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Posted by Travis Nasser to Arabs For Israel at August 12, 2009 7:48 PM:

After browsing this website and reading all the articals and overall content of this website, I am just flattered to see that there's more people in the Arabic community besides me that embraces the state of Israel and treasures the culture of Jews and their beliefs,heritage and society. I was born and raised in the US in a Lebanese American household, I always had Jewish friends and family always had Jewish friends, it's just too damn bad, 10,000 miles away, our brothers,
our youth and even our children in the Arabic/Islamic world are brainwashed and bullied into harboring mindless,and blind hatred going so far as to resort to suicidal terrorism to please totaliariam and over-zeolous fascists.

On Sunday, July 19, 2009 03:48 AM, Anonymous wrote:

Dear None,
Thank you alot, I am from Gaza Strip but i am not Muslim i am Christian live in gaza, i hope to be friend to israel


  1. im a muslim too. but im not arab, although my parents are sayeds. but again personally i don't have anything against state of israel. i admire the jewish people at the same time i have a lot of respect for arabs. but again there are good and bad on both sides of the fence. although jewish people and their freedom is something to be admired especially when they are in a part of the world where it is very hard to have that much of freedom.

  2. Hello Nonie,

    Thanks for having someone, open minded, courageous arab woman like you. May God bless you with everything to keep your ideals workable with all humanity.

    God's grace I pray for you and your loved ones.

  3. You got to be kidding me right? WE'RE brainwashed?
    wow. Everyday, It amazes me how stupid people can be.
    It's not that hard, I really don't know what's so hard about it. Israeli soldiers control Palestine. They kill YOUR people,(YOU're brainwashed. these are your brothers and sisters dying and you're with the f*cking jews?) BABIES (they watch babies die and they laugh, call them humans?), they tramatized little children, they can't even get to school without being afraid. EVERYONE ON THIS EARTH has a right to feel safe, and what's going on in Palestine is the total opposite. Oh, and supposedly MUSLIMS are the terrorists, but we're being terrorized by the Isreali's. Ever thought about that? Do you even know what Terrorism mean? The use of RANDOM violence in order to achieve a goal. 2,000 INNOCENT (notice the world innocent) Palestinians have lost their lives, in just a couple months. That's ..I don't even know what that is. Def. not human, that's for sure. You call this peace? Whatever, because in the end, God sees everything, and you damn zionests will be sorry.

  4. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO JEWISH PEOPLE AND TRUTHFUL, JOYFUL AND BEAUTIFUL LIFE TO EVERYONE! [Dear Nonie Darwish, you're a great human Being and Woman! Thank you for being there/here and all the Best to you. Lovely Regards!]

  5. Dear Nonie Darwish, Thank you for your wonderful book. I have been trying to alert my friends to the danger of the Muslim community. I have read the Koran twice. I am Jewish and it scared me. I am 83 and I cried when I read your book. You have had a hard time and have put your life in danger writing your book. I live in Florida and would like you to come here to speak to my Hadassah group. Please let me know what you charge and when you can come.;Phone: 561-738-5550; Address: 6160 Terra Mere Circle, Boynton Beach, FL, 33437. Janyce Jacobs

  6. Hallo ,

    ya ya we must be with Israel ,like our arab leader
    its the same or not ?
    All the best for israel.

  7. Hallo
    To all here i say ,its not Important if you are Muslim or christian to be with Israel just be with this Land and with her Peopel .
    You dont need to write iam Christian or Muslim .

  8. Thank you Nonie for bringing a refreshing point of view to a conflict which is skewed through the eyes of the world's media.

  9. You sell-out Muslims are pathetic. While our Muslim brothers and sisters are being severely oppressed by the Israeli terrorist army you are here in bed with the zionists. Muslims with the attitude that you have won't accomplish anything.
    Muslims who are brave and strong and rely only on Allah and are fighting off whole armies are the ones that will be victorious (for example, the Taliban in Afghanistan). Face it, "Islamists" (which is just a word made up by the kuffaar and actually means the real Muslims) are growing in number and we cannot be stopped. =]

  10. Whether or not there are two sides to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the fact remains that the major countries of this small world, in order to allow people of the Jewish faith a home of their own, decided in 1948 that Isreal would be created as an independent state. Those who cannot see their way clear to abide by that decision will obviously continue to fight for the destruction of that Israeli state. In the process they bring upon themselves, and the 'innocents' nearby, the pain and sufferring which has gone on these many years, and continues today. I have to assume that hopefully many of the Islamic faith would rather live in peace with their Israeli neighbors but are not being allowed that freedom by their fanatical breathren. Until that changes, and those who truly want peace begin to resist that pressure from those fanatics, this conflict will continue until Islam simply no longer exists. 1967 wasn't so long ago that it should be forgotten.

