Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hope, Change and Peace

Yes, There ARE Arabs for Israel
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Dear Nonie,
Thank you for your courage and work. I am an Arab and Muslim and would like to express a view please.
The decadence and decline of the Arab world has started 900 years ago, there are no signs of improvement, however, there is hope. The salvation from this stagnation is the revival or the renaissance of Eretz Israel. It is Israel who will save the Arabs from obscurantism and the Arabs must act now before it is too late and give up hating, mistrusting and seeing the Jews as aliens. Israel!! A land of people who rose from their ashes. A phoenix of people who will bring enlightment and prosperity to the Arabs. The process may be difficult and painful but it is just as painful for the Jews to see so much suffering.
"One has to be cruel to be kind". How can we help the Arabs surmount the obstacles of their beliefs and prejudices and help them see the Jewish nation as the closest nation to us spiritually, linguistically, culturally and ethnically. Don't the Arabs know that the Jews are closer to us than Persians or Kurds or Turks? Jews have always been part of the Near East in particular and the Middle East in general. Don't they have the right to aspire for a homeland or should they just accept to live as second class citizens in foreign countries. Why is it acceptable for Arabs to persecute and kill other Arabs but when Israel act in self defence they shout "indignation"?

Yours sincerely.
Aisha Obeid