have also heard some horrible things about Muslims and how Islam is a religion of hate. I KNOW that is not true. As I poured through all these articles I felt joy and a lot less tenstion. I am an Arab Christian who longs to hear more Muslims speak out against those who hate, and support the fact that the majority of Muslims are a peace loving people.
I love Israel because God loves them. I've been called a Zionist, Jew lover, etc, because of it and I do not care. When you stand up for what is right you will face opposition and criticism, but let me say this, all of us who support the middle east, Israel and Palestine, as the children of God, in one family, will be criticized by Jews and Arabs alike, but we will be working together. I pray this web site, and the articles of these well learned people, will spur on a movement of peace in the middle east, and the world.

A Big Fan from Egypt

Posted July 9 2005

I can't express enough how much I am grateful for the existence of Some one like you, cause it meant I am not the only one who thought this way. I am an Egyptian male. I decided that I shouldn't be silent about the other things that happen in my Country and the amount of hate directed towards the US, Israel, Jews and Christians, so I created a blog that I am glad to report is growing in popularity despite the amount of hate directed towards it from other fellow Egyptian bloggers. The URL , if you wanted to view it, is . If you went and visited it I would be honored.
Egypt is boiling these days, and if anything happened to Mubarak the Muslim Brotherhood is bound to take over and whatever religious tolerance Egypt had regarding Christians will be eradicated in 3.4 seconds.
Thank you again for being you and for saying what you say. I have been catching up on your articles and I have to say that I agree with everything you have said so far. You are asking all the right questions and making all the good points that need to be made. God Bless you.
Sincerely Yours,


An Egyptian living in Poland who supports Israel

Posted July 9 2005

hi to all and i want to say that iam happy to find people from arabian country who can say that the proplem not in israel only but the proplem because there is people who dont want to live in really i want to say that all people in every country concering in proplem in middle east must think about the suitation and must find answer for many question about what happend and what waiting to happend if will not be peace between israel and arab country and replace hating to each other to loving and care about each other .really it is enought for both side what happend in all this long years from wars and killed people.i think the time no is suitable for start new relation between isreal and arab because we r so close from each other not only because we r in near country but also because arab and israel came from one family and theymust be treat as one family not as enemy.really from inside all my heart i hope to replace the war and hate by peace an! d ! loving .we can do alot of things if we be together and i hope to see this in near time .and iam ready to help to have this dream to be true


Posted March 6 2005

I really appreciate your efforts and wish that you give me the opportunity to express all my support in the battle against hate and ignorance.I`m Tunisian.
I have a full respect of the great Jewish people and friendly feelings toward Israel, the only democracy in the middle east.
Anonimous from Tunisia

Posted March 6 2005

Be Optimistic

Dear,Nonie ; hi

How're you friend? hope that you` re fine & every thing is ok...
Dear, I agree with what you said , really , Israelis are like every one ,not satans, not angels, they`re normal people like us,, I have a good relationship with some of them ,to my surprise,they treat me with a lot of respect , they `re good, sincere &very very civility, in fact they `re more polite than I expected...ISRAELIS are ,indeed, civilized people.
Dear, I think that you want to know my opinion about the situation in egypt ;
Faithfully, I`m like you too, I sometimes wonder!!, but I`m sure that the most of egyptians hate war so much, may be they hate Israel too, but they don`t want to fight it once more.
In my opinion, they hate Israel because they don`t know it as is,, & no doubt hatred of Israel in the arab world due to some of common false information about it.
I like Israel because I have genuine ideas about it, & I look at it as a great model in every way.
Any way ,I know that there `re several & various problems between Arab & Israel .SO we should waite for a while, peace needs enough time to come true.
I`m confident that this conflict will be solved soon,& peace will prevail
I`m optimistic & I invite you to be more optimistic, WILL YOU BE;;;?
Hope to keep in touch

Posted March 6 2005

Blind Hatred

My very dear friends
When the CNN was presenting part of the funeral of AlHariri today( the ex. PM of Lebanon) the Muslim crowed was shouting the following in Arabic:
"Khybar....Khybar....Ya Yahood......Ghish Mohammed Sawf Yaood"........
this is a threat to Jews which means:
"Remember Khebar (When Mohamed killed all Jewish men, raped their women and enslaved all their kids)...O'Jews....The army of Mohammed are coming back to annihilate you"
This can simply tell us that the real borders that are needed are Ideological Islamic Borders to stop this disgusting blind hatred to the Jews...........Imagine Islamist group most likely supported by Syria announced its responsibility for killing Alhariri....Yet....Arabs want to revenge from the
With much love and a very big hug to you all

Posted March 6 2005

Together For Peace

I am a syrian journalist that lives abroad. Because I like peace, especialy in our region, I always think that between people there should be a good relationship, regardless of the type of gouvernation.
One thing is in my mind for a long time now. If we could put toghether the financial power of the arabs and the inteligence of the israeli people, we could move the world. Whith all the money that the arabs put to waste on the war to Israel we could do many other things, like building a democracy, investing in health or wellfare.
We should work toghether to bring about the most wanted peace, if not for ourselves, than for the young generation that stands behind us.
With compliments,


Posted March 6 2005

A Great Adventure

I`m very pleased to write you my first Email, & I would like to congratulate you on this great web site, I really appreciate your ideals & respect your confirmation to Israel. I`m peaceful man & i`m interested in peace.
But I think that we must take a different way to achieve the true peace, at first we must stand for to build communities of peaceful then we can look forward to establish normal relation with Israel.
I know with certainty that the desire for pease resides in every human heart & sooner or later the peace will come true despite all the barriers.
My dear, excuse me I don`t know , why don`t you use ARABIC language while you `re an arabic lady and you can write in arabic very well?
AS you know the most of arabs like me are not perfect in english, so i think it`s very important to address arabs in thier own language, Don`t you agree with me.
Awaiting your reply with great interest.
Once more I congratulate you on this great website & i send my best wishes to you .
from Abdo
almansoura city --- egypt