  11. Muslim Bro,

    The Palestinian Territories have a higher standard of living than Egypt.

    Seems like we Zionists have a lot to learn about how to "oppress" people.

  12. To Moslim Bro
    Your definition of “Islamists” as the real Moslems who cannot be stopped confirms the ‘kuffar’ definition of the same. As far ‘cannot be stopped goes, check out the ‘corrupted’ ‘Book of the People’ (the Jewish Christian scriptures)sometime which suggests that you will. In the meantime, you who ‘love death more than life’ will, in the effort to Islamize the world, cause much death, much destruction, and much loss of freedom to both Moslem and non Moslem alike. I regret my confidence that this makes you proud.

    It is a pity that the Islamist world refuses to see the Jew in the Middle East as a blessing, and can only see him as a curse. The Jewish people have the capacity to bring a prosperity to everyone in the region that would be the envy of their oil rich neighbours.

    Someday. Too many armies, suicide bombers, and missiles out there for that to happen at present.

    Curse the Jew, and you curse the Jewish God. Curse the Jewish God, and you curse yourself.

    It will be in the Jewish Messiah that we will discover our common humanity, not in Mohammed.

    I write as a non Jewish Christian.

  13. Bravo to you tmthy732, Andrew B and Jim for your wise comments and may God bless you.

  14. israel has the duty to protect her citizens. When hamas sends 8000 rockets into israel you can expect a lot of killed and injured. Hamas is responsibile for all the death and destruction in gaza

  15. ^ You're absolutely right,

    Mmm.. to "Merrrtastic" -

    We're , right here in Israel , asking for peace while your country is asking for wars and pain.

    You guys should understand us, we are'nt murders at all, we protect our country and ofcurse our citizen, in hope we"ll succeed in our mission.

    I'm not a racist, I dont have nothin' against Arabs, I really respect them and their religion,
    untill they start using Terorist activities wich I really hate.


  16. Wow, this site is great. It's wonderful to see that some of the 1,600 million Muslims or Arabs are willing to allow the 13.2 million Jews a land of their own. Just yesterday I posted some stats on my blog regarding Israel.

    I'm neither Jewish/Arab/Muslim, nor do I know enough about the conflict. I'm amazed at how such a small community could keep going despite so much abuse as Israel has.

  17. I really don't understand the world's view regarding Islam. there is no such a thing as a peaceful or a violent muslim, there is just a muslim that follows one book one prophet and one mission, turn the world into a muslim rock.

    it is hard for the western world to understand islam's mission. if they are stronger then they will use violence if they are weak they will trick you and make sure you convert, they live to go to paradise and to do that you need to obey and do as it says spread the word of Allah,

    I am a Berber algerian, Muslims invaded my country hundreds of years ago but the never managed to get a strong hold in the berber mountains, but after the islamic movement that claimed over 200,000 lives now the eyes are on the berbers and the Saudies are involoved in there big time financing allah's killers.

    Islam or 'istislam ' means to give up in arabic, I lived among ARABS and Muslims and trust me they all are bad, I come from a large familly. if I am seen by my brother as the enemy as I don't give a monkey about his Allah what do you think you as chritian 'you are doomed'.

    Go and try to build a church in Algeria they will burn you alive, but in western worlds it is OK to see Mosques popping up like muchrooms.

    Islam is a virus, doesn't matter how hard you try to contain it, it will find you the only solution is to exterminate.

    I hate them just like they hate me. a country is defined by its history religion and langauge the minute you start mixing it with foreign ideas there you loose your identity, if someone invites himself to my house then that someone should play by my rules, eat my food and live through my culture.

    I really don't understan why muslims keep going to Europe and America on the other hand there are many rich islamic countries to go to, can't you see what is wrong in this picture, they spread and multiply and one day your name will change to mohammed too it is a matter of time.

    Mankind is doomed, muslims will bring the end of the world as all what matters to them is the 72 virgins waiting for them.

    Religion is the source of all evil, we live on a rock there is a massive univers to explore why not declare science as the universal religion people will learn to ask question and find answers by themselves.

    I really don't like any religiom topics, but I can't just stand by and see our world go down like this.

