Monday, April 15, 2013

Israel & Muslims’ Myths

By Nasir Ali
I'm afraid I don't put much credence in common gossip but I overwhelmed and shocked about a nonsense generally raised question in the Muslim world, that should Israel even exist or should the Jews even have a homeland? It’s a completely hallucination and aberration even to ask, if Israel should exist. How silly, dehumanizing and insulting for a Muslim if I argue and ask same question in other way that Saudi Arabia has the right to exist? Why Muslims not understand and respect the feelings of 14 million Jews, why more than 1.6 billion Muslims downright hostile to the tiny Jewish state?
Sincerely Muslims’ concerns and miseries really touch my heart, although they deserve all such as natural retribution of their deeds. I cannot blame the Israel, Europe or USA for the ‘miseries’ of the Muslim countries. I can only blame Muslims’ common culture, mindset and their Madrasa based envenom education which used and abused to whole Muslims since centuries. I am convinced that their crisis is purely self-inflicted that has nothing to do with rest of the world.
It is prerequisite to understand that not all Arabs or Muslims hate Jews, (for example, I not hate Jews at all! Instead, I feel sympathy with them.), and vice-versa not all Jews hate Arabs and Muslims. Despite this fact, unfortunately both sides have antipathy and distrust for each other. In spite of all atrocities, must remember to those thousands of pious Jews who believe in the right of the Palestinians to their home land and pray desperately for peace that the both nations can live with peace and harmony. Quran called Jews and the Christians with honor ‘People of the Book’ and teaches that Muslims should treat them with respect as their own homie, this is the view about Jews and the Christians according the real Islam, traditional and practiced replica of Islam is not my concerned. The most important ground is their common belief and the faith in the one God of the entire macrocosm.
Apart of this, all the Jewish Prophets, including Moses (PBUH) and Abraham (PBUH) are honorable and respected by all Muslims without any discrimination or doubt and Muslim faith can not be completed without believe on Israeli Prophets (PBUH). Undoubtedly Jews and Arabs both are descendant of the Prophet Abraham (PBUH), but it is a lamentable fact that instead of developing mutual love as a result of these common grounds, the Jews and Muslims developed mutual animosity over the centuries. Despite so much misunderstanding and bemused situation between the Jewish and Muslims, in fact, there are several common factors that could instigate to have a better relationship instead of antagonism.
As a matter of fact, monotheist Islam and Judaism originating in same Semitic culture. On the contrary Christianity originated by interaction of ancient Greek and Hebrew cultures. Fundamentally Islam is very near to Judaism in its religious outlook, structure, jurisprudence and practice with the difference that traditionally Torah is in the scroll form and the Quran is in the codex form.
I want to assure that I adore and respect all human being including Muslims, what I am trying to say are to bring the truth in front of the Muslims to finally face reality and stop the game of hatred. What kind of this Muslims’ God who ordained his followers to kill more than 70% human beings of this planet if they don’t convert to Islam or being as dissenters; where it’s written in the holy Quran, I am not talking about so-called imposture “the Hadiths”? If Muslims are not ready to change and persist on such sick mentality then their persistence would end on disaster, waiting to happen.
Since the Muslims took control over the Arabian Peninsula until the born of the state of Israel in1948, due to the 20th century Zionist ideology; there were no direct wars and conflicts between Jews and Muslims, it is compulsory to ignore schadenfreude type psychos of both sides. Due the false ferment of stereotyping people, the ensued tension is rising day by day and it’s very difficult to change this demeanor that has become so deeply entrenched over the years.
With all due respect, I am not convinced with explanations for this animosity which goes all the way back to the Prophet Abraham (PBUH). The ancient root of bitterness between offspring of Prophet Isaac and Prophet Ismail (PBUH) has not any concern with all of the hostility between Jews and Muslims of our time. On the contrary, for thousands of year’s Middle Eastern history testifies that Jews and Arabs lived in peace and harmony with each other.
As a matter of fact, the primary cause of this hostility has political and economical origin. After dissolution of the Ottoman Empire and end of World War II, the United Nations gave a portion of the land which was inhabited by the Palestinians to the Jewish people as a new state Israel. Arabs protested vehemently against the Israel occupying their land. Since, there has been great abhorrence and bellicosity between tiny Israel and its Arab neighbors as Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Egypt.
I am curious and interested in Middle East politics because I spent 26 years in this volatile part of the world. I believe most of the Muslims would not share my sentiments about Israel’s moral right to existence. The situation in the Muslim world is envenoms and dangerous enough if you happen to be a friend of Israel. You can’t imagine the intensity of oppugn and confrontation against an alleged Muslim friend of Israel face in any Muslim country, you can’t afford to be.