Posted Feb 14 2005

hello ... i am libyan guy .. i not free in libya .. i know more nice news about israel .. i wish leave libya to israel .. but its so hard .. i need help me how i can go to freedom country ( israel ) .. i have 32 years .. mechanic engineer ..
i waiting ur reply .. thank you very much ..
my greeting to israel people

Posted Jan 24 2005

You Have My Support

Assalamu-Alaykum Nonie,

I just wanted to say that I too believe that Isreal has not only the right to exist but can be a positive partner in helping to bring democracy and reform to our people.
I live in the UK, but my father came from Egypt (my mother is English) - I am a Muslim and teach at an Islamic School in London.
Of course it is not a view that is very popular amongst Muslims - but one that I feel is honest and realistic!
I believe that there is an urgent need for honesty and realism amongst Muslims and a an urgent need to reform age old ways that have nothing to do with the true spirit of Islam.
I believe that we can only reform and drag ourselves out of the mess we are in by looking very honestly and critically at ourselves and not be afraid to face up to some very painful introspection and strong criticisms.

Best wishes and Salams!


Posted Jan 24 2005

Greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Dear Nonie;
I am very delighted to find your website recently. It was introduced by Adina of San Diego, USA after I posted an email to regarding my plights to go on learning tour to Israel. By the way, I'm a male Muslim who share the same idea of
undestandings Jews in the right and correct perspectives of our religion - Islam. I always believes that a true Muslim must look and analyse him/her self and stop blaming others about their predicaments. Islam is a religion of Peace and Harmony, every
Muslims and non Muslims must cherished that. I have this dream of going to Israel and have an experience to learn and understand about Jewish people, it's religion, culture and living, country and non Jews in Israel. Coming from Malaysia it is not that easy to realize this dream. Just pray and hoping
the day will be sooner. Meanwhile, I am now gathering more info about Israel and its people by reading and e-mailing thru' internet almost everyday.
It's all about it now for a start. I will definitely hook-up to your website and propagates your quest as a step to create a world at peace.


Ismail Ibrahim
Kuala Lumpur.

Posted Jan 24 2005

Salaam Alaikum,

I was a Hindu Indian who converted to Islam in 1999. I was disgusted with the caste system and inequality that still exists in my native land. Islam's message of universal brotherhood and euality initially attracted me. I chose Islam through my own research and drew my own conclusions. However, I can say this much- had Islam been explained to me by some of these radical, Jew hating Sheikhs, I would never have looked into it. I have been told it is my duty to hate Israel and Jews now that I chose Islam. I am an Indian from a Hindu background; why on earth should I hate these people who have never done me or my people any wrong? Although I still profess Islam, unfortunately I have toned down my associating with other Muslims as well as visits to the masjid. I believe Allah/God/Yahweh has blessed me with a beautiful combination of compassion and discernment, which I refuse to sacrifice. It was the Jewish people who first conceived of one true God that is responsible for all creation. Prior to this, man worshipped trees, rivers, and other such manifestations of God. This was truly an evolutionary leap of consciousness, and for that the Jews will always have my deepest gratitude. Israel has been an oasis of tolerance in an otherwise autocratic, totalitarian region of the world. We Muslims are so quick to brag about our brotherhood yet look at the Sunni/Shia violence. Look at the horrible treatment of Palestinians in places like Saudi and UAE. Look at the Royal Family's hatred of any interpretation of Islam that questions their narrow minded point of view. Lets make our own beds first shall we? Contrast this to Israel's compassion for the Soviet and Ethipian immigrants and the high security provided to worshippers at Al-Aqsa. Who is showing more brotherhood?? I rarely express these views with other Muslims because the response is so predictable and drab I dont bother. You, my sister, however are truly a breath of fresh air!! May God bless all the! p! eace loving people of this world!!!

Posted Jan 24 2005


as a muslim/sufi i support and respect what you said. i also have some good jewish friends including a wonderfull Rabbi and his wife whom i shall tell about your site if that is ok with you Gd/Allah/Jehova/Elohim bless you my dear friends

wa salam alaikum

peace be with you and alhamdulilah

You Have My Support

Posted Jan 8 2005

Assalamu-Alaykum Nonie,

I just wanted to say that I too believe that Isreal has not only the right to exist but can be a positive partner in helping to bring democracy and reform to our people.
I live in the UK, but my father came from Egypt (my mother is English) - I am a Muslim and teach at an Islamic School.
Of course it is not a view that is very popular amongst Muslims - but one that I feel is honest!
Arabs (and Muslims) can only reform and drag ourselves out of the mess we are in by looking very honestly and critically at ourselves and not be afraid to face up to some very painful introspection and criticisms.

Best wishes and Good luck,


Posted Dec 31 2004

Dear Nonie, I came across your wonderful website "Arabs for Israel." As an Arab myself living in Jerusalem, let me say that I fully support your view and efforts. I, too, was raised to hate Jews only because they happened to be Jews. Recently, I started studying Hebrew in an institute at Jafa Street in Jerusalem, and I met the most wonderful Israelis. They treated me with respect. I felt complete as a woman, unlike the way I have been made to feel living in my own culture. It's like I've been born again. I even now watch Israeli TV. I want to learn the Hebrew language as quickly as possibile so as to enteract with more Israeli friend.

When I saw your website, it was as if I found exactly what I was looking for. You can't imagine how happy I felt. I totally agree with you that Israel is the greatest thing that has happened to this troubled region. We, Arabs in Jerusalem, are enjoying all the benefits and services provided by this country. My parents tell me how poor and miserable they were under the Jordanian rule before 1967, and everyone knows the suffering of the Palestinians living in Gaza and the West Bank because of the corrupt dictatorship they are living under.

Please carry on your great effort, and I'm willing to help in any way I can.

Let's pray for peace.