  18. Dear Nonie . I totally agree with your point of view , and also i believe and i know that "ISRAEL"is for the jews people ,and the history is so clear ,they are the first people in LAND OF ISRAEL ,and if "MEKKA" is for the Islam ,ISRAEL AND JERUSALEM is for the JUDAISME ,i'm musilman girl but i totally hate the islam's rules ,now i can say that i am out of Islam ,and i keep on reading more about the other religions ,and honestly i fall in love with the judaisme and the hebrew so i wish u the best of luck ,GOD BLESS YOU






  20. I really enjoyed reading most of these comments, I'm an Israely man and I always knew that there are arabs that think outside the box and understand that Israel isn't a country of evile, but unfortunatlly I never saw a signe of theire exictence untill now. it really surprised me to read a comment of an arab that is just like mine, wich is that most of the arabs in the middle east are brain washed to belive Israel is a demonic country, of course as expected it was commanted by one of those poor brain washed arab, and for him here is a great way to know who is braine washed and who is not:
    a brain washed person belives that all the peapole of one side are good and all the peapolle of the other side are bad.
    and a person wich is not brain washed knows that in both sides there are peapolle wich are good and bad.
    in other words merrrtastic, Muslim Bro(by the way "Muslim Bro" your fraze makes tottally no sence "Muslims who are brave and strong and rely only on Allah..." if they are so brave and strong they dont need to rely on enyone but themselves) and ram, yes even ram, are brain washed (ram is just braine washed to be pro-Israel, becouse all countries are trying to brain wash their peapolle and peappole of other countries,all of them, its just that it doesnt affect many of the Israellys but they can still see tha facts so they are still pro Israel)

  21. dear nonie....
    wht i can say, this site just one of the agenda of yours to appear muslim as a terrorist, provocationist, and war admired..when i read the post of this blog, most are from individual perception,opinion,experiance...u know, it like a testimony..of coz evrybody got their own mind..but we not should make it as our judgement..unless, u absolutely can bring out all the perception of all people tht involve in this conflict...either arabics or israel..surely u can't get it..wht i wnt to say here is, bring out the real image (smthg tht can be objectively see, hear, or touch) tht u can say one of this side being bullied..yes israel had being rocket by hamas continuously..but the effect compare to wht israel done to arabs..hum, obviously...i don't want to be any side..hopefully, tht all readers of ths blog not make a judgement just bcz the feeling tht express by certain admin, u r just one of the provocationist between the races to hate amongs of them...
    make a wise thinking...:)

  22. all i can say is that you are a very couragous man to stand up for israel, and not fall into the trap of hate that many arabs have unfourtunately fallen into. thank you and may god bless you.

  23. Dear Nonie,

    This is really amazing, I admire your courage to speak out loud about your point of view towards the Middle-Eastern conflict and religion. I can't even imagine how difficult it must be to open your eyes, break all those personal boundaries and see the world from an entire new perspective. For this I give you all my respect! Keep up the good work. Warm regards from a Dutch/Jewish Christian girl:-)

  24. Dear Nonie,
    G-d Bless You. Why does their have to be so much hate in the world? You are doing your part by trying to bring everyone together. Israel only wants to protect herself. Unfortunately, radical Islamist groups like Hezbollah and even Hamas thrive on provoking war constantly and breeding hate in their deprived areas. The whole Palestinian problem can be saved with money from all of the wealthy Arab countries by building them homes, factories and livelihood in their areas but no one wants to do anything positive. It is not the fault of the youth either, as they are not educated, they are extremely poor and the only people that feed them and educate them are radical Islamist groups, so obviously they are going to believe what they say. Dear Nonie, may you live to see peace everywhere but especially in The Middle East. I have been so moved by you.

  25. Dear Nonie,

    a person like you adds richness to this world which needs it so badly.
    A person like you who can remake herself is a treasure.

    thank you for this blog and the opportunity to read other people's responses to your thoughtful posts.
    With love and respect from Australia.

  26. The Israel/Palestine conflict is not about geography but about hate
    that is bread by the Islamic
    preachings of war,murder,suicide bombings,false
    propaganda or otherwise they would of accepted the
    deal back when Clinton was President for Peace and statehood. This peace deal will also fall short unless the people of Palestine accept the
    state of Israel. Everyone must pray for conversion and tolerance,Amen.

  27. moshe g from judea and samariaMarch 1, 2011 at 3:01 AM

    to merrrtastic
    ,,killing babies and laughing??? wtf is that the propoganda they tell you? i served 3 in the idf trust me most of us would rather be in thailand or india chilling,we dont kill babies and if god-forbid something does happen its not with intent,and the guy who does it usually gets fucked up psychologically(personal experience& friends) maybe thats why a lot of these guys have started to turn to jewish fundamentalism (yes we have it too)and becoming born again jews,again if this starts happening to the jews we know who to blame(were just taking examples from hamas)

  28. So wonderful to hear a voice of reason and compassion. Thank you for seeing through all the chaos and understanding the absolute truth about how all human beings should treat one another. I am a jew and I both offer and accept your hand in friendship.