The pattern of the history revels that the Babylonians, the Persians, the Romans, the Othman all civilizations after reaching their maturity, finally vanished. I am really astonished and do appreciate that contrary to every historical precedent this is not the case with the Jews, this small number of people scattered around the world continued to exert influence on history survived throughout four thousand years of human history. Our world population has now reached up to seven billion people. Demographic information revels that this population consists as 32% Christian, 23% Muslim, 15% Hindu, 7% Buddhist, and only 0.2% Jewish. There are only fourteen million Jews in the world. These are the Jews whose intellectual output has enriched the whole of humanity. Over the past century other than Peace Prizes, only three Nobel Prizes have been won by 1.7 billion Muslims, while fourteen million Jews have acquired one-hundred-eighty Nobel Prizes!
The most beneficent philanthropists in the world are also Jews, George Soros and Walter Annenberg is well known names in the list of top altruists in history.
I am compel to admit, without any prejudice that the Jews are the most persistent and tenacious nation in the entire human history.
I am very much convinced that war is the apotheosis of human doltishness. In all over the history, human population remained engaged in (most of the notorious wars were fought on the name of the GOD) miseries of wars due to two basic causes. Firstly, the abnegation to tolerate differences and secondly, the active enjoyment derived from hurting each other, although they can best voice their disapproval of such actions.
History is full of the examples that the word “God” used to justify cruel actions of war and violence. It is also common practice to even enjoy other’s pain, just by denouncing each other as an infidel, with the malicious believe that opponent is also destined for eternal agony. We forced to suffer other human beings for the sake of bounty of the God. We all get angry at others for various perceived offenses, and enjoy (meanest and nastiest mirth) with believe that our opponent is going to Hell, heedlessly of how much they already suffered in life. I am confident that no one would ever admit to it, of course, but it’s a primitive passion innate in human being, and precisely the contention of the ever holy war. Sounds interesting, does not it?
And what are these unbridled, bacchanalian horrendous wars, worst moments when human being can act with utter contempt for the rest of the human being; the invaders stormed, ransacked buildings and massacre of unarmed civilian’s even children, rape of the women, people tortured by varying methods and hacked to pieces. I can see and feel in the history that horses waded in blood up to their knees. All these brutalities in the name of the God, despite the fact that the Bible, the Quran and all other holy books stated, “Love your enemies, mercy, tolerance and forgiveness!”
Since the born of Israeli state there are more than a dozen wars have been fought again on the name of the God between the Israel and her neighbor Arab States, which weakened relations severely among these two monotheistic nations. It is diabolical and contemptible that everyone fought and still fighting on the name of the God. Both World Wars Allied leaders Woodrow Wilson of the United States, David Lloyd of Britain, Vittorio Orlando of Italy, and Georges Clemenceau of France, The aggressors Adolf Hitler, General Hideki Tojo, Benito Mussolini, The defenders Winston Churchill, Neville Chamberlain, Joseph Stalin, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and recent Dictators Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, Hafez al-Assad and over-the-top two Bushes, Tony Blair, David Cameron, Taliban and Obama Bin Laden also, all were and are fighting on the name of the God!
I am a prominent supporter of Israel, strongly believe that the return of the Jews to their Holy land and the formation of the Israel are not against the Holy Quran or the Islam and there is nothing wrong in establishment of this country. There is no question or doubt that Jerusalem was established by the Israeli King cum Prophet David (PBUH) and his son Suleiman the magnificent who was also a Prophet (PBUH). Due to Jesus (PBUH) Jerusalem and Bethlehem are holiest cities for Christians too. As far as Muslims’ concerned their lull is mere a yarn or fairy tale, Night Journey or the ‘Isra Al Mirage’ of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) is related to his migration from Mecca to Medina nothing concerned with Jerusalem.
There is rhetoric and there is a reality, obdurate Muslim educators have never officially revel the truth about the Israeli people and the real history and what Jerusalem means to Jewish nation. They are spoiling their generations by distorted history about the Jews and Jerusalem that it was a Muslim holy city simply because Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) dreamt one night that he went to the farthest mosque but he never meant it Jerusalem. According the history there was not any mosque situated at the time of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), and where it is mentioned in the Quran about any such ridiculously implausible journey to Jerusalem; on the contrary it is mentioned hundreds of times in the Bible as the heart and soul of the Jewish people. Frantic Muslims loosed all moral compass and never respect Jews’ religion or their holy city and always claimed them as Muslim land. Muslim conquerors convert Jewish Temple Mount 100 years after the Prophet Mohammed’s demised. Muslim conquerors built the mosque right on top of it. I winced at the thought; just imagine if Jews or Christians built a church or synagogue on the place of Kaaba in Mecca, how Muslims would feel.
