Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Poem by Iraqi poet Alaa Alsaegh

Cries From The Heart of the Holocaust (in Arabic):


  1. Please allow other languages...Thank you!

  2. I cant see the video...but i have heard of what they did to you, Mr.Alsaegh and i just wanted to say to you- THANK YOU for your courage and for your open heart.
    G-D will heal you and bring you comfort and strength.
    Honor and dignity you posses in abundance already.
    peace brother!
    Talia from Israel

  3. Please, might we see an English translation? Thank you.

  4. Might be nice to put in english subtitles. Then more of us could understand your position.

  5. It would be great to publish this poem in writing or to tell readers where to obtain it.

  6. I watched the interview on Glenn Beck today. Please have the iraqi gentleman contact me regarding work. alan@alansills.com

  7. It would be useful if an English translation of this gentleman's poem were made available. After an hours search on the internet I was still unsuccessful . Thank you for your site. We must all pursue a radical peace regardless of our faith or politics.

  8. This gives me hope. God bless.

  9. Alaa,
    May the Lord Yeshua HaMashiach bless you for your courage. I would love to know how your poem reads in English. Is there a way to post below the video?
    In Christ, our risen Lord and Savior

  10. My high school Arabic, unfortunately, is both rusty and limited. Furthermore, I have just been informed that the video with Mr. Alsaegh's poem is not available in my country (Israel).

    But seeing as Mr. Alsaegh has recently been attacked and mutilated in St. Louis, Missouri, both because he converted to Christianity and because he wrote and broadcast the above poem, I have to say to my dear cousin Alaa Alsaegh that he is not alone. I, a Jew, shed tears for him. The Star of David that they carved on his back is a badge of honor. I would gladly wear it myself. In fact, it's already carved on my soul. Never let the haters silence or intimidate you, dear cousin.

  11. I don't understand Arabic, but you are a very brave human being. May you have a life full of blessings for your courage!

  12. I live in Israel and this is not available to me! Maybe you
    post an English translation??

  13. Dear cousin,

    My rusty high school Arabic would probably not help me to understand your poem, which is also unavailable here in Israel.

    But I have heard how you were assaulted in St. Louis, Missouri, and a Magen David carved on your back. This breaks my heart. We Jews have so few friends in the world, and unfortunately even fewer among Arabs though we are cousins and so very similar.

    I have wept for you. You now bear the mark of honor that every Jew bears on his/her soul. Ours was put there by G-d, yours by a gang of vicious thugs, who were unwitting messengers of G-d. Wear it with humble pride.

    Stay strong, dear cousin. You are not alone, and many are now praying for you. Never let the haters silence you.

  14. I wish this was translated into English.

    Thanks for posting. Your scars on your back are a sign now, of God's glory in light of your conversion. God bless and keep you.

  15. We highly appreciate this in israel

  16. I'm in Israel and can't view this as it's "not available in your country." Howzat for irony...

  17. I don’t understand Arabic, but I appreciate that your heart cries. Because my heart always cries for our lost.

    In September of forty first in Belarus,
    Bombarding stopped, the front moved east.
    Germans prevailed. Soviets lost.
    A new word was introduced, fascist.

    The order was given; the city was chilled.
    Fascists declared their final verdict:
    All Jews in the world supposed to be killed,
    And then the world would be free of conflict.

    Germans are armed to prevent any panic.
    Jews only guessed what all this was about.
    They brought their children, oldies, and sick.
    An action “peacefully” was carried out.

    Heavy footsteps of the sorrowful column
    Filled empty streets with the deadliest rhythm.
    Windows were shut. Help didn’t come.
    Jews footsteps beat their final anthem.

    “Neighbors! Have mercy! Rescue my children!”
    Silence was an answer. No one saved Jews.
    “Please have some pity, if you are Christian!”
    Nobody cared. Jews were refused.

    A machine gun stood on the ditch edge.
    There was already a pile of dead
    Beneath the bloody twenty foot ledge.
    “You! Schmutzigen Juden, walk ahead!”

    Germans are calmed, their movements are simple.
    “Take off your cloth!” They didn’t feel any guilt.
    It’s hard to undress murdered people.
    With dead kids and women the ravine was filled.

    Naked Jews faithfully stood in a line,
    White like chalk because of cold and fear
    Sheepdogs growled completing the design
    Of the killing action. Germans sneered.

    Just twenty steps to the ledge, to nowhere.
    Just twenty steps of the rest of the time.
    Fascists were certain the world wouldn’t hear
    How they committed the most gruesome crime.

    The officer played God! He felt cool and smart!
    Confident, handsome redhead
    Searched thru the line of naked for a sweetheart
    “You! Jew girl! Step ahead!”

    She made a step forward, holding her chin up,
    As wind played with curls of her hair.
    She glanced at her father. She nodded, letup
    A proud smile without fear.

    “I’ll kill you tomorrow with the rest of the Jews.
    Tonight you will sleep in my bed.
    So thank your great God, because I chose only a few.
    All other simply die instead.”

    Her brown eyes met his blue eyes with no fear.
    She glanced at the ravine from the bottom- up.
    Her beauty was worthy of the rhyme of Shakespeare.
    And suddenly her hand flied up.

    She grabbed a handful of his hair, pulling back his head.
    She sank her strong white teeth into his throat,
    Arching and leaning her beautiful firm youthful breast
    Against a swastika on his grey coat.