Posted Dec 31 2004

There was a time in the history of Islam and the World when the phrase “Muslim Intolerance” might have been considered an oxymoron. Today, however, the open-minded, tolerant Muslim seems, sadly, to be in the minority.
Our Muslim community is filled with a seething rage at something they cannot define so they call it, the way of infidels, unbelief, America, or “the Jewish Conspiracy”.
I have just been a victim of this madness and intolerance last Friday at my local Mosque after Friday prayers. I know many of you have stopped going to the mosque because of this idiocy, but I won’t stop. Anyway, I had given an outspoken Anti-Israeli Arab Muslim an article to read, written by the founder of “Free Egyptians”. It was not a very confrontational article; written in Arabic and English, suggesting that the Israeli-Palestinian debacle might be better served without violence…WOW…I was really surprised by the viciousness and hatred I brought down on my head, and I didn’t even write it! So much for the calm exchange of ideas that some of you tell me to engage in…the incident strengthened my resolve to keep going to this Mosque that would like nothing better than to see me gone. I wrote this little piece on my return home.
The whole contemporary Arab-Palestinian culture, so it seems to me, is based on hatred…hatred of life…hatred of Jews…hatred of America and the west. The poor Palestinian people themselves have been manipulated and all but destroyed by corrupt leaders (with billions of dollars in the bank) and Islamic-Fascists that have twisted Islam and The Quar’an into a system of hate. Please don’t write to me and tell me I am against the Palestinians and oblivious to their struggle, I am not…I am against terrorism, violence and murder as a means to achieving their goals.
They have even taught this system of hate to their children. These children, and those yet to be born, will never be able to make the ascent into a new world. They will have new bodies, with new fresh blood in them, born for a new epoch of peace and co-operation among Mankind. Surely, that’s what children have always been born for, to usher in a new age, with new bodies and blood, a new song in their mouths.
However, from where I stand, I fear the twisted hearts and minds of their Fathers will still inhabit their new bodies and blood. The hatred shouted and whispered into their new ears will deny them a life…their new blood will be spilled in vain, never to sing the new song of freedom from tyranny and hatred.
I pray for the children…born and unborn.

Hi, Nonie:

I just heard about you and the website from a televised report on the 700 Club, and was very moved by your courageous stand and efforts in support of understanding among Semitic peoples. I am an Arab-American of Syrian origin, and I weep when I hear my Arab friends voice the hatred and distrust of Jews that is so prevalent in the Middle East. I will pray that God will continue to bless you and that this forum would be effective in moving hearts and minds toward peace and reconciliation.



Hi,if course under another name , as u know the are a lot of fanatics arabics in all the world ,im palstnian live in syria since 1967 , born in syria , my family came from tibiriade in 1948 but that must be end , why we cant get syrian nationality , so we suffer a lot because we cant travel any more outside syria, libanon deny give us a visa also jordan and egypt the same when we travel if we are luky to get the visa to jordan of course we must have invitation and must be give him account bank with the sum of 35oous dollars , so you see we im hate arabic country i think isarel treat very good arabs in israel but the are same fanatics people dont want arabs lives with good relation with israeli peoples which i respect their religion and im saying always thus people wroth civilation , arabs dont know the true reallety , they close thir eyes in front that, so i can speak more about this lovely country isreal wich i love one time to visit it and give my congratulation for thus people .cheers please dont mention my name , but please when u publish the article , send me on ecopy to my e-mail , im proud to say that and alove very much the democracy of israel and his culture thanks


From a general point of view, I see a relevant progress. Nonie Darwish - whom I had the pleasure to know during my last speaking tour in North America - has recently founded "Arabs for Israel", and I hope her initiative will be successful. In the same time, in Canada Sarah Nasser has founded "Muslims for Israel", ana some Muslims students at the University of Toronto are actively cooperating with her.

Shaykh Prof. Abdul Hadi Palazzi
Cultural Institute of the Italian Islamic Community

As-Salamu Alaykum,

I am a student of Egyptian origin at UCLA. I would like to start a similar
group to yours on my campus. Do you have any tips for doing it?

You can post my views anonymously on your website.
I support Israel because I see it as a model for all the Arab and Muslim
nations in the Middle East. Israel is ages ahead of its neighbors in all
terms, democracy, human rights, science, technology, and its time for
countries like Jordan, Syria, Iran, and others to catch up. Work with
Israel and good things will happen.
I am going to volunteer my time to any college group that starts ArabsforIsrael on its campus.
Nonie Darwish

Tue, 15 Jun 2004 15:12:46 -0400
From: <i.mumin
To: <>
arabs for Israel...thank you

assalaamu alaikum Nonie...How fortunate I am to have found this website!!! I have been trying to get the Muslims I come in contact with to see the horror of Palestinian Terrorism (and all Terrorism) and it's detrimental effect on the world's feelings towards Islam.
As a convert (15 yrs.) to Islam from a Jewish family, I have been accused of everything from being Pro-Israel and "not a real Muslim" to being a spy.
I have written many articles and letters to Islamic organizations over the years and have received very few answers and these answers were always angry. So. Now I no longer feel like “a voice crying in the wilderness”
I have taken the liberty of sending some of this correspondence to you and I want to thank you again for your views, your courage and your website.

America is an empire built on strength and the dignity of the common man. Such empire building is part of Islamic history. America gives its citizens, immigrants included, the right to practice the religion of their choice, much like the Islamic Empires of the past.
America gives the chance for education for all regardless of race, religion, gender or even sexual orientation.
America gives more money in charity and humanitarian aid than any country in the world, including the oil-rich Muslim countries. Where is the charity of these so-called Muslim countries that are bound by the Qu’ran and sunnah to give to widows and orphans?
I fear Muslims in America will be led into the trap of blaming the USA and Western civilization for our own faults and shortcomings. We must look to The Qu’ran and the sunnah and to ourselves for guidance and listen not to the doom-Sayers who would have you believe that Muslims in this country are in some sort of danger.
Denounce terrorism and talk Islam.
Your Brother in Islam Ibrahim Abdul Mu’min i.mumin@verizon .net

From: "ayman"
Subject: Hello! :)
To: <>
Greeting to you, Mrs Darwish,
I don't even know where to begin!

Your articles are magnificent, honest, accurate and much to chagrin of the arab/islamic world, you hit the nail on the head every time!

I'm sure you're all to familiar with the nasty rhetoric in response to your articles, "she a zionist", "she's a jewish agent" etc etc.....I find this hilarious! This is the same exact reaction I get when I post one your articles on various discussion boards on the net.