If Muslims feel love, respect, attraction and affection for these holy cities or holy Israel due to Israeli Prophets, Jesus or due to any reason, I do not think Jews or Christians have any objection or there is any reason of brawl in it! Complications start when Muslims claim their only sole jurisdiction on these cities and want to evict real heir-apparent. According to my interpretation and as per Quranic verses, Jews have unconditional and fundamental right to dwell as a nation in their own land which God gave to the progeny of Prophet Jacob (PBUH), a grandson of Prophet Abraham (PBUH). I am quoting few verses of the Holy Quran, testifying the giving of a land known as ‘ISRAEL’ by the God himself to the Jews:
1. And We caused the people who were considered weak to inherit the eastern parts of the land and the western parts thereof, which We blessed. And the gracious word of thy Lord was fulfilled for the children of Israel because they were steadfast; and We destroyed all that Pharaoh and his people had built and all that they had erected. [Al-A`raf:138]
2. And after him We said to the children of Israel, ‘Dwell ye in the land; and when the time of the promise of the latter days comes, We shall bring you together out of various peoples.’ [Bani Isra'il:105]
3. And We assigned to the children of Israel an excellent abode, and We provided them with good things, and they differed not until there came to them the knowledge. Surely, thy Lord will judge between them on the Day of Resurrection concerning that in which they differed. [Yunus:94]
4. And We saved him (Prophet Abraham PBUH) and Lot (PBUH) and brought them to the land which We blessed for the peoples. [Al-Anbiya:72] And We bestowed upon him Isaac (PBUH), and as a grandson, Jacob (PBUH), and We made all of them righteous. [Al-Anbiya:73]
Another point is also very clear from the Holy Quran that only God the cognizance, has the authority and ascendancy of animadversion or to ask regarding deeds of human being, not any other human being, and the God shall ask on the day of Resurrection not while we are all in examination on this planet. Suppose even Jews are wrong, sinful and at fault, then who gave any such authority to Muslims to castigate and censure Jews and hold them accountable? Apart of that, all wrong doings and sins which Muslims append and attribute with the Jews, in fact they and their holy ancestors are also tainted the same, since centuries. Hence morally Muslims are not in such position to animadvert Jews (an evil in which most people indulge). Jews are really so bad and evil then why God helped them and let them survived all over their history?
I am not the enemy of Arabs or non-Arab Muslims, but I also having soft corner as a human being for the Jews as well. I am speaking according my conscience; I respect and acknowledge Jewish’s right to live in peace in their teeny inherited homeland, Israel. I can realize and understand intensity of Muslims’ rage very well, it’s taboo to love or feel soft corner or wishing well for the Jews in Muslims’ aberrant doctrine. Even their beliefs have deprived them loving all of humanity as equals, resulting in self-imposed isolation and non-integration with other nations. This isolation and their so-called jihad against infidels has become increasingly difficult for themselves first, consequently they are irritated and cornered. Around the world mortified Muslims, unable to relate to the rest of the world are trying desperately to reform Islam’s image and deny the undeniable by patching. One hand they insist that Islam is a religion of peace;
on the other hand, hell-bent on conquering the world by force in the charade of Islam.
Muslims’ outlook about human life is absolutely pessimistic, describing it as meaningless, even laughing and giggling is objectionable and prohibited in their doctrine as being improper and that God do not like to laugh or chortle; with believe that Muslim’s life on this planet not created for happiness, everlasting happiness and pleasures will be only after dying in the paradise. Their rejection of life is not simply result of coincidence, since they do not feel any worth of life, then they must concurred death. This is the brief philosophy of behind so-called jihad. The result of this ideology emanate in the functioning of the Muslim’s individual personality, family life, society and in broad spectrum in the whole Muslim world, consisting 52 countries from Indonesia to the Morocco.
This ideology is by product of their Sharia books, you will find that the most excruciating and humiliating, atrocious corporal punishments, officially never approved in any civilized society on this planet, are highly appreciated in their dogma. Only a society and religion which promote and demands war and terror can promote such savageness. Muslims, dictated by Sharia, are deceived by such pretensions, hypocrisy and double life consequently they find it hard to be honest. Thereupon due to this dilemma entire Muslim world turned in dysfunctional society, and if any one point out their flaw or caviled on their mistake that treat Jews and others as human beings and not attribute them as enemies to conquer, they do not delay to label him “APOSTATE,” with death certificate.
