Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Adam, our newest Egyptian Member (now living in Australia)

I was born to a religious father, a sheikh and imam of a mosque in Egypt. I had big confusion and serious questions about Islam. My dad never answered my questions which were based on logic. He told we practice Islam as it is because Allah told us to do so. So I wanted to convert to Christianity then was illegally detained in Shirbin police station ( Aman Eldawla or state security service). Then I was released after horrible miracle under was illegally detained again and they took a copy of my national ID. Then a year passed ( I was living this year in extreme fear from getting abused physically) the 25th revolution 2011 happened then i have a brother in Australia who helped me to get out of Egypt. I am now in Australia. I love Israel and want peace with Israel and all cultures. I don't like Egyptian army and it's mandatory conscription system that's why I'm a conscientious objector. Egyptian army killed thousands of protestors and  i dont agree with killing protestors regardless of their political or religious faiths. I'm now a student studying IT. I always admire you and your views, you are so open minded smart lady. I'd like to join your organisations and even hopefully we make branches for your organisations here if possible. Praise The Lord.



As you can see in the video, Adam affirms his position for all the world to hear!  
Thanks, Adam!  Glad to have you with us.


  1. Brave man, i also support Israel's right to eixst- i'm an Egyptian Muslim, love all people and dont judge anyone based on their religion. Muslims in Syria,Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria etc have killed HUNDEREDS OF THOUSANDS OF OTHER MUSLIMS but we never hear a word about this & no one makes a big deal but when Isreal do something its like the end of the world..Give me a break!!!

    PS: As i do support Israel, i believe they take things too far also,example is Gaza, instead of bombing the entire city, go in with a tactical team, kill hamas leaders, prop up Abbas secular PLO & support Palestinian economy..when you go in and kill 600 civilians by doing this they create more hate & anomosity & lead moderate Muslims into the hatered of what radicals teach.

  2. Dear Modern Pharoah,
    Thank you for being objective and pro-Israel. My only objection is that you said that Israel takes things too far. Are you aware that thousands of missiles are fired on Israel regularly by Hamas? Are you aware that they started all of this when they kidnapped and killed 3 Israeli teenagers!!! but of course they lie and call the teenagers soldiers!!! Are you aware that it was Hamas who refused the ceasefire? Are you aware that Hamas targets civilians? Are you aware that Hamas uses its citizens as human shield? Let us face the truth, it is Arabs who love war and jihad and thrive in war. Arabs don't want peace and you know it, modern Pharoah, you just referred to what Muslims are doing to each other all over the world!!!!