I hope you continue to shine the light of truth in the dark face of islam/arabs. These people need a major jolt, and you're just the person to give it to them.

More power to you!
I'm not a religious man, but.....god bless you & yours :)

I think all 300 million inhabitants of the middle east should stand in a big line and express their gratitude to you for bringing them into the light of truth.

I am very pleased to correspond with you, you have my utmost respect, I hope you continue to write articles that will make the arabs think deeply and apply some self-criticism, and maybe give them enough courage to facilitate major changes.

You are very eloquent and direct. Most of all, you are brutally honest, this quality I admire more than anything else simply because it is so very rare.
Best Regards

From: Anonymous
Subject: Re: Israel a state of mind

I've read the article by Mr. Tashbih Sayyed, "Israel - a state of mind" on the website and I am glad that finally muslims/arabs are speaking up against their oppressive and (exactly as you put it) Totalitarian Islamist regimes and demanding that Israelis given the right to their own home. They say the real threat is radical muslims like Osama Bin Laden, but I say the real threat is Wahabist governments like Saudi Arabia. I am a muslim living in Canada. I grew up in the UAE which strictly and blindly follows religious principles and school books written by Saudi Arabian and Kuwaiti scholars. I
grew up being taught that Jews (not just Israelis) are the enemies of Islam, we are taught about the Protocols of Elders of Zion like they are indisputable facts and they call the Holocaust a big lie invented to get into the payrolls of Swiss banks.
When I came to study in Canada, I met the first Jew, who was also Israeli. He was studying Law and he told me a lot about his country. I learnt things that I never knew before, like that muslims and christians lived peacefully alongside Jews inside Israel. And that there are many Jews against illegal settlements and the killings of innocent palestinians. That prompted me to take a course in Middle Eastern Politics (Ironically taught by an Israeli professor) and it opened my mind even more towards the kind of peaceful relationship (or brotherhood, rather) that muslims and jews have had together for many centuries. And that Israel should be a true example to muslim countries: A democratic, technologically superior state. Then I sat
one day and wondered why we have grown up to hate jews so much. Is it
because the jews have occupied palestinian lands? Is it because muslim
governments are jealous of the attention and power that Israel is getting?
Then I realized that the answer is much simpler than that. It's the Arab psyche. Islam came to change that, it came to give women freedoms, introduce a democratic society and abolish tribalism. But the more I think about it, the more I realize that arabs are returning to their old pre-islamic ways of collectivism, egocentricity, oppressing women and triballism. And if anyone tries to tell them otherwise, they resort to the usual rhetoric of calling you an apostate (as they have done to me) and a brain-washed, weak-faithed and naive arab. Moreover, the arab governments feed on this tribalism because it allows them to rule with an iron fist, undemocratically and oppress women, whom these governments are obviously scared of.

I absolutely agree with you that the prophet's traditions have been tainted; besides the fact that the rules of determining which Hadiths are true (sahih/hasan) and which are false (dhaeef) were determined by knowledgable, but yet simple humans. And humans make mistakes, especially if they're relying on interpretations of someone who's heard from another throughout more than ten generations. Listen to the words of God that humans neglect:
Quran 45:6
"These are the portents of Allah which We recite unto thee (Muhammad) with truth. Then in what fact, after Allah and His portents, will they believe? "Note here that "Fact" here is actually an inaccurate translation from the arabic word "Hadith" (speech, or words). Isn't it Ironic that God used the specific word Hadith for this verse?

And whatever happened to that Hadith in which the prophet supposedly had said: "Do not write anything you hear from me except the Quran, and whoever does otherwise, should erase what they have written." to me, this sounds like a command from our prophet that we should not institute a form of Hadith. Then why do they force Hadith upon us in school as if it is an authority equal to that of the Quran? Moreover, I've seen many people who see Hadith as the perfector of the Quran, an obvious and seriously fundamental error.

These are the very Hadiths that contradicts the quran in that women are seen therein as less of humans than men, and Hadiths in which we are ordered to kill non-muslims when the Quran teaches compassion to everyone that does not oppress you, regardless of religion. The very Quran that tells us that christians, jews, sabians and any person who believes in God, the day of judgement and is a good person will find his reward with his Lord (Quran 2:26) Moreover, terrorists are misusing quotes in the quran to win the public opinion of simple-minded arabs and muslims, they refer to verses of killing pagans and unbelievers (which refer to the Idol-worshipping Meccans of Quraish at the time of the prophet) and neglect the fact that these titles don't refer to christians and jews. The quran specifically calls them People
of the Book. And also specifically mentions that there are sects in
christianity and judaism that are purely monotheistic akin to islam,
therefore, muslims have no right whatsoever calling Christians and Jews
non-believers. God is the judge, and as the bible says "Judge not lest ye be judged." which is something that most muslims do not adhere to, especially when God tells us that "There is no compulsion in religion. Truth stands clear from error."

So I propose a set of simple solutions:
1. Arabs have to reform their educational systems and allow for a more
unbiased outlook towards the world, the United States and Israel.
2. Get rid of the totalitarian, egocentric and tribalistic mentality.
3. Poverty in the poorer muslim countries has to be faught severely instead of spending so much money to fight terrorism. Look at the roots of terrorism: Poor people who go to madrasas funded by terrorists, because there's nowhere else to go. And if your government doesn't listen, then charity groups have to be funded to collect money in order to build proper schools. That's how you get rid of terrorism.

Once people in muslim countries are educated enough and women are given
their rights, then it's time to rise up against their oppressive governments and demand a change.
p.s. You may publish this mail on your website if you wish, however I'd
prefer to be anonymous in that case

Tue, 8 Jun 2004 11:13:31 -0700 (PDT)
From: muqeem ahmed

I Love to Israel and people of Israel.I want to save innocent people lives in Israel.I want to get knowledge of jewisam and want to migrate to Israel.Please help me to get knowlege and give me Courage.


