Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Egypt's Example

By Nonie Darwish

How many revolutions does a nation need to correct its course? Some nations undergo the pain of one revolution and flourish, while others achieve change by allowing themselves to evolve through self-examination, correction, awakening, and enlightenment, followed by a working consensus on the course the country will take. But when it comes to much of the Muslim world, unfortunately, coup d'etat, revolution, bloodshed and violence are a way of life, approved by Islamic law, and in harmony with the example of the prophet of Islam, Mohammed.
Egypt has undergone revolutions in 1919, 1952, 2011 and then a counter-revolution at the present. That does not include periods of instability, wars, and assassinations and attempted assassination on all heads of state. The reason King Farouk abdicated the throne and left Egypt in 1952 was because he refused to engage in bloody confrontation against his own citizens.
And now the United States Government pretends it is perplexed and frozen on how to define the current situation in Egypt; is it or is it not a coup? To define it as a coup, which is correct by Western standards, would mean that the US must end its military aid. In effect, this would support the return of an Islamist government against the wishes of almost half of Egypt's population who wish be free of sharia and the Muslim Brotherhood. Ending US fincncial aid to Egypt in response to the coup is a bad idea that would empower Islamists.
Let the Saudis and the Emirates continue their financial life support for Egypt, perpetually at the brink of being unable to feed itself. Actually Egyptians usually hate and find reasons to despise those who give them aid. So let us stay out of that business in Egypt and let others pay the money and get the hatred.
The violent terror attacks continuing in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kosovo, Nigeria and even Saudi Arabia exemplify what Islam can do to a nation. Islam, as it is preached and practiced today, is not innocent of what is being done in its name. It is the responsibility of Muslims to look at what their books and preachers are saying and judge their religion accordingly. And then reform or leave it. I chose to leave it and others might prefer reform, but what should never be accepted inside US borders is unreformed Islam as it is widely preached and practiced today.

Egypt's situation today is sad and the desperation of Egyptians is heartfelt. But the rebels who started the Egyptian revolution against Mubarak in 2011 and voted in the Muslim Brotherhood candidates should have known better.  The Muslim Brotherhood and any Muslim who understands and takes his religion seriously could never allow a secular government.
It is baffling that Egyptian rebels who call themselves Muslims and who took out Mubarak are now saying they were better off during Mubarak. How could they have thought that the minute Mubarak was out, the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis would sit in the sidelines and allow a secular democracy to establish itself. Egyptian rebels are still avoiding the important topic of what to do with Islam and sharia and would rather blame leaders, foreign conspiracies or the Muslim Brotherhood (who are simply applying what Islam tells them to do). Islam considers any non-Islamic government as illegitimate and is deeply threatened and impotent without the full control of government. That is Islam, love it or leave it.
Unfortunately, the majority of the so-called "moderate Muslims" believe they can be Muslim but have a secular government. But unfortunately that is not what Islam is or ever was designed to be. That is the dilemma moderate Muslims have always avoided and never resolved.  And that is why so many Muslim nations keep revolting and changing leaders in the hope of finding a better life.
Muslim organizations in America are embarrassed by what is happening in the Middle East and how sharia is being exposed for what it is. Their claims that sharia is harmless and that Islam is a religion of peace are no longer credible when Americans see Christians being slaughtered, their churches burning, all in the name of Islam.
The solution for this embarrassment is Islamic distraction and agitation inside America. And the best way to do that is by claiming victimhood to change the subject. It is no coincidence that an Islamist group (AMPAC) is planning an Islamic million man march in Washington DC on 9/11/13 to protest against discrimination against Muslims. There is a saying in the Muslim world: when you are caught in wrongdoing, claim victimhood. AMPAC in their announcement for the march asked with a straight face why Americans are terrified of Islam.
The true purpose of this fake protest over fake discrimination is nothing but the common agitation Islam thrives upon in its never-ending quest for attention, respect and obedience. They are telling Americans 'How dare you be afraid of us and our wonderful religion and sharia? If you don't believe that Islam is a religion of peace, then you are oppressive and racists.' The true purpose of this shameless march is to play with the American psyche and put America on notice of what is to come if Muslim demands are not met.
History has shown us that Islam has taken down great ancient civilizations such as Egypt and Persia, and it is the duty of American citizens and leadership to finally have the courage to reject Islam, but not Muslims. Islam as it is practiced today is a curse on the peace and sanity of nations and must be openly rejected by the civilized world. Some Muslims might be offended by our rejection of Islamic tyranny, but there are many common sense Muslims who are hungry to hear the truth and hear confirmation of what they already suspect -- that something is wrong with their religion as it is practiced today.

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