Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Glazov Gang-Nonie Darwish on How Arabic Stifles Freedom


  1. I found Nonie's comment about the beauty of the Arab language, coupled with its intellectual sterility to be intriguing. As someone who is essentially limited to English, perhaps the best analogy I can come up with is to opera (of which most lyrics are in languages I don't understand). But the beauty of grand opera comes through to me, even though the intellectual content may be rather vapid.

  2. everyone in the west should read Nonie, I just found her on c-span...Her insights on all things islam are profound for all Americans...

  3. LOL!!!!! Nonie, I was born a Lebanese Catholic, and I admire how you blame the 'backwardness' experienced in the muslim countries on the language, not Islam's teachings (God forbids). You are right, maybe that will lead 'followers' (that's all they are) to reinvent the Koran! All in the effort of improving the language. You never know. They can start by exploring the meaning of the 'mermaids' (Hoor el ein) awaiting them with open arms in heaven. I mean once they realise that mermaids are half fish... Oops!
    I admire your 'roundabout' critique, so as not to be discredited. Oh! maybe now they will wake up and listen to people like you.
    We definitely need more literature professionals (not Sheikhs) in the Arabic world to lead Koranic discussions, debates and 'critical thinking' in all subjects.