Wed, 9 Jun 2004 02:19:44 -0700 (PDT)
From: muqeem ahmed
Subject: Re:I LOV ISRAEL and people of Israel.

to-DAH for your Nice reply.You are right That I am muslim but I am in favour of Innocent people living in Israel.I am from Pakistan and there is no supporter to Israel.There is no single center for jewisam teaching.I studied much about Israel and people of Israel.They are loveable and need our support.
I have completed my amster in IT and now I want to go to Israel but I have no idea how to go there and save our humanbeing there.
I am very thankful to you that you have replied my mail.I need your help in supporting for Israel and people of Israel.
sha-LOM wrote:
Dear Muqeem,

I salute you for your compassion and support of Israel and
its victims from terror. From your name I guessed you are a
Moslem. What country are you from? I would like to know more
about you.

I personally do not live in Israel. I live in the USA. I'm
like you would love to visit Israel and express my love and
admiration to the resilient and wonderful people of Israel.
My god take away the pain and suffering of all the people in
the area.

However, I have two good websites that can teach you a lot
about Judaism.

The following two e-mail are posted as proof that the way Islam is being taught and interpreted needs reformation:

E mail from a convert to and out of Islam:
: Sun, 6 Jun 2004 21:32:42 -0500
From: Hadar E Saleh
Subject: Wish I had Known Of You
ASalaamu aleikum! How wonderful it is for me to see this beautiful
website. I am a Jew, by no means an enemy of Islam, but naturally hate
and fear the AlQaida types who want to destroy Israel and Jews just
because we are Jews. I was an exLutheran, who converted to Judaism and
later, because I thought myself incapable of keeping all the Mitzvot, to Islam. It was no one's fault but my own; I was weak-willed in those days and felt myself unworthy.

At the time I converted to Islam, I thought it was the "Middle path," as the Quran says. The version of Islam I found in America seemed a gentle religion. The verses which told of the Jews and Christians being saved as well as the Muslims reassured me that I could be Muslim without hating Jews or Israel. I had always had an affinity for Israel and Jews, but thought that Muhammad was the Messenger of Allah. It was obvious, I thought, because he forbade Jahilia Arabs to bury their daughters, and eased some of the restrictions against women.

However, after I had already made my commitment to Islam, I married a
Saudi, and one year thereafter we moved back to Saudi Arabia. As soon as I began listening to the radio there, I knew I was in trouble. I found that they preached certain Hadiths that said that in the final days, there would be a war against the Jews, and that a Muslim would be
obbligated to kill Jews, men, women, and children. They also said that
my parents, Lutherans, and all the people I had loved in Judaism, were
headed for Hell. I simply could not believe that God would delight in
sending people into an eternal fire when it is really very confusing, and when so many Jews and Christians strive with all their hearts to worship God devoutly and to live moral lives.

I lived in Saudi Arabia for 17 years, but at the end of that time, the
emphasis on hate, killing, Jehad, and exclusivity in salvation made me
unable to remain any longer. Upon returning home, I returned to the
House of Israel. I simply cannot live in a place where I am expected to hate the people who have been kind to me, and more important, whom I
witness doing deeds of lovingkindness.

Perhaps, had I known there were still Muslims like you, I would still be one. As it is, I am grateful for your noble and holy efforts. It is comforting to know that there are still Muslims whose minds are not
clouded by hate. Keep up the great work.

If you wish, you may e-mail me at this address.
Hanifa Saleh

The following is a letter from a Moslem from India:
I am from India.We were/are braught up to hate and despise Hindue,Sikhs, Christians and Jews as well. We are told to be muslim first and loyalty with Islamic Country ( Pakistan). This teaching did not help for the muslim minority, we were/are being doubted to our loyalty with mother country, thay are right, as majority of us always rooted Pakistan in conflicts and even rooted in sports,etc. Arabic is not our even second language, memorisation of Suras and able to read without understanding that best we could do. We were denied real Islamic History and Hadiths. Lot of censorship was in effect and not even allowed to asked ? about the fate of non-muslims
( Hell) and why?. As we grow up with other Hindue and Christian friend, frienship stopped after leaving School, we were/ are not allowed to visit nonmuslims ( Kafir) home nor they could visit us. There are many other thing as you know well...

Subject: good job

I'm just a regular American but my wife is an Israeli Arab Christian and I am so glad to see a site like this one. We both have many Arab Christian/Muslim friends, as well as Jewish Israeli friends. in fact, our 2 children have Hebrew names. we have great respect for Israel and only want things to be better for everyone in that part of the world. while I cannot separate my wife's family ties from my feelings, my sympathies are with the Israelis in the conflict because freedom is at stake. We hope to live there in the near future and i would rather have my family live under the supposed "Israeli oppression" than any form of "Islamic freedom." call me selfish, but i do not care about the land - I only want a place where we can have lives with liberty in the middle east. give the Palestinians their land, if they want it. We just pray that they will stop the insanity then.
Consider us supporters of this cause because this is our stance as well. It is good to know we do not stand alone.

regards, robert b

Subject: We Support Israel
My father and I are Arab, and we support Israel and condemn violent acts against anyone. Thank you for speaking out and encouraging others to do so.

Peace be upon you and many blessings.

The Mahdis

Dear Nonie
I was very happy to see your wonderful concepts in your website.
I am very impressed because I share with you in these views but probably from a different angle as you will see in the attached document.
Years ago I started a good peaceful sect in Islamic religion that promoted most of your great views but unfortunately the power of darkness was much more powerful than me as I was virtually fighting the evil thoughts by myself.
Have a look on the Quranic verses in the attached document and let us think together how we can give light to people in the Islamic world.
Love and best regards

Tarek sent the following attachment:
Israel in the Quran

2:47 Children of Israel! call to mind the favour which I bestowed upon you, and that I preferred you to all other nations.

2:122 O Children of Israel! call to mind the favor which I bestowed upon you, and that I preferred you to all other nations.

7:137 And We made the children of Israel, who were considered weak (and of no account), inheritors of lands in both east and west, - lands whereon We sent down Our blessings. The fair promise of thy Lord was fulfilled for the Children of Israel, because they had patience and constancy, and We leveled to the ground the great works and fine buildings which Pharaoh and his people erected (with such pride).

