Monday, April 4, 2011

British Muslims for Israel


  1. I admire this young man for standing up for the courgae of his convictions.

    May G-d Bless him and keep him safe, because he will need all of our prayers

  2. Hasan Afzal and The British Muslims for Israel are to be complimented. They are like a breathe of fresh air. However, Hasan describes himself as coming from a secular Muslim family. Secular means not associated with a religion. You cannot be a secular Christian, Hindu or Muslim etc. You can be a secular Briton, Pakistani, Indian, Indonesian and Israeli etc. Therefore it would appear that Hasan Afzal has no religious belief and he would seem at best to be a person with a Muslim background, but he is apparently not a mosque attending, Allah worshipping Muslim. Stuart Parsons

  3. You are a wonderful person. This interview gives me hope. My fervent prayer is that the Arab world had more leaders like you. Israel has an economy the size of Belgium, so too could Palestine. Together they could be greater than the sum of their parts.

  4. You are as brave as the Germans that risked their lives to save Jews in WW2.
    I am not Israeli or of the Jewish faith, but I am very frightened for both people at this moment.
    I hope more will follow in your footsteps and you have certainly inspired me.

  5. Dear Nonie: Just finished your book "They Call Me Infidel".. Superb! I am a Christian and I can not adequately express my admiration for your courage. We in the U.S. need desperately to open our eyes to the truth of radical Islam. It is hard to believe how we can be so blind. I was raised in a military family (my Dad retired as a Lt. Col), was in Europe in WWII and identified himself always as an officer of the greatest military in the world. Whatever happened to "identify the enemy". We have no chance to stop an enemy we don't define. I consider you my dear sister, and pray for your safety and stamina in the struggle to alert our country of the dangers that are now not only on the outside, but deeply dug into our fabric. My sister who is a lawyer was at the World Trade Center that terrible morning at the Hilton, due at a conference in Tower One at 9:00 a.m. My daugher lost a dear friend that morning. All they recovered was his shoe. How can we be lulled into such foolishness. The aim of our enemies has not changed. God bless you! I have to believe that what my God stands for is conquers all, but foolish love conquers nothing. Helen

  6. You are gonna be destroyed. Israel is a killer,and killers must be prisoned or killed.You prisoned yourself and your death is soon. I do not care what do you say to me such as anti semitist or sth. And you think you are arabs for israel , I just say you are idiots.

  7. Thank you. I don't know how to express my appreciation for your words and how to express my gratitude for your courage. Blessings to you and your loved ones.
    Bracha G
    Jerusalem, Israel

  8. It's wonderful to see so many who respect others and want peace. I'm neither Jewish or Muslim, but a Christian. Although we each believe in God, and our belief systems are different, we know the need to be civil, respectful and compassionate toward one another as our faith instructs us to be. I see hateful people who use their religion against others and it is very disheartening...Christians, Muslims, and Jews. I have friends of various religious beliefs...Jewish, Muslim, Catholic, Mormon, etc...we understand each other and love one another, no matter our beliefs. I pray you're successful in your efforts to promote peace in this world. Godspeed, dear friends.

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  10. I pray every night for all involved.The forces of darkness want a fight, they long for it and you can see and feel anger building in all the small towns everywhere.

  11. Shouldn't the name of this site be "Arab for Israel" -- remove the s?

  12. Nothing posted since April???


  14. watch peace, propaganda and the promised land.

  15. Israel should be an example not a target and i think when we learn lessons from a nation who recovered in a short space of time after the holocaust we will flourish in the middle east. I really do love israel and often get verbally attack for it but what can i say......

    check me out at

  16. I don't mean to start trouble on a forum for unity but would you be alright with Jews praying on the har habayis would like your feedback

  17. Doing an assignment for college and it is nice to see that not all arabs support the destruction of Isreal. You make the human race proud.

  18. I am not jewish nor a Muslim, I am a Hindu, but I liked your views on Israel.

  19. It is such a relief to hear this.

    My impression was that Muslims hated Israel and wanted it destroyed.

    God will judge the nations as to who harmed Israel, and who had not.

    People need to understand that the land of Israel is God's property, not man's.

    And He expects those that live there to live in peace with one another.

    May God bless you for working for peace, instead of war.


  20. American Back To The IndianNovember 3, 2011 at 4:50 AM

    Nice to know there are people within the Arab/Muslim community that want peace. It is however a shame there is not more activity here. Wish there were more that have the courage to face the violent who like to eliminate opposing opinion. God Bless

  21. That is an interesting article:

  22. You can see that this is the kind of man that has respect for human life and truely wants peace.

  23. I'm also a Palestinian born into a Muslim family. Ever since I learned to educate myself I saw that Israelis are indeed treated unfairly and I support Israel actively (although anonymous because of obvious reasons).

    Blessings and Health to Israel. You have a brother here too.

  24. Thank you, you are paving the way for people of all ages to wake up and acknowledge that israel is a nation that is built on equal rights, morals and peace, and is here to stay. Because peace is worth fighting for. Unlike what the antisemites within the west bank, gaza and across the middle-east are fighting for, domination, destruction, greed and the objective to strike fear into their enemy's via terrorism. You have great courage for being able to speak out for what you believe. For the world's sake I hope your successful in your efforts to promote peace.

  25. Wow, really amazing..keep up the good work!

  26. Love and kiss to all of you from TLV !!!

  27. Mz. Darwish,

    I just finished watching your presentation on C Span 2, about your book, "the Devil we don't know". I am American. I was shocked to learn about Sheria Law, and Islam.

    I think the more people know about this, the better for the whole world. The Arab revolutions taking out leaders who want to be friendly to the west,the law that says Arab leaders must be killed for wanting democracy, 'honor killings' , playing the victim in dealings with the west, as a matter of religous obligation, lying to obfuscate that religion's tenants, always in Jihad against Isreal and the west, not only as a religion, but as a law in 50 Muslim countries, Muslim leaders talking war against Isreal and the west to keep their jobs. President Obama needs to see your C-Span presentation, as every member of our government, every school child, every presidential hopeful, every person in Isreal and the west.

    I can't thank you enough for your efforts in educating western cultures in what Sheria Law, and Islam really are, and it is my duty as a citizen of the planet, who wants the planet to come out of this masculine driven war-like ideology, to spread this info to everyone I know. If this info spreads, we may find a solution to the problem peacefully, in that, it will change the way the game is played, diplomatically. A lot needs to change in America (we have religious nuts here too, and lots of ignorance about lots of things), but with people trying to inform the masses, maybe one day, the masses become informed.

    Thanks again, and Peace!

  28. Thank you so much. I could live in a two state solution with you guys tomorrow and you are welcome to my house in Jerusalem and I would only service non alcoholic wine!