    The soldiers were shocked and still they stood.
    The officer struggled for a bit of breath.
    The soldiers were armed but afraid to shoot,
    While the girl choked him to death.

    She turned to a demon from a sweetheart.
    She held him firm and tight
    The soldiers tried to pull them apart,
    She won’t let him see the sun light.

    Into the grave filled with dead Jews
    They both rolled down. Without fright
    She pulled with her the entire crew.
    She didn’t let him loose. Her teeth locked tight.

    A shot sent a bullet into her forehead,
    But her teeth still locked on him tight.
    He was confident, handsome redhead.
    And now he simply died.

    For several days in revenge they killed.
    There was no chance to survive.
    With dead Jewish bodies the ravine was filled.
    From thousands just one stayed alive.

    He brought us a story about the crime
    That was committed without shame.
    And that we honor the girl thru time.
    Sima Shteiner was her name.

    Louise Prister, Oct 2011

  18. I wish someone would translate it to English.

  19. I'd appreciate a text translation into either English or Chinese, since I do not know Arabic.

  20. I have no ideia what is saying, but I love it! :) Could anyone translate it to english, please?

  21. Can I please get a list of all of the Muslims who support Israel? I'd like to meet all three of them.

  22. Hello, Alaa, i did read about your experience because of your poem through the journalist:Jamie Glazov. I would like you to know i am praying for you that The Lord God of All heaven and earth give you strength. God Bless YOU in my Savior's Name The Lord Jesus Christ.

  23. This is a wonderful website! Thank you so much. Let us comtinue to work together for peaceful solutions.

    G-d bless you and your work!

  24. Thanks so much for your poem. It is so courageous of you to write it when this world is full of hatred. I know you suffered from the attack because you wrote this poem. But your strength and your words help the world to become better. Any sane person who knows your story will look at the world with different eyes and will be more willing to pursue peace than war. Your impact is much stronger than diplomatic or political actions. God bless you!

  25. Palestine will be free
    Vive HAMAS

    The 3rd INTIFADA ... Soon >>

  26. God bless you brother, you are so courageous to write and publish this poem, I stand beside you 100%. If I never meet you here on earth I will definetley meet uou in Heaven.

  27. This video is not available in your Country?
    But i'm in Italy, not in Islamic Country!!

  28. Michael Chmela, I am an austrian, 54 years old. And I am so sorry and I feel also ashame. I lived all my outer live in peace and I did not experience war and holocaust. But this traumatas came also about me. Nolens volens we are involved. I know that I know nothing. But my small soul, when I think about Shoa, comes to the answer. That Jews were hated because the know and live the Thora. The Truth. And I am praying that many people will understand the Thora. And I please you, tell my people your understanding of the Thora, when they ask you to do. For me became the Thora like water in the dessert. And I am so thankful to the jewish people to bring and beware of the Thora. It is the born of everything. She is straight and clear, not mixed up. And I pray for open hearts. In Iraque and everywhere. And it touched me verry deep when I read in the entrance of Yad Va Shem: Hesekiel. HE will give live back to the bones. Todah rabah for everything, - and now I am quiet.

  29. God bless true soul and brave heart.

  30. hi, I live in Indonesia and almost all people here hate Jews, because they say that they stand by the Palestinian. So, it's such a great honor to watch this poem, although I don't understand Arabic. Thank you for your courage. You, your story and poem will strengthen other Christians and Muslims who support the Jews and pray for the peace in Middle east.
    Jesus bless you and always give you strength :)

  31. am also an Iraqi and suported ISrael for always and even when i was a kid my friends did go with me or talke with me becouse i was pro israel so as many whos pro israel we are suffering from the enemies of israel ... hope this will end one day.. am israel hai !

  32. hi
    i'm from israel, i cant watch the poem on youtube and couldnt find it anywhere else. it says its not visible in my country (israel)
    if possible, i'd like very much to hear it
    as many israelis, we like arabic music and songs, but are not used to arabs showing any kind of normal human feelings towards us.
    if an arab talks about the holocaust - its usually denial. if an arab talks about israel - its usually hate. but above all - and very puzzling to all us israelis - full of distortions of the truth
    i never understood why that is. though its obvious to all israelis that arabs hate us, it is not clear to any of us why it is. we usually dont understand if the words of hate and distorted truth are lies, misinformation, combination of the two, or something else. it always seem like in the eyes of arabs we're the worst of the worst, and dont really understand why
    i only recently learned from nonie darwish's lecture on youtube, that its actually brainwash of very young age, and also that slandering non-muslims is ok and welcome under islam
    so i guess people hear lies, and tell lies, and in the end, not even they know what is true and what is other people's lies
    all my grandparents were holocaust survivors, who escaped poland
    anyways, i really hope that one day, this horrible conflict will end. israel is on the topic of this conflict for 65 years now. every day starting the news editions, day by day. bombing here, killing there, international pressures, peace conferences that never succeed.
    i know most israelis would happily give the west bank to a palestinian state, if they thought there would actually be peace. but since no one believes that - only 50% are for it, and it doesnt happen, and the war continues, and i can no longer go eat pita+thina on the beaches of sinai :)
    if possible, please make the youtube clip visible in israel
    thanks a lot
    godspeed with what you're doing :)

  33. please, if possible, make that video visible in israel
    i cannot watch it on youtube, or anywhere else..