17:104 And We said thereafter to the Children of Israel, "Dwell securely in the land of promise":

10:93 We settled the Children of Israel in a beautiful dwelling-place, and provided for them sustenance of the best: it was after knowledge had been granted to them.

20:80 O ye Children of Israel! We delivered you from your enemy, and We made a Covenant with you to give you the right side (the blessed side) of Mount Sinai, and We sent down to you Manna (special food) and quails.

26:59 Thus it was, but We made the Children of Israel inheritors of such things (the promised land)

45:16 We did aforetime grant to the Children of Israel the Book the Power of Command, and Prophet hood; We gave them, for Sustenance, things good and pure; and We favored them above all other nations.

44: 32 And We have chosen them (the Children of Israel) above the 'Alamîn (mankind, and jinns) and our choice was based on a deep knowledge.

32.23] And certainly We gave the Book to Moses, so be not in doubt concerning the receiving of it, and We made it a guide for the children of Israel.
[32.24] And We made of them Guiding Lights and leaders to guide by Our command as they were patient, and they were certain of Our communications.

[17:104] And we said to the Children of Israel afterwards, “ scatter and live all over the world…and when the end of the world is near we will gather you again into the Promised Land”.

(Comment : This last verse proves that the Quran is declaring that it is the will of G-d himself to gather the children of Israel again in their promised land before the end days. Accordingly, No Muslim has the right to interfere with gathering the Jews in Israel again as this is the will of G-d himself. In addition, Honest analysis of the Quranic verses above leads to the conclusion that the West Bank and Gaza are better called the “occupied” Israeli land.

Subject: Very proud of you
As-salamu 'alaykum (Peace on you)

I am very glad to know that there is Arabs and Moslems so open minded and peaceful as you are.

I am Mohamed Pascal Hilout, member of the Mouvement des Maghrébins Laïques de France and the initiater of "the new islam" with three foundations :
- Liberté : freedom of thinking, of criticism and changing his faith
- Justice, that means equal rights for our sisters, mothers and wifes
- Paix (peace) that means the end of the djihad of our ancestors.

Last year, I proposed for an israelian-palestinian delegation here in Paris that Arafat should offer to Sharon to come and pry with him in the Al-Aqsa Mosq and invite also the Pope to pry all together in the nativity Church.

I have an other project : we arabs, moslems, christians, jews and non religious persons around the world we should buit again for our humanity the temple of jerusalem as a basis, on the second terrasse we bild a church between the jewish temple et the Al Aqsa mosque. The three prying place should communicate together and we should have at least a prying day for the all the three communities. With this project I am sure we will ensure peace for the coming generations and restablish Jerusalem as a town of peace.

Now you know that you are not alone

From: Khaleel Mohammed

June 1, 2004

As a Muslim, when I read Q5:21 and 17:104, I can only say that I support that there must be an israel. The Quran adumbrates the fight against tyranny and oppression, using the Children of Israel as an example, indeed the prime example. While I may therefore disagree with some policies of Israel, as I disagree with the policies of many countries, cannot find any reason why, as a Muslim, I must oppose the existence of such a state. And I will ask fellow Muslims to remember that the classical non-Quranic literature of Islam drew upon importations that were patently judeophobic in nature. And that we should be more careful and not imbibe these traditions. Only when we can come to grips with reality will there be hope for peace.

Prof. Khaleel Mohammed is Assistant Professor at the Department of Religious Studies at San Diego State University


  1. Write a book about Jews against Israël.
    Just for being objective. Then we have seen both views. All the arguments on this are in your favour, smells like propaganda. It's better to surround your self with critics rather then fans.

  2. Hello Nonie,I am proud of you,I am not moslim or jew ,I am catholic but I feel totally in love with jewish people and their homeland Israel,they defend our west values and without them everything will be a little darker in middle east.
    I have to admit too that I am surprised to read all these polite and nice comments from Arabs and muslims,it´s a pity there is no more moslim people like you all over the world.
    A big hug for you Noni,and all my respect and my neverending love to jews and good people all over the world.

  3. hello nonie,many Arabs in africa support the project " Arabs for israel " of peace and coexistence with israel, and recognize the legitimate state of israel.
    el moussaoui moussa(morocco)

  4. Dear Nonie, and all the wonderful Arabs (and others!) for Israel,

    May God Bless you all and may the day come soon, when we can all, Moslems, Christians, Jews, Bahais, Druse, Hindus, etc., live in peace and harmony in the Middle East and all over the world.

    An Israeli-Jewish mother and grandmother

  5. Dear Nonie, as a person who was born and raised
    in a hospitible,caring,compassionate,
    Lebanese American household, I am greatly
    pleased that there are voices from Arabic and
    Islamic networks, that are combating hatred and
    bigotry against our semitic brothers the Jewish
    people and support for their state of Israel.
    Also as a son of a devout Roman Catholic father,
    and mother, I was always raised to respect other
    religious and spiritual beliefs, so intolerance
    for Jews is just irrellevent, because first of all our Prophet Jesus was a devout Jew his whole life and so were every prophet mentioned in the Bible,not just from a religious perspective am I against blind hatred , but also as a family-
    oriented human-being.

  6. Dear Nonie,
    Thank you for providing this web site. As a Lebanese-Canadian who supports Israel’s right to exist, I am glad to see that many other Arabs also feel this way. The Middle East needs peace. The Arabs need a neighbour like Israel that is role model of liberalism and democracy.

  7. I recommend a recently published book by a Palestinian-Canadian and an Israeli-Canadian who both live in Ottawa. The book is "Light Behind the Darkness" by Raouf Omar and Claude Weil. In this book, the authors talk about personal stories where individual Arabs experienced the kindness of individual Jews, and vice versa. It is a very moving book. It can be purchased through

  8. from sudan

    hi there .. I respect your efforts ..
    but last time I supported israel in the internet , telling my personal information , I was arrested from my house in khartoum (the capital )and I was beaten for 7 days , my body was crushed like hell , I was studying pharmacy in a university , a lot of academic problems were infticted to me there ..I changed my religion long time ago but I can never tell anyone for fear for my life , my dad is very rich CEO of a super mega company in a gulf arab country , he didn't support me when I told him and inflicted problems for me ( including financial sanctions) , and by the way he is not different from the majority of millions of people here , most of muslim people in sudan think israel should be deleted and happy about what happened in 9 11 ,when a woman here were stoned to death (by "low") for infidality all of them said it was right -they should say so because this is the punishment for infidality for married person according to the share'a low-

    I am afraid we people here in arabs for israel need alot of work ...