My some ex-friends used to ask me: “They can understand that I am no more Muslim, but even being an apostate how can you support the Jews and the state of Israel?” Without consternation, I never take such questions seriously because I am very well aware Muslims’ mindset. Loving, accepting and feeling good about Jews is unthinkable and an act of treason to Islam itself. Muslims’ believe that Jews are the descendants of apes, pigs and they are enemy of the God forever, still use the same medieval dynamics. I have never heard from a single Muslim preacher to preach love for Jews and accept their human rights as Muslims’.
Any how, I am not concerned and bothered with Muslims’ believes, if they want to stay in schizophrenia in their envenomed lunatic asylums, be my guest! But my contention is that why they want to impose and foist such inferred life style on the Jews and rest of the world? Let them to live and enjoy their life right here on the earth which is also according the Quran as well.
Any one who has even basic understanding of Muslim’s faith and culture should aware their hostile rhetoric and tenets about Jews. Each Islamic country has separated multiple religious hierarchies, and none is intent or destined to acknowledge the leadership of any other. From medieval epoch to recent Mullahs, leading religious scholars, officials, Sheikhs all indulged in competition for just authority and power and not agree on any point on the name of Islam; even sighting of moon is a cause of contention in Muslims’ world. But I should praised and do applaud that at least they are united against the tiny state of Israel.
Despite vehement animosity among Shias and Sunnis, the two dominant factions of the Muslims, extremely vexatious relations, but their doctrine about the Israel is exactly the same; then I am not astonished when come to know about Iranian president Ahmadinejad’s repeated anti Israel views as he described, “Israel should wiped off the map,” that is the reason I am coerced to admit, Muslims are still not civilized.
The Arab Israel conflict is like a hot cake product in Muslim world as animosity is their religious duty against the Jews; I’ve experienced this trend personally. Being as a Muslim you are expected and qualified to hate and prejudice with the Jews and the state of Israel and if you are not then you are an apostate, atheist and heterodox. Moderate, liberal and free-thinking are the rear minorities in the Muslim world.
I support the right of the Jewish people to live in their own ancient homeland. And expect from every pious human being should favor of recognizing the right of Israel to exist. I feel that Israel is vital for the stability of this planet. I do praise and applaud the strength of the Jewish spirit that refused to surrender despite the thousand of years of barbaric treatment with them around the world. I am fully convinced that God created this earth and this world is incomplete without Jews and I would not hesitate to condemn to those who portray the Israelis as rapscallion, scoundrel or villains.
I not find any reason to condemn Israel, the only Middle Eastern state which surrendered by hostile Arab countries, with real democracy, regardless of religion or race extends equal rights to all her citizens. Muslims are also enjoying same rights in Israel as Jews; on the contrary non-Arab Muslims are ill treated, pariah and discriminated in any other Arab Muslim country including Saudi Arabia and oil rich Gulf States in the Middle East. Oil rich Muslim Gulf States of the Middle East are in fact police states, discrimination among human beings is their fundamental policy in every aspect of the society; openly racial bigotry, discreteness and injustice in jobs, medical services, government and private offices every where you will experience the same even in mosques. Arabs usually not feel comfortable and complacent to see a non Arab Muslim sitting in first row next to them for prayers.
Encroachment, transgression and discreteness are up to this extent that water and electric utility bills are different for different people in one country under one government. A continuum starts with minor transgressions and extended up to series criminal activities and violation of human rights in the all Muslim societies, and what a impudence that they really think and boosted, claimant that they are the only harbingers of human rights, manners and equality!
Despite the topsy-turvy situation of the Middle East, I strongly recommend and advise to the Israel and the Jews according to Psalm 122:6, “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem! May they prosper who love you [the Holy City]” Israel should seek peace, harmony and restrained despite provocative situation and offer respect for Arab neighbors regardless of their stubborn and uncompromised attitude.
Being as a sincere and real Muslim I really feel shame how Muslims has treated the Jews. I can simply admonish to Muslims to seek redemption and take pleasure of forgiveness and extend their hands for reconciliation and peace towards all human being including the Jewish.
Dear reader, I have written all above after in-depth study of Muslims’ history, Holy Quran and my personal 26 years long experience in the Arab world and to be honest, according to my conscience. I wish I could spend rest of my life in Jerusalem!

