Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Saudi Man Answers Questions on Why He Loves Israel

By Tamar Yonah

One FB friend I made[...] is from Saudi Arabia and is now residing in some Western country. I asked if I could interview him on the radio:

-Why do you like Israel, even though you were raised from childhood to hate Israel?

"I know I was raised to hate jews and isreal as been tought all my life that jews are not normal people they like to kill and these are supported by fake videos of arabic media. but I started to to talk to jews over the internet just to see, and guess what?! they are normal people and lovely people they listen to me they respected me more than anybody else..."


  1. I can't find an article matching this subject at that link, even after doing a search.

  2. This is the correct link:


  3. The moral question of the day is this: Which side will win, those who love their enemy's death more than they love their own lives or those who love their own lives more than they love their enemy's death? Which side are you on?

  4. I am a Tunisian national raised to hate Jews. Nevertheless, 60 years after the state of Israel has been established, we all need to accept that the Jews need somewhere to live. It is easier for a Palistenian to call another Arabic country home thanks to the ties of religion and culture, but it is not easy for a Jew to live anywhere, especially nowaydays. Many Palestinians came to live in Tunisia and were always welcome and I'm sure it was the same in other countries, nevertheless, Jews who have been living in Tunisia for 2000 years, need constant police guard outside their synagogs for fear from public retaliation. Those Jews have nothing to do with Israel, they are not even from the exact same ethnic origin but they still suffer discrimination and public persecution. You see, I am from Muslim background, but don't want to have guards to protect me when I worship and made to feel unwelcome in my place of birth....Live and let live... Make peace... You are all brothers

  5. Saudi Arabians are the source terrorist, from the beigining they kill devasitate on USA land in 9-11 on inocent socity and now they proved it on inocent poor Ethiopians. Saudis are true and pure terrorist, it is a nature in their blood. I don’t think the rest of the world needs them they are not even close to Animals. They are true and pure terrorist.