Thursday, January 31, 2013

Egypt activist advocates for better ties with Israel

See: The Jerusalem Post: Egypt activist advocates for better ties with Israel


  1. Thanks for the great post on your blog, it really gives me an insight on this topic.

  2. i was amazed to read about the incident in the sinai border
    in our media, we heard that there was a terrorist killing some people, and when the israeli soldiers ran after him towards the sinai desert, they mistook 2 egyptian soldiers for the terrorist, and accidentally shot and killed them
    i saw the egyptians getting very angry at israel over that, and couldnt understand. "they dont understand that it was an accident?" i thought. i mean, these things happen in armies when there's shootings. i'm sure the israeli soldiers wouldn't shoot an egyptian soldier (or any other soldier or anyone else) if he didnt do anything. they shot him by accident. we're all sorry for that.
    i was amazed to read in that article that the egyptian media said nothing about the terrorist who attacked and fled back to sinai, and that the egyptians were basically told once again, that israelis like to kill people for no reason
    it of course couldnt be farther from the truth
    we (jews/israelis) are normal people, and dont kill people for fun, like any other person wouldnt kill anyone for fun or for no reason
    this media thing has to stop
    it causes so much hatred
    im an israeli, and i think i speak in the name of 99.5% of the israeli jews who live in israel, when i say we have nothing against egyptians, lebanese, syrians, jordanians, morrocans, saudi arabians or anyone else. we'd love to be able to travel to these places. i was in sinai a few times and had fun. we never understand why arabs hate us so much, and now i understand that its all the media's fault. showing us really really really in bad light