God Bless on Israel, Amen!

Nasir Ali,,


  1. I am so glad that I found this blog. I come from a Jewish/Torah observant background before coming to Islam. So when I converted, I was shocked to see the high level of anti semitism of some of the Muslims, to the point that it was discouraging to my faith. Sometimes some of the dawah organizations in the west try to state that the behavior of some Muslims is propaganda of the Western Media. But once you become Muslim, you see how many really think. I support Israel, just like any other country. Muslims have to understand other people and other faiths want a place of their own too. Muslims have Mecca and Medina, which are larger than Israel. In these cities no Muslims can even enter, an outsider might claim this to be discrimination. I don't support some of the military and laws of Israel, but that can be said about many countries. There were many evil things in the USA done to minorities such as murder, rape, discrimination. This is still happening in some areas, but that doesn't stop many Muslims from flocking here for dreams of education and careers. We have to stop the hate and show the world a good example of what Islam and Muhammad(peace be upon him), or no one will want to be Muslim, or those who do join Islam will soon leave.

  2. Nasir, I enjoyed this essay and appreciate the work you put into writing it. Thank you.
    May everyone, not just hateful extremist Muslims, think the way you do - you're a very thoughtful and logical person.
    Best of luck to you, and God bless.

  3. Very nice read.

    As a European with both Jewish and Muslim family, i too am concerned about the Muslim attitude towards Jews.
    In many European countries Jews get frequently haressed by Muslims, Jewish Synagogues get damaged and so on. Worse of all is that other Muslims often seem to justify this type of behaviour, rather then aggressively speaking out against it.


  4. Nasir Ali, let us hope that Christians learn from your words and stop spreading hatred message to ignorant individuals.

    "Quran called Jews and the Christians with honor ‘People of the Book’ and teaches that Muslims should treat them with respect as their own homie, this is the view about Jews and the Christians according the real Islam, traditional and practiced replica of Islam is not my concerned. The most important ground is their common belief and the faith in the one God of the entire macrocosm."

    Although this is the perspective from a Muslim, so these so called Christian "fighters" for peace in the Middle East has in its agenda that it is the Jews' fault that peace does not exist between Arabs and Israelis (Jews).

    These Christians are equally skilled to torpedo peace chance as the Islamists doing.

  5. Dear friend, Shalom

    It's my duty as well as a great pleasure to bring into this document all the necessary elements to allow you to recognize Rael, the Mashiach. The Jewish people has suffered so much, it is now a great joy to know that he is finally among us!


  7. I am agree with you Nasir and i appreciate the work you put into writing

  8. Oh this thing called faith, which should perhaps be capitalized, Faith. It's who has got the stronger imaginary friend, isn't it? And I'm a Jew, a person of faith I must add. Muslims,Jews,Christians and even Hindus have seen their religion hijacked by the right. The wicked are strong. Thanks for the thoughtful blog posts.