Friday, February 7, 2014

The Islamic Grinch Who Stole the Olympics

By Nonie Darwish
Coverage of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, has so far been over-shadowed by the threat of terror from Islamic jihadists. Cursing videos posted on the Internet by jihadists promise that the “demon Olympics” will have an “atmosphere of fear and terror” and tell the athletes that “Satan is with you.” Even Egyptian-born al-Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri gave his blessings by calling for a “global jihad” against the Sochi games.
While the world waits for the Olympic games once every four years to celebrate humanity’s best qualities of excellence, cooperation and respectful competition, Muslim jihadists watch the games with bitterness, envy and criticism. Competitive sports are not an important Islamic value, especially if compared to the mental and physical training of Islamic youth for jihad. It is important to note that Islamic culture often discourages competitive sports, singing, dancing and self-expression, and this is the fundamental reason why there are few prominent Muslim athletes.
Few medals are won by Muslim nations who often participate symbolically in the games. With the exception of soccer, Muslim youth have few athletic outlets, and most of their soccer training is done in narrow streets with constant car and pedestrian interruption.
As for Muslim female athletes, just take a look at the female Saudi team trying to compete while wearing their Islamic garb. While Islamic nations claim to be close brothers, female Muslim teams hardly ever compete amongst themselves within Islamic countries. Why then do Muslim countries even bother to participate with a female team in the Olympics if female sports are discouraged and are contrary to Islamic cultural norms? Like many Islamic activities at the international arena, Islamic female Olympic teams are intended not for sports and winning as much as they are intended to prove to the world that Muslim women are free and liberated. The whole thing — participation of Islamic female athletes in the Olympics — is a sham rejected as un-Islamic inside Muslim culture.
The Olympics evoke Islamic shortcomings and envy of the outside world and feed into their victim mentality — thus, Islamic silence over terror threats to the Olympics. Jihadists could not care less about what the Olympics represent to the rest of the world: an opportunity to compete and acknowledge the hard work of nations and individuals who sacrificed time, money and strenuous training to excel and to hopefully win fair and square.
While the world is hungry for hope, unity, harmony and a peaceful future, Muslim jihadists plot to ruin it for everyone else. That is not a coincidence, because Olympic values of cooperation, brotherhood and respect between nations regardless of religion, color, national origin and gender strikes at the heart of the Islamic supremacist ideology.
Fake grievances, causes and claims of oppression by the Chechnya rebels and their black widows are excuses to camouflage their jihadist aspirations and their inability to express themselves except through what they were trained to do as a sport: terror. Fair competition is not what the Islamic supremacists understand or are trained to do. What they want is world domination and special treatment because they are told it is their right as Muslims.
Even Islamic media coverage of the Olympics is often colored with envy and criticism, especially over female bikinis in volleyball and bathing suits in swimming. Frustration over not measuring up to infidel teams has driven some Muslim leaders, like for Saddam Hussein and his sons, to threaten soccer athletes who lose with torture and murder.
Fun athletic competition regardless of gender and other Islamic taboos are hard to reconcile with Islamic values. That is why it is not a coincidence that Islamic jihad is often directed against sports events in the West, such as the Boston Marathon, where three were killed and hundreds injured and maimed by Chechen immigrants to the U.S.
Now the world is left with a legitimate question:
“Where is the massive and sincere condemnation of the Islamic terror threats against the Olympics, by ‘moderate’ Muslim?”
The West is told over and over again that moderate Muslims are the majority, but such a majority has never been able to control or stop jihadists, who, we are told, have misunderstand the true peaceful nature of Islam.
What will it take for Muslims to take responsibility for Islamic jihad and end their constant cover-up for Islamic shortcomings? Will they ever end the defensiveness, be honest and truthful about the negative effect of Islam as it is practiced today, on world peace, happiness and prosperity? Will they continue to choose to remain mentally isolated, un-assimilated, offended and accusing the rest of the world of not understanding Islam?
Will jihadists ever turn around and embrace their humanity like the Grinch did with Christmas and finally join the celebrations? Or will they remain a burden on humanity as the Islamic Grinch that stole the Olympics?

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