  9. hi there ..

    thak you for pulishing my previous post ,I would like to continue about the stoned woman
    and in fact I didn't get it because every women I saw while in prison was raped daily several time by happy policemen - and by the way many of them were very very beautiful ! -
    but you know what , I do get it about the rapes in darfur you know why ? because also according to share'a low when the army of jihad invade a nation , women can be taken as ( sabaya , the singular : sabyia) = slaves -by the way share'a had never banned slavery but says it's good to free (your) slaves !!! , if you commit a sin according to share'a you should fast or feed a hungry person or pay someone to free one or more of his slaves ( fakko raqaba = releasing a neck) !!!
    from anthropological perspective andalosia in spain was a wonderful civilization , but the big question is : what gave muslims the right to invade and occupy spain in the first place ?!!

    lord knows how european sabaya will look like ,
    very very beautiful definitely

  10. I am an American born Muslim of Lebanese and Iranian descent, and I want you to know that I support the state of Israel. I do not support any killings from anyone on either side; but I do believe that the intelligent, humanitarian Jews have Israel's best interest at heart and that they want to live in peace with others who live in their country. I think Islam needs a major overhaul so that the people are not so ignorant. Wake up Muslims!! I am tired of being attached to a bunch of primitive loonies. I heard something years ago and it never resounded so true as now: Islam is perfect, Muslims are not. Please wake up and think! Stop being blind sheep and following things in the religion that have been warped. God created us to use our intelligence, so just do it!

  11. I am fifteen years old and I live in the U.S. I watched "Obsession,' and was angry when I saw how schools are taught. I admit, I cried when I saw the children reciting the poetry, and later, holding guns (even if some were just toys). How someone could teach a child to hate that much is beyond me and truly appalling. When I saw the people dancing and celebrating the attack on the twin towers, I became distraught. So many people lost their lives, and so many families were left mourning the death of their loved ones. I can't begin to understand how someone could be so happy about the death of another human being.
    I fully support your wish for peace, and I hope to become a respected writer like you. You have inspired me to stand up and show the world what I believe, and how I believe. I am a Christian, and I am proud of my religion. Thank you for standing up and showing the world that there is an alternative to war. God bless you, and I hope you live a long, fruitful life. I pray for safety on your family and success in your movement.

  12. After browsing this website and reading all the articals and overall content of this website, I
    am just flattered to see that there's more people
    in the Arabic community besides me that embraces
    the state of Israel and treasures the culture of
    Jews and their beliefs,heritage and society. I was born and raised in the US in a Lebanese
    American household, I always had Jewish friends
    and family always had Jewish friends, it's just
    too damn bad, 10,000 miles away, our brothers,
    our youth and even our children in the Arabic/
    Islamic world are brainwashed and bullied into
    harboring mindless,and blind hatred going so far
    as to resort to suicidal terrorism to please
    totaliariam and over-zeolous fascists.

  13. I have included your blog/website in my blog and even posted the link in my Facebook account. To my surprise, some of my closest Arab Muslim friends deleted their names in my list and accused me of siding with Israel.

    I was devastated and was so sad because they were my friends and they mean so much to me. But because I've love peace in the Middle East between Muslims and Jews,that proved me wrong but I never regret it. My decision to support Israel is but my simple way of saying YES to PEACe and Yes, I love Israel and the Isrealis just as I love all human beings.

  14. I am a Christian, writing to you in love and charity of our Lord and God, Jesus Christ.

    Jesus Christ did many miracles while on earth among men - these miracles were witnessed by many men on earth and recorded by men in the Bible. The Holy Bible was written by 66 different men on more than 4 continents, during the same time as many witnessing were still living in this world. These men were used as instruments of God to give us his Holy word.

    Jesus spoke of love, forgiveness, charity and never a word from his mouth promoted hate, hostility or war.

    I wonder why your holy book promotes hostility and hatred towards others?

  15. Dear Nonie

    It is ironic that only a few hours after finishing reading your book “Cruel and Unusual Punishment” a newsbreak was aired on CNN about the Nigerian bomber flying into Detroit. That, I thought gave credence to your arguments as well as fortified your book’s message.

    I am in full agreement with your analysis of the Islamic sharia and the potential dangers it poses to the US and the world. Your suggestions for mitigating catastrophic maelstrom in the US by introducing disclaimers, class action lawsuits and petitions for protection among other safety measures is conceivable. However, it does not address the root cause of the problem and the possible backlash and increased polarization it would create on a global level. In my opinion it would be a great starting point only if applied to all holy scriptures not only Islamic scripture. If successful, I believe many other countries will follow suit, eventually putting religion in its proper perspective. I believe that religion has created more havoc than good by distorting our obligations to humanity and indeed our cosmos. Perhaps we should take comedian Bill Maher’s aphorism more seriously when he said “for humanity to live, religion must die.”

    I was interested in your background being like yourself Egyptian by birth and lived in the US for over 2 decades. I returned to Egypt 27 years ago.

    I applaud you for your courage and integrity and wish you success

    Karim Shaalan,


  16. Finally, a website that makes sense!

    God Bless to all of you in the Middle East that are trying to get along. True religion as far as I am concerned is the ability to love, help and tolerate each other, while at the same time looking after this precious jewel we call Earth.
    The native aboriginals in Canada have a saying ... "We don't own the land, we only borrow it from our grandchildren".

  17. ليس لكم حق فى ارض فلسطين
    فاليهود الذين لهم حق ارض فلسطين هم الذين آمنوا بعيسى ثم آمنوا بمحمد

  18. dear nonie
    i am jewish israeli and was very surprised when i saw your website title...i honestly thought arabs with your views were non-existent.
    i am proud to be jewish and very proud to be an israeli, as well as enlisting to the army which i will be doing in couple of months.
    i have always thought that palastinians deserve a country, but not in the situation they are currently in.
    palastinians (as well as arab israelis) are educated in radical-islamic views which regard the state of Israel as temporary. the education is not of peace and co-existence, but of "patience" (wait until the "jewish oppressor" is gone)and "stubbornness" (as to not accept any agreements or propositions from the israelis) and of course of national struggle against Israel. although palastinian "fatah" leaders say they want peace and co-existence, it is not true amongst almost 95% of the palastinian population. i believe that only when we reach the point when both sides UNDERSTAND and BELIEVE in the right of the other to a country, then it will be possible to establish a palastinian state.
    i am always appalled when i hear israelis say they want to "shoot arabs" or when shout "death to the arabs". however i cannot say these ideas are from education or culture, but from military experience and islamic-terorism (naive but understandable). unlike, young arabs who are taught (for legitimate but mostly illegitimate reasons) to hate and kill (jews and non-jews, "infedals")
    negotiations DO NOT bring real peace (like in jordan and egypt with whom we do business and politics but have NO NORMALITSM), only the willpower for it does!!
    hebrew, the language of the jews and israel, has the most songs about peace than any other language on earth...and i hope that one day our arab cousins embrace these songs and WILL for them
    an israeli freind

  19. im an muslim im leave islam and accept jewish religion please jewish brother help me out from pakistan a job and home help me please jewish religion help non jewish

  20. I'm a lebanese canadian, i dont have anything againts jews at all we are all gods children.Palistine was the name of the country which muslims, and christians, and jews lived in peace until after ww2 the british took as much jews out of the west and gave them there separate land there because they wanted to get rid of them. NOW those jews took more land and till this day are taking even more in a land bulldozing over houses full of families and that anyone other than a jew is a minority and has no rights so starting with 5% of the land jewish to about 80% the jewish president doesnt want peace he want more land and weapons and as for the lebanese-israel war. Israel is trying to take lebanese land and the lebanese are defending them selves. Israel bombed hospitals, schools, airports, the bridge to syria and homes and streets that were used to escape lebanon and the lebanese duriing all of this hit israel a couple of times coming no where to children and civilians. Israel is greedy not jews BUT THE zionists they took land that isnt theres and now palistine isnt even found on the world map and over that israel in the westernmedia is always shown as the victim when in israel a young palistinine child was walking in a area she wasnt supposed to when she got lost and was shot instantly 5 times all over her body or rachel the american activist which a israelie bulldozer went over her because she wouldnt move away from the house which they were about to destoy while a palistinine family was in there or in the holy muslim month ramadan the israelie president cut off all water supply to the palistinine families. only if the western media would show both sides of the story just for once so many unheard stories full of hate and death not only on the palistinine side but on but only god knows, and soon the truth will show. NO religion permits killing and its wrong no matet! but just try for one month living on the palstinen side and encounter the problems they have to go through everyday.

    1. Just one question:why did you post on a site that is called "Arabs for Israel",if what you posted is the same propaganda spread by the Islamists and by the "Palestinian" leaders?

      I'm really curious to know....

      Hastaroth from Greece

  21. I am an Italian Christian Zionist, supporter of Israel, both parents are Catholic, I was raised Catholic, but years ago, I decided to leave the Catholic Church because I view it as Un-Biblical, and I am NOT an "Anti-Catholic Bigot" there is some beauty in Catholicism, I admit that, but I plan on officially joining a Protestant Church, anyway, I have studied BOTH Israeli/Jewish and Arab/Islamic-Palestinian sides of the Conflict, Israel almost always has the Moral upper hand, why can't the Arabs the Palestinians and Muslims of the World just STOP the hate, and admit the Jewish people have a right to their ancient homeland, I know it's not fair that many Palestinians lost their homes in 1948, but then LIFE ISN'T FAIR, I am 40 years old, 300 pounds Obese with High Blood Pressure, and Type II Diabetes, I just accept it, I don't complain and rant and rave endlessly over it, I just accept it, The Hatred of the Arabs/Palestinians and Muslims towards Israel and Jews is NOT morally justified

  22. The question that most of us ask now, arose before during the time of Muhammad s.a.w; preaching the words of God onto Arabia. Was Muhammad mentioned? This was the question by inhabitants of Arabia towards Jews that embraced Islam. And if we refer to the claim by past Jewish converts, they had quote verses from Isaiah 42.

    And if we look at the passages in Isaiah. God address His chosen servants with their names, and in the prophesied verse we see God mention clearly the prophet’s name. Some examples of God mentioning His servant by name.

    (My Servant Isaiah, My Servant Eliakim, David My Servant, Jacob My Servant, My Servant Israel, and so in Isaiah 42:1 , God specifically mention My Servant Ahmad)

    In Isaiah 42:1, it is deemed not a coincidence upon seeing the writing of both אתמך (Atmc) אחמד (Ahmd). And the word before אתמך (Atmc), is עבדי (Abedi~My Servant). For indeed, it is indicating Ahmad; Abedallah (Ahmad; Servant of God).

    Not to mention אתמך (Atmc) happen to be a special term foretelling the coming of a righteous man and is used only ONCE throughout the entire Book. [could this be a copying error or an intended error?]

    The prophecy tells about Ahmad; ‘Servant of God’ whom will war to correct the wrongs and bringing judgement based on the law of God. He will liberate act of worshiping molten images and thus Arabia (wilderness desert, villages and cities) will glorify God since then. As can be seen today, inhabitants of Arabia are worshiping,praising God and singing words of God daily. And inhabitants from all around the world gather there and voice out aloud their praise to God.

    And we continue reading Isaiah 42:18 – 25; God remind the ‘blind and deaf’ about the wrath of God towards Children of Israel, who neglect the message brought by past Servant of God.

    And not to repeat; the same mistake upon the coming of the new Servant of God